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2018-07-26 06:39:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

2018-07-26 06:50:26 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

YO, Its Good To Be BACK

2018-07-26 06:51:05 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

You have to be on HOLD , and Wait till the Caller is Done ^

2018-07-26 06:51:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

look at the Streaming channel

2018-07-26 07:35:24 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Talk about Literal

2018-07-26 08:23:32 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

im in GV if anyone wants to Hang

2018-07-26 08:24:57 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Don't really Care, TBH, Would you like to ask me any questions Hermit?

2018-07-26 08:25:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-26 08:27:42 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-26 08:28:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-26 08:32:17 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Not Being able to Share Images or Videos Seems like a lot of Limitations For People Sharing Information in General ( Double edged Sword)

2018-07-26 08:45:40 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

its not uploading for me

2018-07-26 08:47:57 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

i don't get the post , But its ok.

2018-07-26 08:48:42 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

i did, i just don't get it tho. 🤔 . ( not Smart enough)

2018-07-26 08:51:23 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Yeah , i skipped to the end. ( basically / Femininity Attracts men and women , when Selling a Product)

2018-07-26 08:52:14 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Well, Go ON

2018-07-26 08:52:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-26 08:52:58 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

that Makes alot more sense. and it Wasn't a Big Picture Text LOL

2018-07-26 08:53:29 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

OH FUck, You know what it Makes a Lot of Sense now that you say that

2018-07-26 16:29:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-26 18:46:13 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I had Some Bacon just Now, Totally Worth.

2018-07-26 20:14:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

were still on bacon rant??

2018-07-26 20:16:52 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-27 00:01:42 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

i don't even think pepe is relevant or funny

2018-07-27 00:15:51 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Do you Like any of the Emojis on my Discord?, Feel Free to take any of them

2018-07-27 00:53:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-27 02:39:33 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Survived ?

2018-07-27 02:39:55 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

do people die during Youtube live streaming ?

2018-07-27 02:40:07 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

how interesting

2018-07-27 04:52:43 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit , do you think emotion / Energy is Important for Debating? Cuz you always sound Super Calm / Level Headed when talking to people, Always very Rational.

2018-07-27 04:56:02 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

i see. So being Mono tone Makes it soo , you don't feel as if your gonna make any mistakes in problem solving/ talking to people

2018-07-27 04:58:40 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Wait A SEC, the Reason Why we Can't Donate Money To Hermit, is Because he's not Using Emotional Manipulation to Change our mind to join patreon

2018-07-27 05:00:04 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Ur Right,

2018-07-27 20:01:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-07-27 20:02:44 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

yo meme King, Can you make a Text Channel for POST Quotes only

2018-07-29 15:00:30 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

So, August , am i right??

2018-07-30 18:34:55 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

itachi is pretty different tho, his content is mix of health and Self help/ red pill. i think he Belongs on his own private island.

2018-07-31 16:26:58 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

are we allowed to post links too

2018-07-31 19:24:08 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-01 07:57:58 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Not gonna Lie @igorbloodscene that Video is Soo Monotone, i need a Narrator with more Passion

2018-08-01 08:12:26 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

So i was Listening to the Video, and Being too honest is basically the same as being too dishonest, Is this Correct?
Would the World Be in total Fear if everyone could read each others mind/Intentions. is this why we need lying?? to keep each other socially in check?

2018-08-01 15:17:18 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

well,i wasn't saying that was the point of the video, that was a Fraction of the Video i Pondered upon. Im sorry if i Confused anyone who did watch the video.

2018-08-01 15:20:15 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Obviously the Video is an Hour Long and Covers Many topics, @igorbloodscene and @ZODD interpret messages Very Differently , I hope We Can learn from each other from the philosophy we bring on this discord.

2018-08-01 15:22:18 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-01 15:24:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Kazemaru , I guess im Flawed

2018-08-01 15:26:03 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Pssh, im good man

2018-08-01 15:33:12 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

^^^ i agree with that statement

2018-08-01 15:33:55 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

however i also agree that men in todays age have invented things to replace women

2018-08-01 15:35:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Hey we got Each Other right?

2018-08-01 15:35:47 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-01 15:36:13 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

You Really Are older than Zodd

2018-08-01 16:05:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit i Just Watched your New Upload, it Was Great!!!

2018-08-01 21:39:44 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

whats MSM?

2018-08-03 02:08:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Where's that announcement tho??

2018-08-04 04:52:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Are there any other Mgtow Content creators in this Discord?

2018-08-04 18:06:29 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Andrew The Meme King Can you Expand From that,

2018-08-04 19:16:17 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Yeah, i Get that, but What are the Reasons Why/HOW do MEN catch Feelings and Attachment?? Is it an illusion? does the feeling of attachment bring joy/Value in any way to a guy, IF So, Whats a Better Substitute to attachment, can you Replicate the same Feeling Through other means without any consequences ?

2018-08-04 21:09:41 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Yeah, but i can't fuck my dog

2018-08-05 03:36:18 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Tell her you are going your own way

2018-08-05 04:37:25 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

All you can get?? What can a sister provide besides anger and nagging ??

2018-08-05 05:44:25 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Unless She Has HOT ASS FRIENDS that naturally Want to Fuck you For your Looks, i Would Delete her Contact information.

2018-08-05 19:16:36 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Red Pill Rage is Better than Blue Pill Misery or even worse the Plantation ...

2018-08-06 23:27:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

was he important ??

2018-08-07 00:07:53 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Censorship huh, Who is to blame ? women

2018-08-07 00:10:02 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Say, Maybe Hermit can make a Video on Free Speech and Censorship

2018-08-07 05:49:59 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Post a Picture of her on Reddit , and Watch her Get Roasted , If you So Desire

2018-08-07 05:59:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Venting is one thing, Self improvement is the Next Step.

2018-08-08 05:55:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-08 06:55:41 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

who is r mgtow ?

2018-08-08 19:00:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Which Companies / Organizations have the Most to Lose when the idea of MGTOW is Widely Accepted ?

2018-08-08 19:08:02 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

if a woman who is sexually intimate with you inherits a shit ton of money from her dad (millions), and wants to marry you/ give you assets , is that probable ? or Impossible ?

2018-08-08 19:36:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

igor, Your Data is too hard to Read for Zodd, can you just Dumb it down for ME??

2018-08-08 19:40:34 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

So Basically, if a Woman is a Higher Value than a Man, She Will View them as Trash, But (blue pilled Men Marry Down Because they Love the Pussy ??? )

2018-08-08 19:41:32 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Makes Sense

2018-08-08 19:42:01 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-08 19:42:23 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

So like jay z and Beyonce

2018-08-08 19:42:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

i see

2018-08-08 19:43:55 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Thanks for the Input. If that is true then Women Must Feel Like Shit all the time

2018-08-08 20:00:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Good Women Inflict Great Harm into their Families ? How Were they ever good to begin with??

2018-08-08 20:01:31 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-08 20:03:03 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I think We Should evaluate What Makes Good Female nature and What Makes Bad Female Nature and Vice Versa With Men, Because Whether Men Do something Good or Bad, its Still looked as a Negative aspect

2018-08-08 20:03:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

but yeah that article is enlightening

2018-08-08 20:06:00 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

i bet feminist want to ban the Book " The Stepford Wives "

2018-08-08 20:09:15 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

now i wanna watch it again

2018-08-08 20:10:05 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

is that the feminist version

2018-08-08 20:12:48 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Gone Girl was Shit

2018-08-08 20:13:15 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

i didn't find gone girl scary at all

2018-08-08 20:15:13 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

me and my friends were laughing at the end , Cuz ben Afflack Plays batman, so when he Decided to Close the Door on her it was the funniest thing to think of ( batman running away from a woman) HAHAHAHHHAHAHHAA

2018-08-08 20:16:02 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

(the short answer is Mgtow)

2018-08-08 20:19:34 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

1408 scared the Shit outta me when i was in middle school

2018-08-08 20:20:19 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Force Awakens was soo Bad i wish i had Brain Damage instead of watching it

2018-08-08 20:21:56 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

im not familiar with SCP, is that not MSM

2018-08-08 20:55:44 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

alright So i was thinking about a Scary Movie i watched Years ago

2018-08-08 20:57:05 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

its called : the skin i live in

2018-08-08 20:59:01 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

has anyone seen it?

2018-08-08 21:07:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@igorbloodscene it Looks like the Virus is mainly triggered by Hormones and Diet

2018-08-08 21:39:30 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

The reason i Bring it up, was Because antonio Banderas was able to take the Rapist of his Daughter , Cut off his Dick, then Give him a Sex Change, and other Unspeakable things to make the male Completely Female (HOT female) . and Not only that made that Female into his Sex Slave/ Maid.

2018-08-08 21:40:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Which Makes me Think of an Even Sicker Thought of ? Would Men Make Better Female Sex Slaves than Females them selves...

2018-08-09 05:58:25 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Why Does the World hate you Soo Much???

2018-08-09 06:25:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Maybe if you Tell Youtube your a Woman Who Speaks your Mind, they Will finally Leave you alone

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