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2019-09-03 18:59:03 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

<:FeelTheBarn:591276979844808734> <-- This makes me uncomfortable.

2019-09-04 17:36:20 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

<:sarGOY:462286263622303754> Excuse me, weary travelers, would you be interested to partake in a Lunchable Snack Pack?

2019-09-04 18:52:54 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

<:sarGOY:462286263622303754> That'll be $2.95.

Dungeons and Dragons: Bernie Sanders Edition.

Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle discuss web semen and vaginal fluid.

2019-10-25 03:03:03 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  



2019-10-25 03:04:25 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Facts and Logic


2019-10-25 03:06:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Get a load of this ginger.

2019-10-27 23:48:15 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  



2019-10-30 02:58:54 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-10-30 02:59:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-10-30 03:00:43 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

2B thicc.

2019-10-30 03:01:11 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I have a thing for 9S too. You know, before he went crazy.

2019-10-30 03:02:01 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Don't speak French, just surrender.

2019-10-30 03:02:38 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-10-30 03:56:26 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-10-30 03:58:15 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I can't tell if this is Poe's Law, but considering the state of that app, it's probably not joking.

2019-10-30 04:37:42 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-10-30 04:47:51 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-10-30 04:50:35 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-10-30 05:20:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-10-30 05:30:14 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


Don't yiff the fuel tank.

There's also a woman who married and cheated on herself.

A chandalier.

2019-10-31 08:35:41 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-10-31 18:18:41 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

The entire server went down for me.

2019-11-05 00:45:25 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-05 00:45:40 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-05 00:47:05 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 02:51:40 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 03:03:28 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 03:04:08 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 03:07:26 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

They taught us C++ in college.

2019-11-06 05:05:36 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

pls satan


2019-11-06 19:06:16 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 19:07:23 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Everytime I hear someone use the term cis, I always say, "Egh."

2019-11-06 19:10:19 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Roger roger.

2019-11-06 19:11:08 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 19:11:58 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Maybe we really are in a Battlefront II simulation, and a lot of people around us are the NPCs.

2019-11-06 19:13:22 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Saying things like cisgendered heteronormative society is like spending four hours in Dark Souls 3 character customization.

2019-11-06 19:14:38 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Hitting the reset button after hours of work.

2019-11-06 19:20:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 20:55:22 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  





2019-11-06 20:55:34 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

People of Vent.

2019-11-06 20:57:16 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Vent is an app kind of like Twitter, except it can be arguably worse at times.

2019-11-06 20:57:58 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I'm only on the app to watch the cesspool.

2019-11-06 21:01:07 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I still don't even know what Groyper means. I thought it was a misspelling of groper and immediately thought of Joe Biden.

2019-11-06 21:02:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Ah, noted.

2019-11-06 21:24:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

To be fair, hope can be killed. Prom of my senior year of high school is proof of that.

2019-11-06 21:25:47 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

No, just my chances of a date that year. <:why:462286147473637407>

2019-11-06 21:38:17 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 21:42:14 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 21:45:01 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I don't know why, but when I read WW2, I immediately thought of those pictures of Hitler in knee-high socks leaning on a tree.

2019-11-06 21:46:50 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-06 21:47:07 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-07 02:27:03 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

Yay, it's The Polar Express, my favorite childhood movie. <:comfort:592107824826417204> <:pepelaugh:544857300179877898>

2019-11-07 02:45:39 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-07 02:50:13 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

Part of the problem would be solved if we just sawed off California at the border and cast it out into the ocean.

2019-11-07 03:00:34 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Male privilege in action.

2019-11-07 03:01:51 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-07 05:33:50 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

@Laucivol You're welcome. <:comfort:592107824826417204>

2019-11-07 05:36:43 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

I propose they remake the movie to better fit the original image. "The Polar Express, but All the Children Get Fucking Run Over"

2019-11-07 07:02:51 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-07 07:03:42 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-07 07:05:53 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


Hen + Tie = Hentai

@Ferris You're welcome. <:comfort:592107824826417204>

Imagine being filthy rich and not giving a shit if you wear pants.

The French just surrender.

2019-11-07 22:49:27 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-11-08 01:39:29 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Why does it look like Styx's arm is extended over to the other guy's shoulder?


There's an argument about water? <:pepelaugh:544857300179877898>

But the real question is... is water wet? <:pepelaugh:544857300179877898>

2019-11-08 02:11:04 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

"Sealioning." <:pepelaugh:544857300179877898>

2019-11-08 02:15:32 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

I have a feminist friend, and I have seen that any criticism of feminism gets brushed aside as if they're non issues or outliers.

2019-11-08 02:22:28 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

"YouTube has a right-wing bias." -David Packman

2019-11-08 02:25:41 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

"I'm right, you're wrong, and I don't want my entire worldview to come into question." -someone, somewhere on the Internet.

2019-11-08 02:28:57 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

I remember in my senior year of high school, I took AP World History, and one of our topics was how Muslim women were not oppressed. I didn't bother to say anything, but some other girl in my class did. It was basically her vs. the teacher. You could not even question the idea that no Muslim woman is oppressed.

2019-11-08 02:29:29 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

In hindsight, I should have said something, but the teacher also had access to my grades.

2019-11-08 02:30:28 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

This is why I'm curious of when it's a good idea to step in and voice your opinion, even if someone with more authority than you.

2019-11-08 02:31:29 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

After the class watched some video about how the hijab is a choice, we all had to write if our opinion on the topic changed.

2019-11-08 02:33:37 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

When you want to have a civil discussion with someone, but they decide to smear you instead. <:comfort:592107824826417204>

2019-11-08 02:35:18 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

Affirmative Action is the soft bigotry of low expectations. It assumes I can't succeed in life without the help of the government.

2019-11-08 02:36:19 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

I've always wanted to ask someone who agrees with the idea of reparations how the one-drop rule comes into play.

2019-11-08 02:39:57 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

It would be funny if some emails from intersectional feminists came out saying the need to use the pied piper strategy to make men the boogey man.

2019-11-08 02:42:42 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

I had a music appreciation professor two semesters ago say tax cuts are bad, and Kavanaugh is a serial rapist (before any other news came out).

2019-11-08 02:43:43 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck I had to take it for the art/extra credit. 😦

2019-11-08 02:44:40 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

I had a psychology professor say she was neither Republican nor Democrat, but Hillary Clinton broke the glass ceiling for women.

2019-11-08 02:45:32 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  


2019-11-08 02:45:47 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

Honk-a-Kiwi 🀑

2019-11-08 02:47:19 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

Everything is off-topic when someone doesn't want to hear it.

2019-11-08 02:48:30 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

Looks like Ja'Crispy.

2019-11-08 02:50:03 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

He looks like the kind of person to by a gold chain for hundreds of dollars and claim he's in poverty.

2019-11-08 02:50:49 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

>Heard or saw something that upset him.

2019-11-08 02:50:58 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

I'm sorry, what?

2019-11-08 02:52:32 UTC [Athens #tholos_news]  

You know, some women are scared to walk out at night out of fear of being raped, but no one thinks of death by enrichment.

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