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Goeie naand almal

Hoe gaan dit vanaand???

Ek is onseker oor die reels / formaat van hierdie gesprek, so as iemand my kan tou-wys maak...sal dit waardeer word

@Penkop , please do not believe the crap you see regarding the Khoisan "king" and cessesion of the Western Cape (in my humble opinion)

I would much rather support Gatvol Capetonians in their pursuit of "freedom", the other organisation seems to be a scam to extract money out of gullible white people

(my opinion)

Thank you least one other level-headed person I have come across so far, lol

crazyboer, hy klink sommer rof!!!

Ek is ontsettend bly ek het by hierdie gesprek aangesluit

Hoop net nie die "regering" het hulle spioene op hierdie gesprek nie

Motto in life my friend

No No No...then you would be: lazyboer, lol


Wel...jy is definitief Afrikaans @crazyBoer , so ons neem maar aan jy werk nie vir die regering nie 😳

Tensy jy dalk 'n Nissan NP200 bakkie ry wat wag vir iemand op 'n grondpad??? waar baas

@Penkop , you give the topic...I will respond in kind

In my opinion (fuck what the law states)...expropriate those individuals!!! 😁

Correction...SAPS, South Africa Police's clearly stated as a service and not a right / privilage

If all the "boers" or "whites" can LEARN TO WORK TOGETTHER...the land-grabbers do not stand a chance in hell

(mispelled TOGETHER)

I "citizen's arrested" 2x individuals myself 3 months ago for theft from our business premises. They got taken to the Police Station AND nothing happened thereafter

Are these "DETECTIVES" really going to forensically figure out what happened??? I think not

Well, as a government offical (paid with taxpayer's money)...scratching your balls for 9 hours a day (your shift hours), I can see how one can develop "ball-ache" 😁

@plasma mean in the same way our "new guy" Ramaphosa is sorting shit out???

They are all fucjking "commies"

I have been in general voice channels for an hour (only crazyboer has been in there with me to now)

NaandsΓ© almal

Hoe gaan dit met almal???

Mag nie kla nie....😁

Is die <#469970480569384960> ding nuut???

I might have been a little less than "pc" in the voice chat last night, I must apologise 😳

Others don't...that gave me a "bang babbelas" this morning 😨

If there was a recording of voice chat...I might be in trouble 😳 😳 😳

I had to vent my frustration at the atrocities happening today...I might have been a little less than forthcoming with my "opinion" of what I see happening at this point in time 😳 😳 😳

Good evening everyone

k)I trust everyone had a great Monday (tongue in cheek) have the right idea!!!

40 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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