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2018-07-27 02:03:24 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

2018-07-27 02:15:41 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

OK, I'm in on hold

2018-07-27 02:34:01 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Alright, I survived my first call

2018-07-27 02:44:33 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Man.... If all the girls around you are damage, there's no choice but learn a second language and move country

2018-07-27 02:48:08 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Yeah, but.... In other cultures the level of damage is lower

2018-07-27 02:54:19 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No even thai brothels?

2018-07-27 02:56:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Just one time? I would rent a thai girl for 3 days

2018-07-27 03:00:07 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-27 03:00:40 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

An incel in transition to simp?

2018-07-27 03:02:05 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

What a simp!

2018-07-27 03:03:53 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

He's going to swallow a very big bitter red pill

2018-07-27 03:08:14 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Welcome @ @mitchelllwr

2018-07-27 15:10:00 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

My Flu got worse. Woe is me....

2018-07-30 17:17:13 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-30 17:17:51 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I just saw the colab between itachi and men 101

2018-07-30 17:18:59 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

They started talking about mgtow, and how "toxic" this new batch is

2018-07-30 17:19:26 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And then they started talking about veganism

2018-07-30 17:19:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Itachi really is an vegan crusader

2018-07-30 17:21:53 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Peharps that was the last straw that made him abandom mgtow? He could not stand being close to omnivorous?

2018-07-30 17:47:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

He doesn't understand trolls feelings 😩

2018-08-01 14:04:50 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I kinda liked the video

2018-08-01 14:05:29 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

But.... Are you guys making a mgtow game?

2018-08-01 14:08:18 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@ZODD excess of honesty is a flaw imo

2018-08-01 15:25:40 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@ZODD find a way of fix yourself

2018-08-01 15:26:42 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Find da wae

2018-08-01 17:31:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Oh great.... MSM is getting crazy about brazilian elections all over again....

2018-08-03 00:32:38 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

When it's going to be the next stream?

2018-08-04 01:34:22 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-04 01:34:43 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

We could talk about polítics....

2018-08-04 01:35:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Discussions are always long and atract a lot of people

2018-08-04 01:36:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I start

2018-08-04 01:36:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Lets talk about ocasio-cortez

2018-08-04 01:36:55 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

She's an idiot!!

2018-08-04 14:23:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's filled with lurkers

2018-08-04 14:32:24 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

There's always someone reading what we post, hehe

2018-08-04 15:16:49 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

What are the 10 commandments of mgtow?

2018-08-04 18:31:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

"Ye shall use thou resources in yourself only"

2018-08-07 00:59:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@ZODD everybody is doing this already

2018-08-07 01:00:20 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I didn't liked AJ much

2018-08-07 01:00:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

But... It seems that all that yelling in his show... Was just acting

2018-08-07 01:01:41 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

AJ is just a carachter, just like Borat

2018-08-07 01:02:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

AJ is not funny as Borat, though

2018-08-08 02:33:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Going to my uncles' farm

2018-08-08 20:08:01 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

If they try, they will just increase the sales of the book

2018-08-08 20:08:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And the original movie

2018-08-08 20:08:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I bet that the original movie is the dream of 1/3 of the man in usa

2018-08-08 20:09:50 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Just don't watch the remake with Nicole kidman

2018-08-08 20:10:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

That is a dream turned nightmare

2018-08-08 20:12:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Hey, now I just thoughed... Stepford wives (the original) might be the favorite movie for mgtow

2018-08-08 20:12:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And gone girl the most scary

2018-08-08 20:13:02 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Scaryyyy shit!!!

2018-08-08 20:13:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

You are stronger than me, @ZODD

2018-08-08 20:17:17 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@WHOLESOME boi @ZODD what was the scary movies that you guys saw?

2018-08-08 21:34:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@ZODD I had try to watched, but found it the beggining boring, then I stoped

2018-08-10 12:23:08 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Seven Of Swords that is going to be reaaaaallly diffucult

2018-08-10 19:47:52 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Well... I'm not a mgtow, but I aprecciate the philosophy

2018-08-10 19:48:55 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Also, listen yours stories and coments help form many pictures about the West society

2018-08-10 19:51:07 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

When I started studying some statistics about USA, Austrália, UK.... I started to notice that something was wrong.... Or many things were wrong.... But I didn't know what

2018-08-10 19:52:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I started to think that there it was some rift between the genders in there

2018-08-10 19:53:51 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

After months of study, I can say: there's realy a rift, and there's nothing that I can do about it

2018-08-10 19:56:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

The best thing that you guys could make, it's going your on way. It's so simple, and so genius!

2018-08-10 19:57:30 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Situation here in Brasil it's not the same as in the West. Therefore, We are able to learn with the mistakes from the West

2018-08-10 19:58:32 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

But, of course, that would require for many brazilians to learn english, hehe

2018-08-10 20:00:48 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Anyway, what are your guys thoughts of Brasil?

2018-08-10 23:55:41 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@ZODD We are in an economic mess right now. Its dragging for almost 3 years. And to get worse, its presidential elections now and everyone is getting crazy all over again

2018-08-11 12:11:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Seven Of Swords no, MDB is a central party that has politicians in the right and left specrtum, and dependem of whom is the leader the party can have actions that make then leftist ir rightist

2018-08-11 12:17:16 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

The women in here have a different mentality os the women in the West. That makes our relations more good

2018-08-11 12:18:10 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Brazilian women are not submisse, they can be childish, but not as western women

2018-08-11 12:18:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

My relation with my GF is very satisfatory

2018-08-11 12:19:34 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Besides, I would never be a cuck or a niceguy to get a woman

2018-08-11 12:22:10 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Well, if my GF ever do that, is the end of our relation, and I will go full mgtow

2018-08-11 12:23:10 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Well, thats why I classified myself as purple pill

2018-08-11 12:24:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I know the dangers, but I will face the dangers even if I can loose everything

2018-08-11 12:26:05 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

What about you? How you classified yourself

2018-08-11 12:31:26 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

About the reactionaries.... The mgtow veterans need to stand up and shape theyr mentality

2018-08-11 12:36:32 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Blah! Racist coments!

2018-08-11 12:36:55 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Let them comment theyr opinions

2018-08-11 12:37:52 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

In the end, theyr comments endup causing a lot of damage to the comentor

2018-08-11 12:40:25 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-11 12:41:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Thats why the line "focus on yourself, find a way of self improve" is one of my favorite lines

2018-08-11 22:03:04 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Welcome @Ryowama

2018-08-12 00:18:26 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

My advice would be to put lots of kevlar shields in the walls of the school....

2018-08-12 00:19:07 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Its better than duck under the table, imo

2018-08-12 02:24:23 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Iheanacho some you tuber had roasted tha article. Is excellent material to be roasted.

2018-08-13 00:37:57 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Did someone watched basedshaman latest videos?

2018-08-13 00:38:25 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

He finally made 2 videos about mgtow

2018-08-13 00:39:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Quite good videos I must say, but many comments of his comunity are.... Well...

2018-08-13 13:58:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-13 13:58:53 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-13 19:02:23 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Something is going on in YouTube....

2018-08-13 19:03:24 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Seems like a group is targeting many right-wing moderated channels....

2018-08-13 19:03:57 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

At least, in the english speeking ones

2018-08-13 19:04:19 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Brazilian channels are not affected.... Yet

2018-08-13 19:05:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Hope that is just paranoy

2018-08-14 23:11:57 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

2018-08-14 23:13:18 UTC [Subverse #bot-commands]  


2018-08-14 23:14:45 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Hello from Brasil!!

2018-08-14 23:23:43 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Hello guys! I from Brasil. I'm studing the polítics of the western civilazition for several months. In the beggining, I was holding my opinions to myself, but I feel that a got a little more of knoledge, and must say....

2018-08-14 23:24:23 UTC [Subverse #debate]  


2018-08-14 23:27:38 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I'm follower of the school of Keynes capitalism, witch classifies me as a moderate left of Brasil. But I feel that the left of the West would never consider me as leftist

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