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well Germany had some shit going on with men dressing as ladies

Raping at the same time so guys were defenseless

along with girls

Something curious hit me. If a girl (in her childhood" that has liked a boy at the same age. Both knew and it has been hidden during teen years at the same time. While both aren't seeing anyone else. I am not sure if hypergamy is weaker

Because, children get programmed at such a small age like 7-11. AND YES, first love included with that

So, the boy is in her mind while being programmed, not seeing anyone else, has strong parents, (REAL DAD INCLUDED) loves herself, and knows the boy likes her. It's kinda interesting lol

Over 6 years of hidden things

Men are more likely to cheat if the girl is (Hot or too hot) and steal and do crimes to please her

Yes first one, but it must be during childhood

So it is strong enough to stand against hypergamy in the relationship

Politics are getting stronger along with technology

2013 to me seemed like the last year to have love within humans, after that 2014 was a shithole until now. Technology made a giant gap within a year


Feminism is the female horrid version of MGTOW

NAWALT: A unicorn that is rare to find like a chaos emerald. Only way one can be shown is if she was raised by a strong dad, learned life lessons, understands hypergamy, usually sticks with the first love. True Christian, emotions suppressed, likes old tradition. And an introvert.

Oh yeah and gives a hidden middle finger to feminism

In Howard dares videos which included Tom leykis (forgot how to spell last name) I mentioned there is around 1.2% around the world

around 2 thousand estimate?


Sometimes, a man can admit he isn't a man, but trains to be one silently.

example my family said I will become a good father. But I have far too many weaknesses. And don't want any kids because of unexpected events. does that sound like a responsible man or a boy thinking like a man?


No I am not alpha. by my self reflection I am a small portion of alpha male, large part omega, and small part of beta

ah the young generation


Betas are fucked?


Wait, so omega is under beta? If yes I take back what I said lol

Being alpha is being with men a lot more often

MEN, not dudes xD

I will look it up

A confident and capable male that doesn't seek approval or abide by social hierarchy. He sets his own goals, and defines his own success.
Aaron Alpha wants his software team to use the Agile method to write their new program, and goes on and on about it in every meeting. Bob Beta doesn't want to rock the boat with Aaron, so he starts learning how Agile works. Owen the Omega Male writes the program during the meetings while everyone else is talking.

Hm, did you make a video about that?


XD wth Zeta males exist as well

Just like Germany

Wolves have been eaten by CATS lol

Somehow I am seeing "White Pill" on youtube, I'm going to see what it is about

black pill purple pill blue pill red pill lol

Black pill might be incles right? Like hating life and hating women cause they can't give cookies

Purple pill is at the line of blue pill and red pill. Example is liking women but you watch for red flags and know some strategies of getting out of some hell hole with women. Know cues and etc



But you still like girls and women. It's like, a mix of MGTOW, PUA and a beta male

wait not PUA, red pill itself


I am still not a red pill though, I am still at the stage of purple pill, the LAST stage lol

It's like having high education but not being in relationships

That also describes omega males.

For a woman to have true love? Know God and his son, love herself, then love others

XD there is a trick

I mentioned this last year on a MGTOW video. "For proof of a girl who loves you for who you are, you must be good looking and very poor."

And, love each other since childhood. Because being programmed seeing you liking that person is a major MAJOR involvement

you become who she/he is. It's something I thought about too deeply

the true christians are the last ones who are doing it.

Jehovah witnesses

I had another deep thought about that. house wives were security guards without them knowing it.

goons and thieves less likely go in houses with active people or a person

But there is something. It is said when a girl falls in love or have a crush on a guy, she mirrors him and tends to like what he does when she analyses beforehand

So the guy redirects her mirroring psychologically into loving to cook food. She cooks food to please him. It continues until it's a daily routine.

sorry, that deep thinking came from "having a million thoughts in my mind when quiet" which is a feminine quality lol.

what biological reasonings

Oh feeding the husband so he remains strong to keep providing. Also

I saw something that was interesting months ago. Men who takes selfies with their cameras lower want to look more alpha and dominant. Women who takes photos upwards want to look more feminine and show more agreeableness

Wierd thing is a girl I know who is feminine takes her photos down wards most of the time which confuses me. Is it something with her having suppression on her emotions? very strange

I will look that one up

I thought of that before!


Where does it go after it happens?

was it ovulation or blood going out the vagina along with the dead sperms..

some MGTOW guy on youtube mentioned that before, having souls inside her body

and she becomes unstable

become less marriage material overtime

what the heck. ๐Ÿคฃ

So if you fucked a girl once, and shes pregnant, you do it another time a zygone appears and stays in her? Hence she becomes like her lover?

Well the Bible did say 2 flesh turn to 1

WAIT LOL she becomes more horny? Wth

So it's not only when a girl has the high sex drive at her 30s unlike guys in their teens and prime


What if a girl gets her tubes tied

And a guy...cream happens..right?

yeah I did hear that mothers love children more, at the same time, the connection is even less cause the child is there cutting the connection with existing

oh and another chemical called oxytocin entering the baby?

My god

strange for women to not vomit

But it goes in her blood stream

It's wierd if you think about it. where does the sperm go when there's no tubes?

Dead End is the only sign that the sperms see in that situation

uhh lol

Son of a whore

Jerry springer..Maury...those smart bastards.


That's really..

that's fucked up.

companies who make DNA tests get rich

This is why the Bible recommends for the widow to not marry a 2nd time

And she can fuck the guy in bed, which is kinda....


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