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During Trumps WH summit where Tim was at, the media was outside stuck and bitching at everything they could hear.

Why do Mandalorians have so gew reccorded Force Users, Jedi or Sith?

But among the Mandos? Basically only one

More Mando Jedi would be the shit

Well that's irrelevant since tge force manifests itself in amything organic and sapiant regardless

Yeah it maybe rare

But it will still happen

Still imagine an actual pseudo jedi band of Mando Force Users with the same martial beliefs of the Mandalorians combines with part of the duty bound jedi code. You'd have a badass Mamdo Police Force baducally

Not Legwnds SW son

Im actually liked as aposed to them

Even you like me 2k baby

Fuzzy is like a 4th dimensional space whale honestly...he's void years ahead of us all <:smugon:512048583806025739>

@Samaritan whats this about SW chats?

Ooh i thought you had a dedicated chat

Honestly we should start a SW D&D campaign in search of the Mask of Mandalore to rebuild the Mandalorian Empire
Neo Crusaders 2.0

But we'll be more Revan about it!
KOTOR2 Revan of course

Only Chris Avalon knows how to write Revan honestly

Well its pretty easy now with the fan restoration mod

Its a shame SWTOR is shit cause it's the closest thing to a proper modern SW rpg that is set in a cool time period

I tolerate a lot from that mmo

SWTOR is a weak ass MMO

Good Storry arks for each individual characters you can play but TERRIBLE overhaul stories

Also KOTFE is pretty cool

Ill give Zakuule the badass empire seal of Approval

Automated Starship/drones with battalions worth of soldier bots is not a bad idea at all

SWTOR has the fucking best CGI trailers ever

I had a fantastic idea for reviving Star Wars 1313 once

Thats a game that would have been fantastic if it followed the Witcher 3 formula honestly

Especially if you added verticalaty

Also it was about Mandos

Not jedi

Loads of customization for gear n shit

Cosmetics too

I actually like SWTOR cosmetics side

If you like the look of that gear or this mixing and matching of certain outfits

Save it as a skin look

And you can nust upgrade your gear regardless

See yah mate

Star Wars is a great Universe that gets mired with shitty ass writting, terrible movies and cancerous Normie "Fans"

What a shame cause the legit G fans are based as fuck like we are. And some of tge storries set in this universe are fucking awesome

Joy Villa is hot as fuck

and she's smart as fuck to boot

That's because you have bad taste

what can you do

I like a woman wrapped in liberty <:smugon:512048583806025739>

You're the perfect definition of a loser then

expand and dominate

not contract and isolate

look at this looser, all he wants is to inbreed

real chads fuck black women and dominate them

No, he's attracted to swamp white niggers

yeah yeah keep telling yourself that

real men put their penis inside blacks and tell them they own them

Real men shoot swamp white niggers on sight


But folks, remember...
๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆIt's ok to be Gay๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

Imagine a Gay Holy War against Muslims

Truly only the Gays can defeat Islam!

The Gay Knights will charge atop their BDSM Mounts with their great Dildo Lances and DESTROY Islam

Everyone complains about Firefly not continuing, while we are waiting for Third Reich Season 2

...he was right you know...
Consequences have never been the same

maybe he actually di back trace it

Jack is the lesser evil of Homosexuality

who would be up for a complete modern remake of KOTOR1

new graphics, expanded story content, new improved combat mechanics, rewritten story based on Chris Avalon's view of KOTOR and the story of Revan

Majin Nigger

ok so basically it's a graphically and mechanically improved KOTOR written like KOTOR2

dont merge kotor 1 and 2 thas dumb

unless you want to rewrite the entire story to remove the Exile and replace with Revan 24/7

@Aquila Fiacra also part of the mystique of the Mandalorian Wars is that it serves as a presentation of who Revan was, only to contrast it with the Revan you will make in KOTOR1

thas gay, crushing a planet is for gays, real men crush women

I cut my hair, you guys like it?

It's yah boy, 15 year ol smoker

we're back in the 30s folks

German are extremely rigorous during their weapons' tests

This is going two ways

either a lot of peops die

from the mines or getting shot

or they get sent to jail and fined out of the wazoo

its not

Area 51 has a mine field surrounding it

the nazis went around the field

this time the field is all over it

not to mention rubber bullets

i bet 500 bucks that these pussies as soon as they get lightly tapped by the armed forces or the national guard will cry bitch and moan like little girls

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