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ww1 tanks were fucking terrifying





<:sta:312060692440023040> <:st:312060486449364993> <:sd:312039272444329985> <:ancom:312039008760889344> <:anco:312054502679248896> ur a star

<:sta:312060692440023040> <:st:312037419413405696> <:st:312060486449364993> <:sd:312039272444329985> <:ancom:312039008760889344> <:anco:312054502679248896> 🔫 shooting stars

you're enslaved or single

baguette fags

mediocre baked goods

there's no borders if we nuke em

head stands is just regular standing here

deus vault

!play atuFSv2bLa8

boi why?

I'll face your wrath

also it's not anime


how about

for literally nothing

whoah buddy

the tables have turned


swoosh fam

how's it going?

i"m good

I'm still working on the current server

but on the last one we had it

I still need to set him up

no it did for what we used it for

anti spam

lmAO you rItE

peace bro

!slowmode 10

!slowmode off

!slowmode 5

I'll look into it too, thanks for the info

thanks man, you're a big help

hia beed

G'night fam

welcome all to the server, still a work in progress but thanks for joining

WOO zodd it here!

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We're here to congregate and converse, trolling is not allowed
No Trolling
Doxxing ruins lives, sharing someone's personal information is grounds for an instant ban. Do Not Dox
No Doxxing
Spamming is not funny, it's just annoying, and we won't tolerate it
No Spamming
Threats of violence, even if it's a joke, is not allowed
No Threatening Of Violence
It's ok to disagree, it's ok to argue, but be respectful to each other
Respect Moderators, And Respect Each Other
Though self explanatory, we feel it must be expressed
Do Not Post Illegal Content
We're done with thots in the ***ANIME*** chat, swear to god were making that an instant ban
No 3d thots (actual porn with real people of any kind)
No bad memes in shitposting only quality trash
Bad hentai is bad, ***and not allowed***
No super low resolution hentai, we want quality, not quantity.
Warnings And Bans Are Dealt Out At Moderator's Discretion
Rules are subject to change, be sure to be up to date to avoid repercussions


I feel you man

same here

I'm not sure

super old

on hold is supposed to be a quite channel

I forgot to update the permissions

I guess

yeah man

that's the name of the game

what's up man

damn, not even some clouds?

***spicy sky***

beep beep communism

what's up beed



no hablo croissant

i tried a class once

didn't work out very well

lmao xD

aight well I'm out of here

have a good one guys


Canadian bacon is a sin

I'm going to make a bacon emoji




there we gp

because we don't have any emojis yet and I like bacon

it's just ham

because ***canada***


I agree

they have good syrup though

more or less

the president's a cuck

he's a role model for the citizens

4,934 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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