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If you ever want to trigger a muslim IMMEDIATELY

@Rudolf von Flügel Welcome. Great work on the shirt. I only wish I'd bought one. F

Department of Snake Eyes

Those guys still take emails from us so at least there is that. I'm sure we'll see one or both of them again in some capacity.

I occasionally prick Mcfeels about stuff that *should* be in the stack this week or that. No idea on TRSlemania

On an unrelated note, someone apparently tried to assassinate an antifa leader I hear? None of you goys I hope

Lil col kurtz running around

I would bet, fwiw, that it was more than what the store chooses to let on. But granting your premise, its still nice to see

You should go some time. Do you think they would know you aren't their people

Apparently someone was eager to start the show


Should. Be sly about it. They'll still clap even if they get it

Well well well

Nike, totally could interpret that to be about prairie niggers

19 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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