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I seem to have dropped in at an interesting moment

@Ares I know right?

I mean. We're not even a 1 on Kardashev's scale so I don't think the fact that "owning" it has any significant value to be honest

@Laucivol you did! It is nonetheless entertaining to watch

Isn't thate the point? ๐Ÿค”

@Shortline614 I see that as an absolute win?

@Krisemann Was that a mf jojo reference? *I know I know I had to*

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck what? That's fast! And honestly kind of cool

@Laucivol I feel you. Star Wars is also my soapbox

@SideTracker yes I would?

@Laucivol XD bah. I personally enjoy the old Extended universe, but I don't hate the latest trilogy

what's your favourite part of the SWEU?

Yeah. It was. There was so much stuff that it was intimidating for someone who was "entry level" fan

Thrawn is dope. The Yuuzhan Vongs were...interesting. I must admit that at first I was confused but then the further I read the more I legit liked them

@Laucivol lol. Katarn's lightsaber was the Death Star ray (gotta love the old Kyle Katarn Chuck Norris jokes).

True true

My personal favorites are the Sith Triumvirate because let's be honest. Kotor was dope

I must admit that at first I was less than impressed with FA and TLJ. But with the proper pov they are good

@shadow of the sun she also did in the SWEU

Have a lightsaber I mean

@Laucivol that casino scene was painful to watch the first time I got to admit this. But true, visualising the scene from the characters pov makes that much more sense

Oof. Antifa. I can talk about that for hours so I am not going to

@Laucivol meh. I had an insider eye on them and let me tell you. It was not pretty

They do

Well that or pure anarchy

@Laucivol I am hyped to see ep 9

@Laucivol yeah. My "usual" (emphasize on the quotation marks here) circle of friends would legitimately lynch me if I told them my unfiltered opinion about SJWs XD

@Laucivol oh there are a few that are ok like my D&D group. But the others are...well...radical. They "tolerate" my moderate pov because reasons

Ha! No I kind of decided not to bother with even trying. But yeah they do. They want to "bring me back into the fold"

@Krisemann well. Gotta change the guns hiding place

@Krisemann You can't demonize what's already demonic though

@Krisemann You know what? Fair point. I give that one to you

When she came to Montreal I noped out of the vicinity just in case

As a northern friend of the U.S...please don't? XD

@Laucivol Tanya would disagree

@Laucivol that was a weeb thing. Please disregard it

China would be a pain to invade. Not impossible, but it would take too much time to be viable.

To be fair, pr had a lot to do about the retreat from Vietnam

No due to military prowess mind you

@Flavius Stilicho was about to say this

I like spice

Communism is growing strong here and I don't like it

@BabaBooey Considering the local political climate? Yes horrible would indeed be the word I'd use

Quebec the unholy land of quasi French speakers and of greasy poutine

Yeah. But also the most stuck up in their own ass

You unironically get yelled at if you answer a tourist in english in some places

I heard that Vancouver is a close call from a close friend who moved there. Not quite Quebec but close

Yeah I could live in France

@BabaBooey I mean. I didn't wanted to be mean to our neighbours

No I don't

Reality is subjective

@Laucivol I am genuinely not an expert in the U.S politics/economics so I couldn't say.


Canada's healthcare is garbage

Oh yeah work. That's a thing

I do work tonight ๐Ÿค”

@Uksio That sounds like what my ex boyfriend was into

He loved being on the receiving side of it. Go figure

Oh yeah. For sure. Surveillance is for your best interest

Glad I didn't took any nudes then!

I don't want to be president of anything so that's another thing out the window too ๐Ÿค”

@Crow depends. 20$ is 20$

I can teach a thing or two about chokeholds ๐Ÿค”

I would rather not please

I would have given him for the sheer audacy

As someone who has to constantly deal with lawyers. Agreed @Al Capwned

I know one or two who would not make much money out of it if it were the case

@ManAnimal I am sure I would have seen bigger and better

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck Unironically that happened to me more than a few times

Considering I don't have a dick...
Yeah I totally did

@SideTracker I counter with entropy

I mean. He's not entirely wrong there

Oh gosh by heart?


Necrons are the best tbh

*laughs in Tyranids*

@SideTracker You only can have so much ammunitions.

I concede that to you

heresy comes in all kind of flavours.

Some comes from being a Trap. Some from eating sentient life forms

I see both of these as absolute wins

@Laucivol what if I am?

@SideTracker the sensation of a bullet going through my body is a sensation I'd rather not feel again in my life time

I mean. You're not wrong

Ew work

Sounds interesting

Really. It's no1 trending?

It was a fandom thing hyped over 3years

@pleple no padoru please

You don't need money to get a bj from me

I see a wild Tanya over there

Good question. Next John I interrogate I'll ask @matroyshka

It is

That too

There are a few neat ways to hide a body tho

Talking professionally here

@SufferBuddy I mean, sure?

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