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@Thomas Ryan I' will be availble for the meeting for sure.

@Charlemagne MD Thanks for linking me up with this group!

@Thomas Ryan Understood. Looking forward to working with everyone.

@Chris MA Another UTR could be good, but only if the event actually unites the right! The last one did a lot of things, but it did not inspire much unity.

@Chris MA is he trying to host it in Charlottesville again?

@NDO Nick-TX What is the official PF uniform?

@NDO Nick-TX Got it. just need to grab a new polo then.

I’ll order a bump cap too. That looks useful even for everyday wear.

Thanks for the help! 👌🏻

@NDO Nick-TX One more thing. Those masks with US shield on the front. Where can I pick up one of those?


They’re also unique!


@Hussar We have similar BDU's except it's digital camo, urban colors.

@Hussar I hear what you're saying. Part of the reason why I would choose that is because I want to put the fear into our local antifa chapter. There's been a lot of mayhem this year.

@Hussar Once I have a full network I might take you up on that!

@Charlemagne MD They also smashed up a rich neighborhood called Northern Liberties earlier this year.

They dropped their banner which was against gentrification.

So, if we make a call for people to confront philly antifa we're going to want actual numbers. They're pretty crazy.

@Hussar it's legal to do that.

It's also a will-issue state for concealed carry permits.

I wouldn't want to bring guns tbh. Giving them a martyr is bad. Beating their asses fair and square would be better.

This is a daydream right now. I'm going to focus on building the network.

@hyena These are voice chat meetings. We don't have to be in the same room.

Postering tonight

I’ll be there

He’s coming by tomorrow to figure it out

He’s having problems with Apple ID I think

I’ll be there

I'll be there as well.

@nick we're a week early

damn shame. I had progress to report.

Been a tough few days, but plan on doing some postering tonight to get my mind off it.

Dads side of the family pretty much don’t want anything to do with me cause of my politics and my mother moved to Florida so spent Christmas alone, which is pretty shitty. Oh well

My dads side of the family is all fucked up. My stepmoms aunt married a juden, where they all go for Christmas ironically, my aunt converted to Islam and my other aunt is a dike. Unreal

What can you do, can’t pick your family.

I believe it was at thanksgiving a few years ago and my aunt thought It’d be cute to put a headscarf on my sister, which didn’t go over well with me.

For us on the east coast

Yeah, worded improperly. Time zones

Looking forward to the Alamo video.

@Thomas Ryan that Red Ice 2017 recap list is pretty good but they're missing a lot of huge events of the past year. Nothing about Berkeley. Nothing about the commies making huge gains in the UK parliament. Nothing about the tax bill.. Paints a picture that's a little too rosy for my liking.

I'll be there

This has gotta be a joke

I've read Siege and I drew my own conclusions as a thinking individual. Some of the parts were good. Some of the parts didn't make sense to me at all. That's what a thinking individual does with any piece of writing. I would love to talk to you about the parts that made sens to me. We are trying to fill a vacuum in the movement by showing professionalism and action. I believe there is some good advice in there on how to do it.

I will give you one example to start. The part about women having a real stake and participatory role in the movement. James Mason spoke about women being fanatically loyal to the cause when you let them in. He said they would be great for a functional fascist movement when you bring them into the fold in the right way. @Thomas Ryan

It's getting late now, but I could go on. My girlfriend and I, for example both want to have children and start a family. I think that a healthy fascist movement has women who are ready to go to bat for us as eagerly as the men. Maybe they don't get the same roles, but they do have a place.

There is something romantic to me about the coed platoons of Starship Troopers, but I am still unsure of whether I see that as practical.

Could you elaborate a bit? One of the Soviet Union's advantages over US in the distant past was their use of female snipers, pilots, tank commanders, infantry, etc. In their military.

**us*" no capitalisation

We underestimated their troop strength and that cost us

I didn't mean the United States. That was a grammatical error on my.part.

@Alfred NC I would like to hear your stories about this.

If you don't mind me asking, are you a veteran?

Ok I would like to hear from you. This is a topic that stuck with me from Siege because I've seen a lot of different flavors of failure and I was wondering if sex played a role.

@Thomas Ryan keeping the struggle to an armed one makes no sense without a support base. My motivation has always been to grow it.

At the same time, what about female snipers? Hell, keeping them as a secretary to organize things and direct calls has value.

I didn't realize this would be such a controversial issue. Would you all agree that we need to attract women into the movement?

Ok, that's my main point. I think we need more of them. Women are very useful in a number of roles when properly trained.


@Thomas Ryan The reason why I like siege is partly because it's essentially the words of a disgruntled members of ANP who's trying to salvage what looks like a desperate situation. This is why I take him seriously. Not all of it of course, but The Woman Question stuck out.

@NDO Eric - TX Not so much a matter of better. Just adequate for the job. How many pounds of pressure does it take to pull a trigger?

@Goodest_Boy Oh come on you know what I mean.

@Thomas Ryan I had no idea I what I would ignite at 2am EST. I am so fucking sorry.

I was ancap as a joke, until I met some people who took that joke seriously.

Banner time

Last night @Fiannafáil PA and I flyered the Mayfair neighborhood of Philadelphia.


Dirty disgusting rats

You ain’t lying either


Respect brother, I know the feels my mom went through remission with a similar thing. I’m sure she will get better.

Still rocking the sandals @Ductapegang @EuroChad

They are slides tho

It’s like the 3rd photo for homeless black man lmfao

Sick banner through

Share homie

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