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2018-08-16 08:52:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

2018-08-16 08:52:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Hey. Bros.... How's the mgtow homies doing? Is the hermit really in here?

2018-08-16 08:53:50 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Flushtater the red pill movie wasn't as blunt as it should be, if a man made it wouod be more overt lol.

2018-08-16 08:54:43 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Flushtater hue bro have dumb question about ur vasec

2018-08-16 08:56:04 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Flushtater @Happy Humble Hermit hue new bro I love ur videos... Just got into it.... Very deep. Profound , impactful, nourishing, supportive, and unifying to protecting masculinity and mind power. Thank you bro! 👍😂👏

2018-08-16 08:56:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I wanted to ask u aboit a solution idea for the future of mankind.

2018-08-16 08:58:24 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I really want you to challenge and provoke women In video, talking about their inferior IQ, lack of female inventors, lack of financial business success, etc. And expose them. Also statistically how they are on social security leaching off husband's.

2018-08-16 08:58:50 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

How women are 3x more abusive to men in marriages than men.

2018-08-16 08:59:41 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And just expose all the ugliness.... U may lose some less philosophical viewers and gain more following with more blatant exposures... Wouod I do that bro?

2018-08-16 08:59:57 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit hey Bro... Do. U see my type?

2018-08-16 09:01:18 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Also, I want to expose the pernicious unlimited legal liability that women have oppressed unto men in civilized world and how it's too expensive to deal with them...and to expose how your life can be wrecked.... Based on 3rd wave feminism.

2018-08-16 09:01:55 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit yes bro... I would love to feed so. Many great ideas.... You are a frigging genius bro for real.

2018-08-16 09:02:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Flushtater yes, they are leaches...

2018-08-16 09:02:12 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-16 09:02:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And they feel superior to men. It's awful bros.

2018-08-16 09:02:26 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

WHT can we do??

2018-08-16 09:03:03 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit I see, yes since free speech is under attack now too... Are you aggressively diversifying to other platforms like dtube abs steam?

2018-08-16 09:03:47 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh yes I love this guy... And please modify your voice so nobody can recognize u like they try it harm. Sandman too.

2018-08-16 09:04:07 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@ZODD but brk... As hermit said....

2018-08-16 09:04:19 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

They don't care about virtues, morality

2018-08-16 09:04:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Or their word means nothing...

2018-08-16 09:04:40 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

They have snakes tongue expert at manipulating like a serpent.

2018-08-16 09:04:58 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

A deviant fox to tame their prey and put them under a lust spell

2018-08-16 09:05:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And to marginalize men.

2018-08-16 09:05:30 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh yeah bro, 100%...grass always greener.... And just taking u for a fuckin ride.

2018-08-16 09:05:51 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

They're never just satisfied with abytubg... And btw none of us gay on here right?

2018-08-16 09:06:12 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I mean we like women right... But shit man... They just fuckin outta control.

2018-08-16 09:06:32 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh lol. But WD means we claim defeat, no?

2018-08-16 09:06:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit oh wow, what about minds?

2018-08-16 09:07:08 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Or soundcloud or twitch or shazaam

2018-08-16 09:07:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit please never quit...

2018-08-16 09:07:49 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Your profound Impact will save tens of thousands of guys lives in the future.

2018-08-16 09:08:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

By planting this seed and mindset... Your ways are truly inspiring bro.

2018-08-16 09:08:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch but YT always demonetizes mgtow tubers anyways...

2018-08-16 09:08:44 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Hermit is doing it for the mission. Not the money.

2018-08-16 09:08:51 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Labor of love, right?

2018-08-16 09:09:31 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh exactly, a simp that gets red pulled will always be replaced by the next pathetic simp u til he becomes an incell. It's madenning

2018-08-16 09:09:52 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch yeah bro, ur 100% right I'm with u.

2018-08-16 09:10:10 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I just want mgtow to have millions of followers.

2018-08-16 09:10:34 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit bro do u have like a degree in literature? Because ur so articulate

2018-08-16 09:10:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And just a pleasure to listen to, even at 1.5x speed.

2018-08-16 09:11:10 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

How many mgtow dudes are out there bros?

2018-08-16 09:11:31 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit yeah I'm so impatient and Thursty for wisdom bro.

2018-08-16 09:12:00 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit no its absorbable but 2x is bht fast.... Also watch news mostly 1.5x.

2018-08-16 09:12:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

2x is bit fast

2018-08-16 09:12:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Lectures and trainings 1.5x limit deeoednjg on style.

2018-08-16 09:12:47 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  
2018-08-16 09:13:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh can that work on YT?

2018-08-16 09:13:49 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I lsotej to mostly YT.

2018-08-16 09:14:05 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Hermit.... What's your plan lokg term?

2018-08-16 09:14:20 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

We want u to be famous! Are you in America?

2018-08-16 09:14:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Would u ever like to do a segment for TV news?

2018-08-16 09:14:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Like crisis in America or feminist massacre.

2018-08-16 09:15:23 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  
2018-08-16 09:16:08 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I wish we ckukd all kind of have a special place where we can chill and talk aboit mgtow.

2018-08-16 09:16:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And be able to come up awesome content ideas and totally awaken the masses.

2018-08-16 09:17:08 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I wanted to share an idea with everyone about hacking the family via mgtow style.

2018-08-16 09:17:16 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  
2018-08-16 09:17:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Leaving women subservient.

2018-08-16 09:17:33 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Who is in America?

2018-08-16 09:18:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit are you financially set and free to do this whole life without pressure?

2018-08-16 09:18:44 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh bro, i didn't even Share the ideas.

2018-08-16 09:19:03 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

There's a way to hack the entire family, be mgtow and be in control.

2018-08-16 09:19:17 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Keep the power, and make them our property.

2018-08-16 09:19:25 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Have our cake and eat it too.

2018-08-16 09:19:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Let me share an idea.

2018-08-16 09:20:08 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit bro can u at leat let me mention the idea before you reject it?

2018-08-16 09:20:31 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I'm talking as a really potentially powerful attraction to. Mgtow ideals for the masses..

2018-08-16 09:20:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

2 things....

2018-08-16 09:21:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

First... U get surrogacy in Ukraine... You are sole intended parent.... Second....

2018-08-16 09:21:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U can have a private 'marriage' so never pay child support and never have alimony.

2018-08-16 09:21:49 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

You have your son... No daughters

2018-08-16 09:21:57 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-16 09:22:10 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

You are the sole legal parent. The father.

2018-08-16 09:22:31 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

You embed strong male principals to your own son.

2018-08-16 09:22:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No no...

2018-08-16 09:23:00 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's because they have strong commercial surrogacy laws

2018-08-16 09:23:14 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

To let you be deemed sole intended parent on birth certificate.

2018-08-16 09:23:24 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch nope 100% not true....

2018-08-16 09:23:44 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@ZODD yeah this way u can have a family..

2018-08-16 09:23:51 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And keep ur freedom.

2018-08-16 09:23:57 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Have ur cake and eat it too.

2018-08-16 09:24:04 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U stay as apex. Male.

2018-08-16 09:24:20 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Wait... What's wrong bro?

2018-08-16 09:24:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit what u think bro?

2018-08-16 09:24:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@ZODD hey wait a sec bro.

2018-08-16 09:25:04 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's with surrogate not a clone tho.

2018-08-16 09:25:22 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U can pick eye color, gender, and hair color now.

2018-08-16 09:25:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Guys. This is a breakthrough convent.

2018-08-16 09:25:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Women will be angry as fuck.

2018-08-16 09:25:58 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No no no guys... Please.

2018-08-16 09:26:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I want this to. Work.... For. Future mgtow.

2018-08-16 09:26:17 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

We can restore masculine men

2018-08-16 09:26:40 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Or. Grow up with pussy ass bitches that brainwash single households

2018-08-16 09:27:02 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Where they scapegoated all the good fathers out there through our bs divorce system.

2018-08-16 09:27:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch it's not a real. Marriage.

2018-08-16 09:27:24 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's just like a long date. No registration.

2018-08-16 09:27:34 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Brk... U can throw her away any second.

2018-08-16 09:27:56 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Because she knows she is always can be ghosted

2018-08-16 09:28:05 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And only as good as her last show.

2018-08-16 09:28:12 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No entitlements.

2018-08-16 09:28:22 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

30, why.

2018-08-16 09:28:33 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I wanna make good solutions here brk.

2018-08-16 09:29:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh no. Ino...

2018-08-16 09:29:17 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U didn't get me sorry.

2018-08-16 09:29:29 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Is surrogacy.... To. Get. The son.

2018-08-16 09:29:43 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Then you can date the woman.

2018-08-16 09:29:52 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U keep. The child.

2018-08-16 09:30:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U never register with her... So. U never have law in between.

2018-08-16 09:30:14 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh OMG brk.. Sorry.

2018-08-16 09:30:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's my fault for. Not being clear sorry.

2018-08-16 09:30:36 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No bro.

2018-08-16 09:30:53 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No. Bro.... Please let. Me exain.... Lol.

2018-08-16 09:31:03 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Part 1 is make the son.

2018-08-16 09:31:20 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Then u get birth order to get your sons certificate.

2018-08-16 09:31:31 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Then part 2... U can date a woman or whatever.

2018-08-16 09:31:43 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

If Shes OK, u just continue dating her.

2018-08-16 09:32:03 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No bro... The son is yours.

2018-08-16 09:32:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U don't need to have sex with the gf.

2018-08-16 09:32:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Or whatever... U already had a son through the surrogacy right.

2018-08-16 09:32:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch it's through commercial surrogacy.

2018-08-16 09:32:55 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

In Ukraine, where 80% of surrogacy is done...

2018-08-16 09:33:04 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U become the sole legal parent.

2018-08-16 09:33:17 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

On your sons certificate u only have the father.

2018-08-16 09:33:31 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

That's brilliant because there can never ever be any claim. To. Support later.

2018-08-16 09:33:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

The surrogate waives her right to. Any claim through the surrogacy provider.

2018-08-16 09:34:04 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Then u bring u son as step 1 of your family right.

2018-08-16 09:34:14 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Then u just say story....

2018-08-16 09:34:20 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Oh, I'm a single dad....

2018-08-16 09:34:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

My wife passed way blah blah blah...

2018-08-16 09:34:34 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Then u can date whatever.

2018-08-16 09:34:43 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

She never legally marries u.

2018-08-16 09:34:49 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  
2018-08-16 09:34:57 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Do. U see what I mean now. Bro?

2018-08-16 09:35:11 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

This let's. U raise your son.... She never gets any alimony...

2018-08-16 09:35:17 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

There's never any divorce...

2018-08-16 09:35:29 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And u can never have ur child taken away. Parent rights maintained.

2018-08-16 09:36:03 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Happy Humble Hermit bro can u please weigh in on this dynamic?

2018-08-16 09:36:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh no its done through the surrogacy provider all that's handled bro.

2018-08-16 09:37:01 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  
2018-08-16 09:37:13 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch wait why not?

2018-08-16 09:37:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U just never marry.... U can date.

2018-08-16 09:37:30 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U never marry... But u have a child.

2018-08-16 09:37:51 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's alwlmost like we shortcutted to allowing men to have their own sons.

2018-08-16 09:37:58 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Without women participating.

2018-08-16 09:38:12 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

So that way women can do nothing aboit this...

2018-08-16 09:38:33 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

As. Mgtows we maintain generations of strong independent self. Reliant and strong non pussified men.

2018-08-16 09:38:59 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Who only get stronger with each generation... Women are furious but can do nothjng.

2018-08-16 09:39:06 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch do what?

2018-08-16 09:39:20 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's your legal sole guardian.

2018-08-16 09:39:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Please guys challenge the idea.

2018-08-16 09:39:49 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I want ur challenge why it wing work and help mgtow.

2018-08-16 09:40:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh more suffering.... But like. I said u can have ur cake and eat. It too.

2018-08-16 09:40:25 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh why only small?

2018-08-16 09:40:49 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U think $20k for surrogacy is not way way cheaper than giving away half ur shit and spending $50k in a 3yr divorce?

2018-08-16 09:41:22 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Bro... It's many Times. Cheaper than agony of life wrecking divorce, losing ur kids anyways, and losing half ur net worth.

2018-08-16 09:41:29 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Yeah but it's ur kids.

2018-08-16 09:41:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U can have. Just 1 son.

2018-08-16 09:41:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And women won't have any claim

2018-08-16 09:41:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No child. Support.. It'd. Ur child.

2018-08-16 09:42:00 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No alimony, u never married her.

2018-08-16 09:42:20 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

She will always be on her best behavior. Because otherawise she knows she's exkensdabem.

2018-08-16 09:42:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh why not?

2018-08-16 09:42:53 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

I want. To make this more affordable for men who want a family, but don't like the direction feminist is going to wreck their lives.

2018-08-16 09:43:07 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Sort of like a viable alternative. To family engineering in the age of mgtow.

2018-08-16 09:43:22 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh but u can haeb truly your son.

2018-08-16 09:43:38 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's really continuation of you. 100% natural.

2018-08-16 09:43:44 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Ur heritage and legacy.

2018-08-16 09:44:18 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh but it's good. To have your son... I thiught mgtow we opt out because women are cheaters...

2018-08-16 09:44:33 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

We lose child custody 99% of. Divorce.

2018-08-16 09:44:39 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

We have. To pay alimony.

2018-08-16 09:44:50 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Think aboit the 2M annual. Marriages.

2018-08-16 09:45:00 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It could all be safer for 10Ms of. Guys.

2018-08-16 09:45:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch why not? U can do easily throw her away any second u want.

2018-08-16 09:45:23 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's. Ur house.

2018-08-16 09:45:26 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Ur child.

2018-08-16 09:45:43 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U have zero obligations to support her.

2018-08-16 09:45:56 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's a dream freedom, isn't it?

2018-08-16 09:46:17 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh no no... The gov wants u to marry... But u don't have to.

2018-08-16 09:46:28 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Are u talking aboit surrogacy?

2018-08-16 09:46:34 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

That's all. Packaged in total price.

2018-08-16 09:47:13 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Just like lcd monitors got cheaper over time... This surrogacy gets. More established... It will become cheaper.... More options emerge to lower the price.

2018-08-16 09:47:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh ok but after the $20k that's it.

2018-08-16 09:47:32 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's. Your son bro.

2018-08-16 09:47:58 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

No alimony, no divorce, your son, your family, no headache, your family.

2018-08-16 09:48:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

You keep custody.

2018-08-16 09:48:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Flushtater what u think bro?

2018-08-16 09:48:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Doesn't anyone see the utility of this solution?

2018-08-16 09:48:53 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Most. Mgtow talks abiut the problem and exposing it... Which is great....

2018-08-16 09:49:03 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

But. I'm try to offer a really viable solution

2018-08-16 09:49:30 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

An alternative to millions of. Guys who want a family but don't wanna get destroyed by marriage enslavement. Child support. Misery.

2018-08-16 09:50:07 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh well with the in vitro baby bags coming out with the womb will be very healthy and cheaper too.

2018-08-16 09:50:24 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Guys, I'll work with partners to setup a really good. Lab for this.

2018-08-16 09:50:34 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

We can totally wipe our and marginalize women.

2018-08-16 09:50:44 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Fight against gynkcentric society.

2018-08-16 09:50:52 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And use our brains and engineering to destroy them.

2018-08-16 09:51:07 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Because after all we built this worpd for them. To. Enjoy with us.

2018-08-16 09:51:21 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

We can easily use. Our wit to take. Back full control.

2018-08-16 09:51:37 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch no bro... This. Is a zero compromise option only favoring men.

2018-08-16 09:51:48 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

What's denial brk?

2018-08-16 09:51:58 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

We can have our cake and eat it too.

2018-08-16 09:52:14 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Everyone of. Is guys can be happy and have our family.

2018-08-16 09:52:20 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

OK let me. Put it this way....

2018-08-16 09:52:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

What if tomorrow there was a medical breakthrough that allowed men to have babies.

2018-08-16 09:52:48 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Do. U think mgtows wouldn't want families or. Many would?

2018-08-16 09:53:48 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh hate to break. It to. U... But adoption agencies 99.9% of. Time only let foster. Parent married adopt... And single women... Rarely ever. Males.... I checked. Its part of. Their lock down strategy... And. They think it wouod be creepy.

2018-08-16 09:54:13 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

If single woman cannot have her own child, or a married couple are. Unable to conceive.

2018-08-16 09:54:25 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

But never to a single male. That's virtually unheard of.

2018-08-16 09:55:10 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh bro I. Is it said the price will drop. Over. Time... And later we will. Have baby bag in lab to make. The embryo and bring it to. Term.

2018-08-16 09:55:31 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh because I invented this stratefy bro

2018-08-16 09:55:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And I want fellow. Mgtows to discuss with me as a. Viable option.

2018-08-16 09:56:23 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh not necessarily... Why u worrying about economics... It's way cheaper than divorce and losing 10yrs of suffering. Alimioy etc.

2018-08-16 09:56:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U don't need. To. Pay forwedding.

2018-08-16 09:56:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Avg wedding cost is. Make. Than cost of this surrogacy.

2018-08-16 09:57:08 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

This way u can just go get your son.. And then datr a woman... It's cheaper than useless wedding lol.

2018-08-16 09:58:08 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U guys don't agree. It's a worthy alternative to current REKT gynocentric feminazi psycho system the worlf is quickly morphing into?

2018-08-16 09:58:24 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Marginalizing men to be slaves, cucks,. And more.

2018-08-16 09:59:19 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Paying through the nose indenturee servitude to. Women for alimony, child support, and rediculous divorce fees, threat of going to jail for that too.

2018-08-16 09:59:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh therr is over supply of surrogates not a problrm.

2018-08-16 09:59:52 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  


2018-08-16 10:00:14 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Why are you concerned with price climbing in future.... There will be more. Options and companies competing for business's.

2018-08-16 10:00:31 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And I said baby bag factories will reduce cost because the demand will. Justify that accelerated innovation.

2018-08-16 10:00:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U putting the cart ahead. Of the horse bro

2018-08-16 10:01:12 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Aside from. Ur perceived price issue.... Which is way cheaper than cost. Of weddding....

2018-08-16 10:01:48 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Do. U think it's a good alternative. For the 2M annually today getting married. And wrecking their lives?

2018-08-16 10:02:35 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh hey Bro... Why else. Do people get. Married... It's. To have children and a family.

2018-08-16 10:03:05 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

This option gives the man 100% benefits... Current system only benefits the woman.

2018-08-16 10:03:15 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch that's a false perception...

2018-08-16 10:03:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

We all. Know that sex dries. Up during marriage.

2018-08-16 10:03:43 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

They do. It because of societal pressure and manipulation by women

2018-08-16 10:04:10 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Yeah, but with this method.... It's air tight 100%

2018-08-16 10:04:22 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh plead sure.

2018-08-16 10:06:22 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh bro gov not paying for shut.

2018-08-16 10:07:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

There very happy the economy is propped by the $200Bn bridal business, the $50Bn divorce business and the billions in reg fees men pay for marrying and getting ass fucked by the court system.

2018-08-16 10:08:46 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

OK so does anyone feel this idea is a good 'conscious mgtow' alternative to family building in the age of. Mgtow to help millions of guys looking to walk the plank each year in getting marriage raped.

2018-08-16 10:09:33 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Listen bros..
. Do we want more stronger, self reliant, men in our society?

2018-08-16 10:09:51 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Do we want to. Be free of divorce matters, alimony, and keep. Custody of. Our children?

2018-08-16 10:10:09 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Terminarch how is. It not. Better than celibacy?

2018-08-16 10:10:29 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

U wouldn't have any joy in raising ur own genetic son?

2018-08-16 10:10:49 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Oh u can't afford to raise a child ur saying.

2018-08-16 10:11:22 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Flushtater ok. But can someone offer a better engineered alternative?

2018-08-16 10:11:54 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh men pay avg $25k for rediculous wedding... Easily 2-3x that.

2018-08-16 10:12:23 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

It's cheaper than a wedding... And u get your own family, ur son nobody can take away from u.

2018-08-16 10:12:58 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy wait, having a son that u teach to be self reliant makes. Women money? How?

2018-08-16 10:13:13 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

Oops, I meant for. Tommy

2018-08-16 10:13:48 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh do simps ever get married?

2018-08-16 10:14:27 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Tommy WizOh sure... Why pay for dates and all that crap when u can directly pay for ur own son.

2018-08-16 10:14:45 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And. I said...they just in futuree will sell their eggs...

2018-08-16 10:15:00 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

And will have baby bag labs to make ur son much cheaper.

2018-08-16 10:15:50 UTC [Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿]  

@Flushtater listen.... Do u know. How many billions of funding support feminist propaganda... It will take ages to let. It burn overt unless men have a viable alternative as I'm proposing

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