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Are there any helicopter rides today?

@Deleted User It's okay, just lemme know if you need someone to crew :3


@Comrade Cummies Looks like youre up for a helicopter ride

2019-05-29 18:21:21 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  


2019-05-29 18:21:30 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

@Nat ❀

2019-06-06 03:09:34 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  


2019-06-09 10:16:22 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  


@2 point 2 zero mlpol is awesome

I wish I could post titties

Yes hello

Are we talking about cute boys?

Prepare to pay the toll

@retxirT you just smell your own stanky pits

@Muten I'm not a faggot, I'm a bear

I fuck faggots

@lunemarie psh, decidedly false

@lunemarie same thing as you

@lunemarie same, I got wealth and land. Caring for it is top priority

@wave GJ, found it

Do you really have one?

@Ferris can you imagine believing there's titties that are too big?

Regardless, I've never been a hat guy so I really don't think I'd have liked fedoras even if they were popular. I think the problem wasn't that neckbeards were wearing them, but they used them as a substitution for style., not that the hats weren't potentially stylish

@Ferris depends. Most of them were Trilbys, many were actually fedoras

@Coolitic he might be waiting on sentencing

@Polekov be friendly and seek a wide variety of folk

@Polekov that's the chance you take for happiness

It's worth it

@Polekov right, but you still have to do it

@Polekov wellllll stop being a pussy and try again

@Polekov then stop being a baby about it ❀

Don't misunderstand, I can empathize with this feeling, but giving up is actually worse than continuing to try, so I'm glad you are :3

I thought he got convicted

Wasn't that the news yesterday?

I thought he was being sentenced. What's he being sentenced for it not convicted?

He was found guilty of contempt of court

@Uksio you're wrong friend

@retxirT every journalist

@Aquila Fiacra *head smooch*

@King Canuck let's say he is. His anger and actions were righteous. This is unjust

@Laucivol how is it understandable?

That shit always makes me laugh. Jim is an agent of chaos, he's a troll and a good one and he does a good job of ridiculing people that deserve it. However I think he overstepped and thinks himself better than people due to the pieces of shit he puts himself over. You know, noone that's remotely interesting or worthy of praise. If he tries to do it to anyone capable he gets shown to be the know nothing he is.

Of course

I don't care if he's dumb, he's right

He's doing all he knows how and he's being unjustly treated and it sickens me

@Laucivol In this case I don't agree

That's fine, not interested in that. It's trivial

@Laucivol that's an uncharitable interpretation. I care even less now


@Miniature Menace I used to. He stopped talking to me. I wanted art with his cute horse

@Miniature Menace oh, not that im aware of. I figured he was busy

Seems like that's within his power, so

@robert from kinoplex then your knowledge of your position is weak

Sup nerds

@svarozhyc well if they die, that's a self solving issue

@Edelgard von Hresvelg why? When the Gid Emperor is immortal?

Now ive got an erection

@robert from kinoplex wellllll, I've been playing Tau on DoW

Pretty sure Tau win

@ManAnimal are we still botching about fuzzy?

@JackH670 whiter than you Mohammed

@ManAnimal shut up, I'm talking to my gf(male)

@Krisemann Is my culture a joke to you?

@Billy the kid not a very good chemical suit if shit can get in at the wrists

Sup nerds

I got you this

After years I found one

Video evidence of cops in the wrong

Ladies and Gentlemen, we got em'

@ManAnimal Demonstrably false

Men are the keepers of value

Women demand things from men

It's up to men to determine what is valuable and if it's pussy and only pussy, then women will use that to get what they want.

@Lucienne d'Anwyl First, they're cute and sweet

They knew

Oh, *they knew*

Have you guys seen this shit?

2019-07-14 00:40:03 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

Sargoy talk about this shit: https://youtu.be/UCudgjMT9YU

@StAbby are you joking or serious

It's hard to tell due to internet irony

@StAbby well ive felt similar before. There's a way out, but it will require more suffering. Are you interested?

@StAbby you can become something better

@StAbby k, well it's true. It's up to you to choose. What you're doing now leads to more suffering. Changing leads to a better possibility. Your choice.

Yo whatup

@Edelgard von Hresvelg I don't understand this meme. It's clearly false

Weird, one of my pics won't post

I like that face she makes

The Sith of Joy?

@SideTracker I like @n meowzers but they're a cunt

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck I love you too sugar ❀

I'd post my body pillow but i'd get banned

Well I don't own it

I got it for my GF so she'd have something ot cuddle while she's at school

@Spacejumper This guy's pretty funny

@micamike45 I'm okay with most of that. The last one is ok too, but the 2nd and 3rd are best

They do awful things to my pants, like make them tight.

@Comando Wadu hek?

@Ayylmao I swear to christ, that meme makes me physically ill

I had a friend that is a cuck. That shit REALLY makes me sick.

That said, i'm getting 2 for my nieces for krimbus

@Nevis No, that'd be Uma Musume

They're literally horse girls

I swear to god

Don't ever say that again

I'm still watching One Piece

The Wano arc looks cool AF

Anyone seen "The Promised Neverland"?

I liked it

@randomNPCno3 Didn't see it

@Gservator Smart kids tho

Does that count as horror or suspense or both?

2deep4u? I didn't think it was all that deep, just neato

I watched Limitless today. It was an aright movie. Definitely fun to watch.

@A Drunk Changeling By Mecha, I assume you mean Anime mecha and not Mechwarrior?

I've been watching Dr Stone

And I watched Konosuba. Trash anime, but fun

@Gservator Let's play Mechwarrior

You're gay

@randomNPCno3 Nope, first I've heard of it

@Gservator Bookmark'd

I've been catching some shit anime

Konosuba, how not to summon a Demon Lord, etc

OP is not 99% filler

It's the opposite of that. THere's surprisingly little filler

Wrong: The Anime

Ain't lyin to noone.

It's had some filler, but not much

He masters his power with determination and neat stuff


@Lucienne d'Anwyl be operates donuts. Ive seen him online.

Who cares

How about Yakitate Japan

@Ayylmao Cooking Boy

Chinese cooking boy?

I think it was just "something" cooking boy

Cooking master boy

It came on AXN with subtitles when I lived in Korea

@retxirT try again im English

@retxirT no fuck you

I don't see why he's not just deep dicking Konosuba

She's his property after all

Whatever, i'm high

I had a fine poop

How much money do you think she made on that deal?

I mean it's practically all profit

Only if you hit her

@Flavius Stilicho Just that one neckbeard I guess

Oh boy

@Gservator Perfection

Ah, where'd it go?

She is an adorable lt

@Arthur Grayborn Don't come to my place then

@Arthur Grayborn Yeah but they suffer the MOST from men being murdered!

@Arthur Grayborn TOtally the worst for them women

Incels don't understand that they have to improve themselves yet.

@lunemarie That sounds like a pretty low standard imo

I mean, don't women have that same basic standard?

@lunemarie Men have no value as a fat neckbeard.

Women are choosing not to sleep with them mostly, not the other way around.

They don't work on themselves, thus they don't understand what it measn to be valued and they have no confidence.

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck silly cute boy, that's you

@2K you're just jealous

@2K totally homo

They both are

@Anubis ironic. I think it's women that can't stand it.

@Anubis they're to give the appearance of youthfulness and arousal. They're fake, I agree

@Krisemann it's new compared to other stuff :3

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