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Thomas Ryan 2017-12-17 06:22:17

@everyone **NEW GENERAL**

Chris GA 2017-12-17 16:12:59

I just finished my second round of putting up flyers. I went to the mall again and put about a dozen up, a quick in and out op. I also plastered one entrance to a subdivision (forgot to take pics on this one) and finished at another park. I was thinking that next time I'll go to a large local chruch while everyone is in service and put flyers under everyone's windshield wipers. I like that approach because people can't walk past it like they do when I post on lightposts and signs.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-17 17:43:59

Y'all can now see the regular <#364051970409103362> channel.

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-18 02:06:22

Postering tonight

hyena 2017-12-18 02:09:02
Thomas Ryan 2017-12-18 19:42:05

Good content, right there.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-18 19:42:05

@here How is everyone doing?

hyena 2017-12-18 19:52:00

@Thomas Ryan rather annoyed drove into town to poster and couldnt so went to lowes to buy some supplies i needed and they didnt have them. Wasted e hours i could have spent doing anything else. How are you?

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-18 19:52:43

Man, that's annoying. How many hours?

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-18 19:52:55

What supplies were you looking for?

hyena 2017-12-18 19:55:11

@Thomas Ryan 3 hours. Was looking for high heat resistant brick the temporary forage i had failed so i want to make a permenant one. Wanted it to look nice aswell but i guess ill have to just go and get a charcoal grill itll handle the heat but wont look good. Havent been able to cast aluminum or smith anything in 2 months which is lame because it a enjoyable hobby of mine

hyena 2017-12-18 20:00:37

@Thomas Ryan plus im haveing to run the back up generator today because there was no sun yesterday or today which is annoying even if it only takes a few hours to fill my batteries

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-18 20:02:58

What types of things do you make out of aluminium?

hyena 2017-12-18 20:06:44

@Thomas Ryan you can make just about anything. Aluminium is something ive only recently gotten into. I melt down cans so recycleing which is good just scoop out the slag and with enough cans eventually you have good pure aluminium. If you can build a desired mold you can cast it. Tools knives axes small parts etc. But with the forge down i cant cast and i cant smith steel either.

hyena 2017-12-18 20:10:24

@Thomas Ryan aluminium is easy to work with because its melt temprature isnt very hard to achieve just a simple cjarcoal fire with a blower and you can get hot enough

hyena 2017-12-18 20:10:33


hyena 2017-12-18 20:12:04

Heres a scrap ingot i got for a future project its about 3inches wide by 8 long by 1.5 thick

hyena 2017-12-18 20:17:20

If i felt like it i could make a lower receiver for dat 👻 🔫 the lefts always talking about lol

hyena 2017-12-18 20:19:55

Other hobbies include brewing mead which is a type of wine made from honey

Tyler TX 2017-12-18 20:23:10

@hyena that's awesome man. I saw a guy make an AR lower out of aluminum cans on youtube. Mead is delicious

hyena 2017-12-18 20:24:34

@Tyler TX i totally agree its a shame you cant get it in most liqueor stores at least ive never seen it. Only ever been able to buy mead at renisance fairs thats why i started makeing my own

Chris GA 2017-12-19 00:50:49

@hyena Pretty awesome man. Do you live off the grid or something?

hyena 2017-12-19 00:52:35

@Chris GA ya, im hooked up to city water but my house is also surrounded by a creek so if i wanted to i could get off it. Other than that i generate my own power and i have a garden its only supplimental at this point but eventually the goals to produce all i consume

Chris GA 2017-12-19 00:59:34

Nice. I would like to get to that point sometime. Probably get a place by a large river or creek to be able to make a hydroelectric generator. Solar seems like too much 💵 💵 💵

Chris GA 2017-12-19 01:04:00

@Thomas Ryan I'm doing well, I'm just pretty much tied down during the week days because I work all day.

Chris GA 2017-12-19 01:04:21

What about you?

Chris GA 2017-12-19 01:06:52

@hyena If you're looking for fire bricks you can reuse bricks from very old buildings if you have any demo-ed in your area

hyena 2017-12-19 01:07:07

@Chris GA solar really isnt that expensive my whole system panels batteries charge controller and inverter only coast about 3k and its enough power for me but im one dude

hyena 2017-12-19 01:07:39

@Chris GA thanks

Chris GA 2017-12-19 01:09:27

Only 3k?? that's not bad at all

hyena 2017-12-19 01:10:30

Yup its much more dooable than people think

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-19 19:17:03

@Steven MI What's the status on those locals applying?

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-19 23:07:43

@everyone Chime in, everyone. How are things? Who can I expect at the NNM meeting?

hyena 2017-12-19 23:11:32

@Thomas Ryan im well. I wont know about my meeting avalability till thursday however

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-19 23:12:35

No worries, as long as folks keep others posted, being unavailable at times is expected and fine.

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-19 23:13:32

I’ll be there

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-19 23:15:54

Help your bud get through vetting. @Chris MA

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-19 23:16:32

He’s coming by tomorrow to figure it out

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-19 23:16:59

He’s having problems with Apple ID I think

Chris GA 2017-12-20 01:01:08

@Thomas Ryan I'm well too. I might sound like a noob here but what is a NNM meeting?

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-20 02:02:39

@Chris GA There will be a Non-Network-Member meeting Wednesday, the 27th at 8 p.m. CST.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-20 02:03:32

You can't see the channel, but you will be able to tonight after I change the roles around.

Chris GA 2017-12-20 02:13:58

oh ok, cool. So if it's Non-Network I'm guessing it's in person, right?

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-20 02:15:56

Nope, it's for guys without a certain amount of guys near them, such as yourself.

Chris GA 2017-12-20 02:37:19

Cool. I should be free then

Jay MI 2017-12-20 03:34:34

Working again but if I can get to my safe space I can chime in and will definitely listen in when I can.

Jay MI 2017-12-20 03:37:58

Strike that. I thought it was tomorrow. Will be working but I should be alone so I will be there.

Steven MI 2017-12-20 04:19:59

@Thomas Ryan They said they were going to this week.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-20 04:23:18

@Steven MI Awesome.

RomaOK 2017-12-20 07:34:22

I'll be at the meeting.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-20 22:23:43

@Chris MA Check out <#379137732598824960>

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-20 22:24:55

@Josh OH Where is the app from your GA buddy interested in joining after seeing the posters at the Mall of Georgia?

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-20 22:25:19

I’ll be there

RomaOK 2017-12-20 22:42:12

@Thomas Ryan It turns out I will not be able to attend. My grandmother needs help putting everything together for a family get-together tommorow.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-21 02:47:44

@RomaOK Should be getting an app from the Tulsa area tomorrow or the day after for a solid new guy.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-21 02:47:53

Tulsa PF network? I think it's possible.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-21 02:49:47

The American flag is anti-Semitic.

hyena 2017-12-21 17:23:16

Faith goldys making a video on white genocide in south africa. Shes going all the way already said the 14 words, so much of my hnnnnnng

Josh OH 2017-12-21 17:23:40


Thomas Ryan 2017-12-21 17:50:35

@Chris GA Check direct messages.

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:11:52

@hyena Thanks. Killer video. Some of the cuts are like a second or two too fast because I can't freaking read the shit, but upbeat nonetheless.

hyena 2017-12-21 18:14:19

@Josh OH its just a trailer full vid of hers dosnt come out till jan 18th im just glad shes fully redpilled altright cutie pie. Need more chicks like that in the world

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:14:37

ehhh I disagree

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:14:41

but she does do good work

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:15:38

Redpilled girls are good, but we dont need more women commentaries

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:15:56

it confuses the movement tbh

hyena 2017-12-21 18:16:54

@Josh OH thats what i meant more red pilled girls.

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:17:15

oh okay, yea

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:17:39

my gf isn't fully redpilled, but she knows my views and is more apolitical

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:18:00

kinda prefer that, it's like a break from the politics. If she was as redpilled as me, dear god.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-21 18:18:29

For one, these girls aren't the untainted virgin princesses you may or may not imagine them to be. For two, if a woman is speaking within "the movement" it should be more (read: purely) about encouraging women to be proper wives and mothers and doing so from experience, by being both a wife and a mother.

We've got enough folks talking about various political things, slapping a pretty face on it doesn't make it any more true, it's just clickbait in many cases.

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:18:59

exactly, that's why I said it confuses the movement

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:19:20

men should be flocking to power and ideals not pretty faces

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-21 18:20:52

And, as a woman who has any semblance of our views, if you are not putting every ounce of your effort into building and sustaining a large family, it's negligent.

Now don't get me wrong, men should be as well, but there's a different dynamic because guys who believe what we believe also need to be getting out in the streets.

hyena 2017-12-21 18:24:21

Like i said im just glad she has the views, i want more women to have the political views not more to be commentators. It was just good to see a women that did. I fully agree that women aught be traditionalist wives and mothers.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-21 18:25:00

We're not attacking you, just explaining our thoughts.

hyena 2017-12-21 18:28:32

Its all good.

hyena 2017-12-21 18:29:17

Completley unrelated apparently my dog hates crains because hes flipping out that one just landed in my yard

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:29:34

he just wants to hunt

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:29:36

poor guy

hyena 2017-12-21 18:30:58

@Josh OH dont know if thered be much to eat on one there pretty skinny lol

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:31:15

let me rephrase

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:31:19

he just wants to kill

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:31:21

poor guy

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:31:36


hyena 2017-12-21 18:31:38

Lol commie killers his middle name

Josh OH 2017-12-21 18:31:46


Josh OH 2017-12-21 19:57:33

Beautiful rant

hyena 2017-12-21 19:57:42

Good post

hyena 2017-12-22 05:26:01

Anyone thats good with art stuff if they can make this not look like shit i think the idea would be a good poster

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-22 05:29:22

😂 😂 😂 😂
I think it's just fine as is.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-22 05:30:13

I think the appeal of braking shackles or chains is something with undeniable Marxist overtones.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-22 05:31:21

And we're *just* getting the hang of proper figure design with our art team, so complex images with 4 or more people who need very specific features in dymanic poses may be a bit difficult.

hyena 2017-12-22 05:32:59

I think the nose on the jew really makes it pop just saying lol

hyena 2017-12-22 05:33:36


hyena 2017-12-22 05:34:38

I any case they do a good job i like our posters

Josh OH 2017-12-22 05:43:43

poc dont have arms

Josh OH 2017-12-22 05:43:57

good symbolism because they're useless

hyena 2017-12-22 05:45:36

Uhhh ya its deffintly that, not that im shitty at ms paint or anything, symbolism, thats it. 😬

Josh OH 2017-12-22 05:46:54


hyena 2017-12-22 05:48:04

Time for coffee and radical agenda

hyena 2017-12-22 19:27:46

I got fatherland work and family i like these little tests

Josh OH 2017-12-22 20:19:43

Fatherland · Family · Order

Josh OH 2017-12-22 20:22:18

Josh OH 2017-12-22 20:23:02

i like how capitalism and communism are perfectly tied

Josh OH 2017-12-22 20:23:08

aka Fascism

Chris GA 2017-12-23 04:37:41

Fatherland. Family. Order

Chris GA 2017-12-23 04:41:04

More commie than capitalistic... might need to gas myself

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-23 04:42:16

@Chris GA How is the meet with the new guy going?

Chris GA 2017-12-23 04:45:26

@Thomas Ryan our schedules are a little conflicting, but we are meeting up tomorrow for coffee

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-23 04:45:45

Make it happen. Awesome.

Chris GA 2017-12-23 04:48:37

Will do!

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-23 14:58:06

Check out @PatriotFront's Gab:

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-23 17:30:38

How's everyone doing?

Salazar VA 2017-12-23 17:34:11

Feel kind of isolated, wish I had more WNs near me. Also need more printer ink

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-23 17:41:56

There is one solution to being isolated. Act, and recruit.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-23 17:42:42

I cannot give you an example of a time where an activist did the work necessary to create growth and did not see it.

Salazar VA 2017-12-23 17:44:34

Yeah I'll definitely be postering soon. Just discouraged by the general lack of seriousness that many pro White activists are displaying

Chris GA 2017-12-23 17:49:32

@Thomas Ryan I'm well. About to meet up with the new guy in GA soon. I'll bring posters too so I can knock out 2 birds with one stone.

hyena 2017-12-23 18:44:06

New murdoch murdochs out if yall watch them

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-23 19:27:09

@Chris GA Awesome. Let me know how it goes. Pics of posters.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-23 19:27:22

@hyena Are they still on YT?

hyena 2017-12-23 20:19:58

@Thomas Ryan the post announcment trailers there then upload full videos to cheekyvideos

hyena 2017-12-23 20:20:13

Ill post link

hyena 2017-12-23 20:21:18

But the whole archives there aswell as when the do new uploads

Chris GA 2017-12-23 20:36:29

@Thomas Ryan The meeting went really well. Cool dude, I'm looking forward to working with him. It started raining on us so we didn't get to postering, unfortunately. I'm planing on postering tomorrow

hyena 2017-12-23 21:39:38

Shit its been raining here the whole week lol aint suppose ta stop till monday

Chris GA 2017-12-24 02:37:00

Invested in a color LaserJet printer, and printed 100 pages of these flyers

Chris GA 2017-12-24 02:38:51

I got sick of running out of ink

hyena 2017-12-24 02:44:08

Idk why but my printers slow as shit i really aught get a cord because doing it wireless takes 20 mi utes for firat copy after that i just scan and copy em and they come out quick but still its like wtf

Chris GA 2017-12-24 02:52:26

20 minutes?? I would definitely get a cord, that's screwed up

hyena 2017-12-24 02:58:58

Ya had no idea it would take that long i bought think hey wireless thats cool i can print from my phone or the computer and i still can but its just annoyingly long data transfer. It has the cord option aswell it just didnt come with the cord so ill pick one up. Theres like no more places to poster round here till classes start back up on the 15th Anyways because im in a real rural area and ive already gotten the town overs city hall

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 04:18:55

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 04:19:02

Passing out flyers is fun.

hyena 2017-12-24 04:20:25

Guess i could wait outside of a bar but somehow i dont think a bunch of drunks getting into there cars would be prime flyer passing to material lol

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 04:20:41

@cj schröeder How are things in TN? When are you meeting with @hyena again?
@Chris MA What happened with that guy who was going to apply?
@Jay MI Nice... profile picture? When was the meet with @Steven MI again?
@Salazar VA If you're feeling isolated, meet with some of the MD guys. There are folks who would come to you.
@Tyler TX How goes it?
@backwoodstrad91-wv How goes it?
@ashrob NJ How are things?

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 04:21:25

@hyena Maybe not. But if you get a Trump rally, or town hall, or Republican something, patriot rally. Something. Lots of opportunities.

hyena 2017-12-24 04:22:26

Ill keep my ear to the ground

Jay MI 2017-12-24 04:36:10

Aw sheeit. Did I forget to mention that I have a tat of Anne Frank on my face? Seriously though, everything is good. Steven and I met up last Sunday.

hyena 2017-12-24 04:37:26

What if a pregnant anne frank time travled and ended up in the confederate states of america. This is a common thread on pol and his

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 04:39:20

Im at 71% Revolution. Way more than y'all cucks. Step up.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 04:39:30

It's like y'all don't want 1776 to commence again.

hyena 2017-12-24 04:40:51

Sheeeeet 1776 is nice but fries rebellions pretty nifty to lol

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 04:41:53

I try to never have any "meh" answers on these tests, so that may account for some more hardline stats where I may not actually have them. The tests don't work as well if you're the type to give maybe's.

hyena 2017-12-24 04:43:58

I agree when i took it there were really only 2 questions i had a middle answer on but that tends to be because of wording or i just dont care about the issue i dont remeber which questions they were but when i did it i had fatherland family work

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 04:45:38

Another issue I run into personally is whether I'm implying the standards on the current State, or my ideal one. For instance, I want the current one to be as relaxed as possible because it lets our agenda flow, but my ideal one is, well, Fascist.

hyena 2017-12-24 04:51:33

True there is a difference between current state polotics of pragmatism and the ideal state. I would say that im not revolutionist on that because i think sepratism is a more peacful way, hell thats why i live off grid and am trying to be self sufficent eventually get more land and start something. but if need be by all means destroying the enemy utterly is always an option

hyena 2017-12-24 04:54:44

Could be the order in me shineing through i was military police afterall

Jay MI 2017-12-24 04:59:06

I feel that way at times but then I remember what happens every time we, as a people, move another freeway exit away from diversity.

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:00:00

Self sufficiency should be the goal of every man.

hyena 2017-12-24 05:01:05

@Jay MI true this is our nation i view it more as setting up a fob though thats why i made sure it had water and good defensable land

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:03:57

Yup. Water is key isn’t it. You are doing solar too right?

hyena 2017-12-24 05:05:20

Yhea aint been to great last 3 days its been rai ing so on generator. Soon as i get my welder gonna make a wood gas generator so i dont need to buy gas for it

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:07:27

Are you familiar with the Kakeloffen? It’s pretty cool. It’s basically a wood burner that utilizes baffles and fire brick to make radiant heat for your home

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:07:52

Serious trad european stuff.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 05:08:23

@hyena Full seperatism will be a difficult thing do complete, because you're leaving behind an enemy that still holds superior power. Without negating, rising to supercede the legitimacy of, or utterly destroying the existing power structure through cultural, social, or active means, you're running away from a fight instead of losing it. However, from a revolutionary perspective, neither strategy is mutually exclusive, as our people need to have somewhere to rest their heads where the world and community still makes sense.

@Jay MI Self sufficiency may be a goal, but a fully unified American nation state will need to be just that, unified. If every man is a nation unto his self, then there is no unity, and no ultimate strength. The goal of the nation should be self sufficiency, and the goal of the individual as a member of that collective should be to help it.

hyena 2017-12-24 05:09:45

Good points

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 05:13:15

And believe me, in the urban hellscape that is the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, where barely maintained and drug addled lower-middle class suburbs stretch far into the horizon growing ever outwards from the surrounding crime ridden city centers, I would love to see anywhere else. However, my fight is here. Every drop of blood. Every inch of soil. No matter the cost. No matter how stained.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 05:14:47

When it comes to irredentism, you could say I'm an absolutist.

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:16:18

We all are. We have to be

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:16:49

Irredentism for all peoples.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 05:18:46

I don't much care if other nations reclaim their lost territory so long as it isn't the territory we're trying to retake ourselves. That usually ends up in conflict, if all of history is any indication. I know the whole "nationalism for everyone" points that people make. I'm more moderate on that, I genuinely don't care if Uganda wants to try full Anarchist-Queer-Femi-Communism so long as it doesn't spread to my country.

hyena 2017-12-24 05:20:05

Hell i was observing at a school for my teaching class and there was 2 white kids 2 blacks and the rest were mexican and the teacher gave em seperate instruction in spanish. I got mad and wrote about it in my assighnment and ended up with a red flag from the admin for not haveing proper "dispositions" i see poor drug addled whites occasionally even in this rural area this is kentucky and its being taken over. I damn well will take it back! My base building is just that base building so as to have a launchibg point for the reclimation

hyena 2017-12-24 05:20:22

Hell i was observing at a school for my teaching class and there was 2 white kids 2 blacks and the rest were mexican and the teacher gave em seperate instruction in spanish. I got mad and wrote about it in my assighnment and ended up with a red flag from the admin for not haveing proper "dispositions" i see poor drug addled whites occasionally even in this rural area this is kentucky and its being taken over. I damn well will take it back! My base building is just that base building so as to have a launchibg point for the reclimation

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 05:21:21

Hey, we conquered this continent once already. Should be muscle memory by now.

hyena 2017-12-24 05:22:45

I just hate that much of the time its our own folk that are the biggest obstacle i work with 3 misceginators its like wtf are they brain dead?

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:22:50

Kind of sad that most don’t even realize what we have already lost.

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:25:18

I read it on gab and I think Rockwell made the same point 50 years ago.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 05:26:07

I think when you start using terms like "The People's ____" You're getting a bit too close to Marxist messaging. Perhaps I'm mistaken.

hyena 2017-12-24 05:28:31

Thats the thing though we know that productive enterprise is the proper sytem and the jews boiled it down to one aspect capital then made our nation defend that aspect because thats the aspect there interested namely banking. But to the masses saying your anticapitalist isnt gonna get you anywhere because there un versed you really ha e to sit em down and explain it. Kinda why i dont like the trad workers they dont explain much of anything in there videos

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 05:28:32

@Jay MI Check your DMs, by the way.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 05:30:32

@hyena I see an issue, potentially, being that it is so enormously hard to be better than the Left at playing the victim, since that is their entire thing, and has been for centuries. Not saying our people aren't victimized at all, and not saying you should lie, but that people respond more to strength than weakness in many cases.

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:35:40

That is exactly right. Playing the victim gets you nothing. If you are under someone else’s boot then you should not be making appeals to them.

Jay MI 2017-12-24 05:39:28

I think Heimbach is right on many of his points but I don’t see a lot of striving to achieve an ideal for our race. Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention to TWP.

hyena 2017-12-24 05:43:10

@Thomas Ryan im not playing victim

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-24 05:43:47

I was talking about you talking about Heimbach, not talking about you.

hyena 2017-12-24 05:53:00


Jay MI 2017-12-24 06:06:08

Shit gets pretty contentious when you have to be a little critical of your allies but it’s good to get the ideas flowing. I was also not talking about you @hyena KY

hyena 2017-12-24 06:07:12

Its all good its hard to tell intent etc. In text only lol

hyena 2017-12-24 06:16:39

On brighter shit its yule and for most in a few days its christmas so lets all enjoy family. I know ima kill something tommarrow and sunday monday go by my dads what you guys got planned?

Jay MI 2017-12-24 06:26:53

I will be enjoying my family and watching my daughter play with all of her little white cousins.

hyena 2017-12-24 06:27:33

Nifty glad to hear ya got kids

hyena 2017-12-24 18:00:47

Who dosnt like some good ole paddy

Goymen Sachs 2017-12-24 21:23:48

Merry Christmas everyone

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-26 17:11:52

@everyone How goes it?

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-26 18:56:38

Been a tough few days, but plan on doing some postering tonight to get my mind off it.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-26 18:57:38

Why tough?

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-26 19:01:28

Dads side of the family pretty much don’t want anything to do with me cause of my politics and my mother moved to Florida so spent Christmas alone, which is pretty shitty. Oh well

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-26 19:04:51

My dads side of the family is all fucked up. My stepmoms aunt married a juden, where they all go for Christmas ironically, my aunt converted to Islam and my other aunt is a dike. Unreal

Josh OH 2017-12-26 19:06:44


Josh OH 2017-12-26 19:06:52

sorry to hear that man

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-26 19:16:16

What can you do, can’t pick your family.

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-26 19:21:00

I believe it was at thanksgiving a few years ago and my aunt thought It’d be cute to put a headscarf on my sister, which didn’t go over well with me.

Josh OH 2017-12-26 19:54:17

wow, not at all

hyena 2017-12-28 00:37:33

Meetings in like an hour n a half right?

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-28 00:37:45


Sam Specter PA 2017-12-28 00:37:57

For us on the east coast

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-28 00:37:57


hyena 2017-12-28 00:38:14

Cool cool

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-28 00:39:48

It's at the same time for everyone

Sam Specter PA 2017-12-28 00:40:21

Yeah, worded improperly. Time zones

hyena 2017-12-28 00:46:10

Anyone else into prepping?

hyena 2017-12-28 17:00:47

Posted up a craigslist add maybe thatll get someone

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-28 17:01:12

A craigslist add?

hyena 2017-12-28 17:01:55

In the groups section

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-28 17:04:29

Let's see this ad. How did you phrase it?

hyena 2017-12-28 17:05:02

hyena 2017-12-28 17:05:43

Did i do a bad thing?

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-28 17:06:19

Right now I'm asking out of curiosity.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-28 17:08:16

We are very particular on the ways in which members represent the organization, especially online. This is fine, but in the future, official promotions should be left to formal social media accounts and platforms, or planned bouts of activism.

Hopefully someone in the area sees this and is interested.

hyena 2017-12-28 17:09:10

Ok my bad

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-28 17:13:39

@hyena It's all good. Don't worry about it.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-28 17:13:40

@everyone Ask yourself whether your Facebook is more valuable to you than your job. If you come to the correct conclusion that no, it is not, then you should probably delete it and/or remove any traces it has to you. Your family can call you if they want to keep up, and your old friends would very likely hate you for your current ideological state anyhow.

Being doxxed is not as fun as it seems. Losing your job and having people slandering you for weeks on end, harassing your family too, not worth posting the odd selfie on Facebook or Instagram to show off.

hyena 2017-12-28 17:25:05

My facebook is my primary means of communication with my family as i dont have proper cell signal were i live but i do have good internet. My profile is private am i still good? Because i cant delete it

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-28 17:26:36

In the case of exercising extreme caution, and having absolutely no connection to your employment, or people who would talk to leftists or journalists with the intent to slander you, it's redeemable for it's functionality alone.

hyena 2017-12-28 17:27:54

My job isnt on there. And one of the dudes that works there already knows and hasnt stadted shit. So nothin to worry about

hyena 2017-12-28 18:06:53

Mail man was delivering post by horse today. Kentuckys wonderful

Josh OH 2017-12-28 18:16:04

I literally have nothing on my Facebook account no photos no information no posts I just use it to see what my family is up to and if they tag me I untag myself the problem is is they can probably check my friends list and find out like who's my family and then harass them but then again they could do that regardless because they can just search the same last name on Google or Facebook

hyena 2017-12-28 18:16:58

@Josh OH you can set friends list to only viewable by you

Josh OH 2017-12-28 18:17:06

Oh wait I do have it as that

Josh OH 2017-12-28 18:17:11

Good point

Josh OH 2017-12-28 18:17:25

So in that sense I think I'm probably okay but like I said before they can always just Google your name and find out who are your relatives

hyena 2017-12-28 21:14:46

hyena 2017-12-28 21:15:54

4 great things about having a creek surround your land. Free fish free water free rock and its pretty much a moat. Plus nice to look at

hyena 2017-12-28 21:17:43

I also have good clay deposits so guess thats 6. Hurray for creeks

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-30 03:10:17

@everyone Welcome @Edmund_Seamark

Josh OH 2017-12-30 03:10:29
Thomas Ryan 2017-12-30 03:10:53

@Edmund_Seamark This is your general until you can get met IRL with some members.

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-30 03:10:53

There will be an opportunity for that in the near-to-forseeable future.

hyena 2017-12-30 03:11:11

Welcom ed

Edmund_Seamark 2017-12-30 03:16:12

Hi everyone. Glad to be a part of this.

Goymen Sachs 2017-12-30 03:39:49


Thomas Ryan 2017-12-30 17:36:13

@everyone How is everyone doing?

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-30 17:36:19

@Edmund_Seamark Where are those posters you put up?

Edmund_Seamark 2017-12-30 17:45:28

Hardin Simmons University and Abilene Christian University in Abilene Texas. Two biggest colleges in town.

Tyler TX 2017-12-30 19:34:23
Tyler TX 2017-12-30 19:34:34

I used to live in Abilene

Thomas Ryan 2017-12-30 19:38:31

@Tyler TX How far away is that from ya?

Tyler TX 2017-12-30 19:40:00

Roughly two hours

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