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hello almal

gelukkige verjaarsdag willem

jy het nie gese is ons is sleg nie, maar met jou slinkse manier van linkse-afbreek taal het jy "ge-virtue singal" dat jy beter is as ons. die wiel draai stadig, maar hy draai.

Charl 2018-08-20 16:22:53 [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]

booker t washington was n reus

Charl 2018-08-20 16:23:00 [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]

wens hy was in SA op die oomblik

challenging question 😃

there are strange happenings after world war 2, for instance so it is up in the air when considering what really happened. paperclip was not common knowledge until recently.

the world is not what we are told

how does that work? rofl

1984 here we come 😃

i agree. he is more steam than action. the problem i think is the people he whips up believes his lies. like for instance when he said white people are not to be touched in south africa according to the law. he is painting a picture of whites being set aside from black people and he gets cheered while creating this false image. i can only imagine the working class having to do hard manual labour all day with the rhetoric ringing in their ears that the system is working against them. he is very smart in manipulating the masses. this is where he is dangerous, since he lets others take action for him, while his hands remain clean.

this is also nothing new, since this rhetoric has been ongoing since the 80s. the difference is now we see it realtime with social media being so prolific. the question is how do we bring the truth to the masses and take the sting out of the false narrative ....

yes, double speak is their strongest skill. did you see the da asking about the chinese loan in parliament? it was more of a running joke between maimane and the anc than a real question. everyone was laughing while discussing this serious topic. sri lanka had a loan from china and had to give sri lankan land when they defaulted.

MOGA = make orania great again 😃

@Gonzo you are right ....

i was one of the idiots in 1994 who hoped some black people will vote NP ... optimist to my detriment.

the question is what we can do from an information war point of view to turn opinion

there is a channel from avi yemini, he spoke to australians to help white refugees. people were dumbfounded by the idea, since the narrative does not support white refugees. i also do not like the idea of south africans being called refugees. we are better than asking for handouts. but i realised the conventional "wisdom" of the world is that whites are always the oppressors. we need to get reality out.

@rudog like the idea !!!

sorry ..... 😋 @rupdog

@Arcade_Hustle do you know the reason why hensopper was such an important word?

hardloop hensopper, die leeu van die wes-transvaal is op jou hakke

@rupdog ek stem

@Arcade_Hustle Schweizer = switzerland?

ek is nie jou mate nie <:pepe:469473864372584458>

never thought of the name of Schweizer-Reneke until today. i have been there a couple of times, but never thought of the name. schweizer is the name in swiss german for a swiss person.

our history is so deep for such a young country.

broederbond = controllers of the world. they are just the afrikaner version of masons

as @TruthCanary says, they are always on the side of who they think will win

have you seen these pictures before? scroll down the page to about the end.

broederbond and anc were working behind our backs

the right/left paradigm is created to keep us busy.

they set up the truth and the counter truth to make people argue

short answer, they are on their own side

our "hero" was the best example


hehehe, you would have to dig deeper and deeper. hint the house of windsor was renamed. also look for the quote of cecil john rhodes about the empire and see what was the motivation.

it is such a tenious and complicated topic. most of the facts are considered from "normal" people to be made up by the tin foil hat people. you have to stick to contemporary narrative if you want to reach most people, since the real facts will be too much for them to cope with.

@Malcolm the Seceder i did not have time to review this page thoroughly, but it seems correct.

you also need to go further back than Saxe-Coburg-Gotha ....

we are part of a very very long term plan right under our noses

@Malcolm the Seceder the whole point of afrikaners are that we wanted self-determination. so these ideologies will always clash

all i can suggest to you, is to ask yourself this question. is your goverment (queen) doing what is in your best interest? if you think they are, then this is your viewpoint. my comments earlier was to point out we are all pawns if we are not carefull.

i try to guard against and try to warn others

if you think the warning is not relevant then all good 😃

The Afrikanerbond recently had their centenary and their buddy Cyril came all the way to Paarl to make an hour long speech --> this can only make sense if you look at the bigger picture

true true

i think people need to investigate and think for themselves to survive in the future. no-one is going to help you with that. the cultures are to fragmented. for instance you and i. we could be a tribe (even though i will always stay an afrikaner in my heart). we can have mutual support even though we have our own identities.


i will give you an example. this youtuber 'Sargon of Akkad'

i do not share his morals and his crude language, but i like his way of thinking even though he is a soutie .... 😃


any thoughts on the increase of the word BRICS, especially in light of other countries linked to the block?

juju is heating the pot ... buckle up boys and girls ... we are getting ready for the next phase

he just said there are no facts for white genocide, but there is only black genocide in SA!!!! the marx tablets is working well. blue pill !!! blue pill !!!

we do not want title deeds .... so WHAT do you want my friend <:pepe:469473864372584458>

there we go .... the state must take the land and develop it. 'Start Bird Disagrees' on youtube called it.

it is about nationalisation

when everyone else is wrong, could it possibly .... just maybe .. be that the problem is with you?

@spursfan82 i was thinking the same. maybe he is thinking about carl marx when he says that?

hehehe, they are using the "communist" idea to take SA back to the times of tribal chiefs. there is no way juju would share his power with the people. he is el presidente

he is not actually saying anything. just saying things ... because he likes the sound of his own voice ....

for sure ... we have heard this kind of rambling before ....

yes it is scary

intellectual crime ... condemnation without investigation. hoeveel van die mense wat se wit moord is nie waar nie, vat die tyd om uit te vind. wonder hoe hulle sal reageer as hulle n klein wit kind sien wat so wreet vermoor word. ek dink mense praat net sonder om te dink

@Rox he is really nuts

@Malcolm the Seceder we are helping. they will only speak afrikaans in heaven one day

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