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mfw argel didnt change my nickname to xX_MinorityAnnihilator69_Xx here as well <:Sad:512776308909146142>


the ancient athenians werent gay enough to cook





okay boomer


@Anubis can you change my nick to xX_MinorityAnnihilator69_Xx

for science




yes please

this gamer tag is the only one powerful enough for me

my fav waifu would have to endure beatings all day while making my dinner

lmfao, there you go

@robert from kinoplex shut the fuck up before i beat your feminine ass

someone shop a barney face on her

fartpickle 13


<:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412> <:mananimal:583796112729702412>

nothings like my favourite wife beating atheist

PhD has become a fucking worthless title within any kind of social studies

shut the fuck up commie

god i wish women were real

shut the fuck up conspiracy theorist

you, for proposing women were real




homosuck <:Cancer:591210992998809612>


fuckin hell

@Ninjaplusplus at least france had a sizeable army <:thocc:328732795646115851>

also note that norway who didnt have a sizeable army didnt surrender until like 60 days after

you niggers deserve this

dont spam nigger

@2K friendly fire

im like partially a math nigger

passed with a C in calc 2 at uni <:woke:509445559741054997>

integrals gay

integrals are fairly easy

except riemann


i dont have anymore calc tho

only matrixes and numerics left

differentials gae

we had multiple dimension functions and shit

they were

uni is free here, except like 80$ tuition fee per semester

@2K explains why your nigger asses are broke


shut the fuck up grammar nazi

tbh the intellectual capacity of this chat supercedes all alien life forms

tbh if MA made bath water id buy it


next time he ravages your anus with his insanely logical theories make sure to ask him out for a good fuck

plug the fart gas take it up the ass(R)

cmon, be happy

small tits aint the worst thing in the world

my ex has small tits <:woke:509445559741054997>

@Uksio what, why is it wrong to like big tits

i mean your body is more of a plus than a deciding factor, but i enjoy big tiddis, theyre fun to play with <:Pog:549355087680634891>

never had a big tiddy gf tho <:xead:518476028851519490>

i know <:BIGBRAIN:501101491428392991>


ass gets in the way a lot, something my fat ex can testify on

@Spooky Melon eating disorder developed from abuse as a kid


does posting women in bras or bikinis get you celled?

what if the area 51 raid was proposed by the chinese government to destabilize america and create another civil war

if we keep this meme alive until sep 20th we'll literally enforce eugenics

inb4 some of them are fat enough to pose as sand dunes

i hope they succeed tbh

if they actually manage to do something out of it ill fucking laugh my ass off

meme wars have gone physical

what did dana mean by this


i made it but the commie hat and sign wasnt too visible

so i just have it on my private server and use nitro

lol, ask some gemoroi to have it added

<:bababooey:595709870116831317> <:Gun:540853466839646238> <:CapitalisBlob:384817048389156895>

ill just take up 3 loans

okay boomer


i rarely play newer versions

1.7.10 is the last good version


He doesnt work cause thats capitalism

Living off of daddys credit card is communism

tbh he could be whiter

im white and have a foreskin

edgar allen poe

what do you mean abortnite is trash

>not playing minecraft

youre missing out


okay boomers

imma enjoy my goth minecraft gf

hes in china now


chuck fina

Succy succy no fuccy hong kong hong kong

<:bababooey:595709870116831317> ❀ <:nig:357983676262252546>

i even reacted on his post to have you join in but you didnt <a:5_REE:394080771838574592>

@Ferris more like ebony is niggatry <:coolgon:549370575701803019>


@MeMSix <:2niggaskissin:448550193324097540>

we did it boys

we stopped aids

your mom

the whitest nigger the world has ever seen

kris is a serious STD

your skin turns white and you start studying and integrating in society

its some of the worst shit

gas the dentists, brace war now


article 13** **

see, something happened

article** **13

There will eventually be the day where we will miss Hitler

1488 was yesterday

42069 is now



@Timeward im sorry i dont speak timewardian

im an ascended centrist

my pronouns are "bogdan" and "off"

im an anarcho santaist

December 24th was an inside job

We should all look to Santa and his ruthless beating of inuits

To make christmas gifts for white children

@2K celled for gore

timelard couldnt even cell himself if he wanted to

Pim Tool pedophile confirmed

pedophilia is a human right

chimp bool

@2K oh god oh fuck

dont make timelard retype it in english

hes already used enough energy for today

hes obese so lol

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck thank god we do have a loli on this server

little boots, big boobs <:fatfuck:353993177830522880>

<a:crabdance:586596248648417280> <a:crabdance:586596248648417280> <a:crabdance:586596248648417280> <a:crabdance:586596248648417280>


mlp sounds like american anime

havent heard that song


>15% of the fanbase is openly cloppers
>85% isnt even man enough to admit that

can we not discuss my little penis here

do the world a favour and eat lead

article 69

art pickle


shart nickle

SMG only sees child porn

SMG seems to hang around in kekistan nowadays

Sargoys old server

@JackH670 it used to be good at some point <:xead:518476028851519490>

back in 2017

when sargoy made his first server


2019-07-14 00:40:12 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  



if it isnt my favourite hellhole


Anubis has resorted to licking chicken pussy after deleting thots



@Anubis relatable

big tits fill a mans hand
small tits fill a mans heart
big dick fills a mans ass


bro you just posted cringe

you are going to lose social credit points

fuck outta here with your crabs

@MeMSix 69420 bro


@Mikey how fucking dare you

women get a special role if they post feet <:woke:509445559741054997>

mmm yes mlady some hairy gamer girl feet

just say you wanna trade your sweaty socks for a new switch

me irl

shes used to it by now


@Anubis haha, straight ass

shut the fuck up heterosexual

banned from athens for inappropriate behaviour



you lost

time for hell

did your assigned thot run off?

can this place ever not be cancer

she goes by the name james bondage

oh boy this gun b fun

<:smugon:512290536711782420> <:gun:531440173603618846> πŸ‘©


we're hitting mananimal conspiracy levels that shouldnt even be possible

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