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2017-06-24 02:28:28 UTC

He's been our guy for a while

2017-06-24 02:28:53 UTC

His DMs are hardcore

2017-06-24 02:31:15 UTC

That was in December when he named the Jew

2017-06-24 02:46:42 UTC

I remember that but then he backed down.

2017-06-24 02:47:04 UTC

He is our guy but he has to not act like

2017-06-24 02:47:29 UTC

But he preaches for equal treatment for Whites

2017-06-24 02:48:12 UTC

It's a game.

2017-06-24 02:48:13 UTC

I'm hanging with some of his friends on the 4th

2017-06-24 02:48:22 UTC

You mean he doesn't want to alienate people by screaming gas the kikes at every opportunity? What a fucking cuck!

2017-06-24 02:48:32 UTC

He's easing into it, so that he doesn't dump all his followers at once.

2017-06-24 02:49:32 UTC

Cuck. He'll never get anywhere unless he goes full GTKRWN publicly.

2017-06-24 02:50:11 UTC


2017-06-24 02:50:23 UTC

His friends that I'm hanging with are full WN

2017-06-24 02:51:27 UTC

We might go see Willie Nelson in Dallas

2017-06-24 03:50:30 UTC

Touch of evil
On the faithful bestowed
Burn for Moloch
Sacrificial inferno
Submitting the offspring
Swallowed in flames
Baptismal immolation
Another soul claimed
Hell on earth
The pagan returns
To please the deity
Children shall burn
"Your children are mine
Placate me with them
You worshipped before
You will kneel again."
As the young are scorched
We welcome the end
The lord of the altar of incense unleashed
Apocalypse begins

2017-06-24 03:58:06 UTC
2017-06-24 04:01:01 UTC

@Tedium what the hell is that?

2017-06-24 04:01:27 UTC

It's Milton, my man. Just a little Milton to help the gin go down.

2017-06-24 04:02:10 UTC

John Milton - Paradise Lost

2017-06-24 04:02:18 UTC

Oh lol.

2017-06-24 04:02:23 UTC

Hell far

2017-06-24 04:02:39 UTC


2017-06-24 04:02:52 UTC


2017-06-24 04:04:00 UTC

@WACRx They just can't help themselves. Thank God they're so inept or they might be dangerous

2017-06-24 04:04:10 UTC

The comments on that one tweet. I can't even

2017-06-24 04:04:21 UTC

I got a few people to donate

2017-06-24 04:04:24 UTC

I don't even hate anyone except SJW and mudslimes.

2017-06-24 04:04:35 UTC

"Is this Nazi shit" lmao

2017-06-24 04:04:42 UTC

I can't quite go at it like you can on your account @WACRx , but I'll chip in

2017-06-24 04:04:49 UTC

Cut my fucking eyes out the ignorance.

2017-06-24 04:05:06 UTC

@Fox Tx Thank you!

@here Shout out to Fox for getting friends to help donate

2017-06-24 04:05:19 UTC

I got people to do it last Monday and today

2017-06-24 04:06:34 UTC

I should get a twitter. Looks like I'm actually missing out.

2017-06-24 04:06:56 UTC

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

2017-06-24 04:07:22 UTC

Oh now you quote the Bible.

2017-06-24 04:07:45 UTC

@Tedium I was going to quote a passage about moloch if u want

2017-06-24 04:08:05 UTC

You want Amos or acts

2017-06-24 04:08:24 UTC

Dealer's choice.

2017-06-24 04:09:14 UTC

Oh lawd

2017-06-24 04:10:13 UTC

I'ma get a trad wife and have beautiful white babies.

2017-06-24 04:10:24 UTC

And they won't even know what the fuck twitter is.

2017-06-24 04:10:55 UTC


2017-06-24 04:11:21 UTC

We're losing our children, folks. We're sacrificing them on the altar of degeneracy and Semeticism.

2017-06-24 04:11:31 UTC

We're losing ourselves.

2017-06-24 04:12:01 UTC

Politics won't help us, not as much as we hope.

2017-06-24 04:12:07 UTC


2017-06-24 04:12:23 UTC

We need religion.

2017-06-24 04:12:41 UTC

We need to feel the power of God course through us.

2017-06-24 04:12:55 UTC

My Race is my religion.

2017-06-24 04:13:13 UTC

It is under this banner that I wage Holy War.

2017-06-24 04:15:54 UTC

Marching to Zion will red pill why Zionism is bad

2017-06-24 04:16:13 UTC

Anderson pissed me off too much.

2017-06-24 04:16:18 UTC

I tried to watch it.

2017-06-24 04:16:48 UTC

He has few good videos

2017-06-24 04:17:20 UTC

He basically said Catholics are bad look at South America and Hitler

2017-06-24 04:17:31 UTC

He also has videos about how the Bible advocates race-mixing.

2017-06-24 04:17:41 UTC


2017-06-24 04:17:42 UTC

And how racists are stupid.

2017-06-24 04:17:45 UTC

I know

2017-06-24 04:17:48 UTC

Fuck that.

2017-06-24 04:18:19 UTC

Two videos I like are his MLK JR and anti Zionist video

2017-06-24 04:18:58 UTC

I was raised that race mixing was bad cause of Tower of Babel

2017-06-24 04:19:54 UTC

>when you're the only pagan in the server

2017-06-24 04:19:57 UTC

I was raised that blacks are the descendants of Cain and even though I now know the Bible doesnt explicitly state that, it's pretty hard to shake that belief when you see how they act

2017-06-24 04:20:12 UTC

And that was why racemixing is bad

2017-06-24 04:20:14 UTC

You aren't alone Redskegg.

2017-06-24 04:20:21 UTC

Oh sweet. Hi there.

2017-06-24 04:20:35 UTC


2017-06-24 04:21:01 UTC


2017-06-24 04:21:16 UTC

I used to hang out with pagans.

2017-06-24 04:22:46 UTC

Oh yeah?

2017-06-24 04:22:50 UTC

What happened?

2017-06-24 04:22:54 UTC

I used to be heavily involved in the Occult.

2017-06-24 04:23:02 UTC

The people I usually hangout with are budhist and agnostics. I don't know any other IRL pagans.

2017-06-24 04:23:12 UTC

^^^ neither do i

2017-06-24 04:23:32 UTC

All the pagans I hung out with were almost exclusively homosexuals and degenerates.

2017-06-24 04:23:47 UTC

Ah. The universalist new age types eh

2017-06-24 04:23:51 UTC


2017-06-24 04:23:59 UTC

s what happened

2017-06-24 04:24:02 UTC


2017-06-24 04:24:10 UTC

So what are you now, if anything?

2017-06-24 04:24:14 UTC

I know the type of person you're talking about

2017-06-24 04:24:53 UTC

I just envision fat neckbeard weebs "hail Thor he watches over me"

2017-06-24 04:25:15 UTC

Samhain ceremony over by 8 then on to the drag show.

2017-06-24 04:25:19 UTC

Or "I totally saw a big crow today Odin smiles upon myself skal!!!!!" Lmao.

2017-06-24 04:25:27 UTC

Oh good gods

2017-06-24 04:26:25 UTC

Paganism was never my scene, really.

2017-06-24 04:26:48 UTC

Depends on the type of pagans I guess.

2017-06-24 04:27:10 UTC

That sounds like new age Wiccan. I mean, folkish pagans are people like myself and those I associate with.

2017-06-24 04:27:18 UTC


2017-06-24 04:27:22 UTC

Bound by blood to the gods of our folk. Tied in ancient bonds

2017-06-24 04:27:36 UTC

*Make sure to read the book in <#314232160355745795> before Tuesday*

2017-06-24 04:27:50 UTC

It's okay, Thomas.

2017-06-24 04:27:56 UTC

I already read it.

2017-06-24 04:28:25 UTC

I was more into Draja Mickharic and magic.

2017-06-24 04:28:42 UTC

What is Draja Mickharic?

2017-06-24 04:28:48 UTC

I have no idea what that is.

2017-06-24 04:29:07 UTC

Only the coolest occultist to ever walk the earth

2017-06-24 04:29:21 UTC

Ah. So cooler than Crowley?

2017-06-24 04:29:25 UTC


2017-06-24 04:29:28 UTC

Never knew much about him tbh

2017-06-24 04:29:33 UTC

Because he never bullshit anyone

2017-06-24 04:29:45 UTC

He was Serbian and didn't stand on ceremony.

2017-06-24 04:29:55 UTC

Said you should do what works and fuck the rest.

2017-06-24 04:30:08 UTC

Sounds great. Sounds perfect!

2017-06-24 04:30:20 UTC

I think it could apply to all walks of life.

2017-06-24 04:30:38 UTC

Well besides modern new age shit

2017-06-24 04:30:46 UTC

Said the road to Occult mastery takes years to master and didn't offer shorcuts

2017-06-24 04:31:38 UTC

Right. No kidding on that. Just being able to meditate and trancing is a conquest on its own much less everything else involved. When was he alive?

2017-06-24 04:31:50 UTC

He still is.

2017-06-24 04:32:09 UTC

He retired from teaching in 2010.

2017-06-24 04:32:36 UTC

See, here's the problem.

2017-06-24 04:33:00 UTC


2017-06-24 04:34:04 UTC

Draja was into Hoodoo, something fierce, owing to its "by your bootstraps" style of magic, its pragmatism, and it's DIY culture.

2017-06-24 04:34:27 UTC

I used to be as well. Magic Power of the Psalms and all that.

2017-06-24 04:34:52 UTC

Damn. Over my head but I'll give it a Google and see what all is involved. I like having broad horizons.

2017-06-24 04:35:17 UTC

Dude, nevermind. Don't listen to me.

2017-06-24 04:36:07 UTC

I start talking out my ass sometimes. Just tell me to sit down and shut up.

2017-06-24 04:37:25 UTC

Why? Lol

2017-06-24 04:37:29 UTC

It's good to learn

2017-06-24 04:37:35 UTC

Hoodoo is just magic sold to slaves and destitute niggers by Jewish businessmen.

2017-06-24 04:37:51 UTC

That's not an exaggeration either.

2017-06-24 04:38:17 UTC

All the original sellers of Hoodoo paraphenalia were Jewish.

2017-06-24 04:38:22 UTC

Think of the word "spell." Think of how it means to write a word and how a spell is also an incantation.

2017-06-24 04:38:54 UTC

And God said, "Let there be light."

2017-06-24 04:39:18 UTC

People have preached for years that words have power.

2017-06-24 04:40:13 UTC

I did a road opening spell and got a much, much better job and a divorce all within a day of each other.

2017-06-24 04:40:58 UTC

She was a degenerate negative slut, so the divorce was a good thing, in case anyone is wondering.

2017-06-24 04:42:00 UTC

How did you get a better job that fast? I mean we're you actively applying to jobs or

2017-06-24 04:42:17 UTC

Actually, I was, but not for this job.

2017-06-24 04:43:02 UTC

I just had a linkedin account. Manager used the hiring feature and my name got pulled out of a hat.

2017-06-24 04:43:13 UTC

Said it was the first and only time he used it.

2017-06-24 04:43:31 UTC

I beat out close to a hundred other applicants.

2017-06-24 04:43:57 UTC


2017-06-24 04:44:00 UTC

That's awesome

2017-06-24 04:44:00 UTC

Sounds hokey, sounds lame maybe, but that's how it happened.

2017-06-24 04:44:09 UTC

I believe it.

2017-06-24 04:44:15 UTC

I mean I couldn't make that shit up.

2017-06-24 04:45:26 UTC

Like I said Conjure or Hoodoo is all nigger magic.

2017-06-24 04:45:43 UTC

That's why I stopped.

2017-06-24 04:46:20 UTC

Even though it worked that's why you stopped?

2017-06-24 04:47:21 UTC

Yeah, probably pissed off a lot of things in the process.

2017-06-24 04:48:09 UTC

I don't know if it was the right decision. It's just the one I made.

2017-06-24 04:49:54 UTC

I lied. I do know it was the right decision.

2017-06-24 04:50:39 UTC

I really believe it was an invention of Jews to milk blacks out of their last dollar.

2017-06-24 04:51:08 UTC

They saw an open market and they capitalized on it.

2017-06-24 04:52:02 UTC

Magic is real, but you don't need to spend $20 on special oil to do it.

2017-06-24 04:52:39 UTC

It's all just a classification system to focus your will and intent.

2017-06-24 04:53:29 UTC

It can be done with out all of the expensive add-ones.

2017-06-24 04:53:40 UTC


2017-06-24 04:56:19 UTC


2017-06-24 04:56:42 UTC

Now back to your regularly scheduled Fascist broadcast.

2017-06-24 05:01:07 UTC

Lolol. I feel you man.

2017-06-24 05:01:41 UTC

I'm glad you know it was the right decision. You're right. You don't have to spend money so send your intent to the universe. I agree.

2017-06-24 05:02:27 UTC

I'm pretty against mysticism and magic and shit like that

2017-06-24 05:02:46 UTC

That's cool, Nathan.

2017-06-24 05:02:57 UTC

I'm against most practitioners.

2017-06-24 05:03:10 UTC

They are mostly all pretentious assholes.

2017-06-24 05:03:18 UTC

Lots of that shit is like demonic and crap

2017-06-24 05:03:45 UTC

best not to play around with stuff we don't really understand, can bring about bad things

2017-06-24 05:03:45 UTC

I think anything that gives a platform to pretentious assholes is bad.

2017-06-24 05:06:17 UTC

That wasn't meant toward any pagans here. Just been my general experience.

2017-06-24 05:06:44 UTC

I'm sure the only pretentious asshole here is me.

2017-06-24 05:06:47 UTC

I feel you, no offense taken.

2017-06-24 05:07:08 UTC

I mean it's all subjective anyway and where ever the rabbit hole leads is where you'll end up.

2017-06-24 05:07:26 UTC

See? But it's not subjective.

2017-06-24 05:07:45 UTC

That's Post-modern, cultural marxism.

2017-06-24 05:07:53 UTC

What is?

2017-06-24 05:08:08 UTC


There will be a national, coordinated postering day on the 15th. You will work with your local groups under your State Commander or Regional Commander.

Good locations include:
Urban centers
Bus Stops
And more.

Do not break any laws, do it either on the 15th itself or the night of the 14th. We want participation out of every state to gain the most coverage and attention.

2017-06-24 05:08:36 UTC

Saying it's all subjective.

2017-06-24 05:08:57 UTC

How so? I'm not being condescending but genuinely asking how

2017-06-24 05:09:56 UTC

Because, saying it's all subjective ignores the concreteness of reality and fact.

2017-06-24 05:10:22 UTC

It reduces truth to whatever you choose it to mean.

2017-06-24 05:10:47 UTC

Which may not have been what you meant, but that's where that line of thinking leads.

2017-06-24 05:11:12 UTC

Well yeah. I mean I agree with that but I'm talking more about

2017-06-24 05:11:49 UTC

The typical Christian who isn't well versed in mythology and ancient religions would typically find norse paganism, for example, to be "devil worship"

2017-06-24 05:12:36 UTC

When in reality, if you follow a folkish path, it's pretty righteous and doesn't .. what's the word

2017-06-24 05:12:39 UTC


2017-06-24 05:12:41 UTC


2017-06-24 05:13:05 UTC

It's seperate. Idk what I'm trying to explain but I agree with you. Lol.

2017-06-24 05:21:11 UTC

Yeah, I don't know what I'm trying to explain either.

2017-06-24 05:21:27 UTC

I'm overeducated and underwifed.

2017-06-24 05:21:36 UTC

It's a terrible combination.

2017-06-24 05:52:50 UTC

Haha, a big account is running with it: https://twitter.com/Mathiasian/status/878485257455976448

2017-06-24 06:22:12 UTC

When is the deadline cause my friends won't get paid until next week

2017-06-24 06:24:26 UTC

For what? @Fox Tx

2017-06-24 06:25:58 UTC

For donations @Vice Commander Hunt

2017-06-24 06:32:55 UTC

Probably like a day or two before the event just to make sure the bank has time to process it

2017-06-24 06:33:40 UTC

Okay . I'm just passing the offering plate around

2017-06-24 06:34:03 UTC

I'm going to donate some money on Sunday

2017-06-24 06:40:47 UTC


2017-06-24 08:10:21 UTC


2017-06-24 08:10:26 UTC


2017-06-24 08:10:34 UTC

"Molly Cram says her now two-year-old daughter, Watermelon, has caused major problems with her beliefs."

2017-06-24 08:10:43 UTC

they named it watermelon lmfao

2017-06-24 08:23:24 UTC

If only that was real...

2017-06-24 08:23:47 UTC

I guess, thank God it's not.

2017-06-24 08:36:53 UTC

I made a meme of it on ifunny only to have it stolen and cropped a minute later

2017-06-24 11:36:03 UTC

Raining good here

2017-06-24 11:55:09 UTC


2017-06-24 12:12:18 UTC

Morning everyone

2017-06-24 12:13:32 UTC

Morning Kevin, morning gents

2017-06-24 12:13:49 UTC

Pretty sure we can reach 10,000 before July 7th

2017-06-24 12:15:22 UTC

Morning my dudes

2017-06-24 12:16:31 UTC

Anyone have a chance to check out the whisper app last night I was so tired I passed out fully dressed boots and all no one bothered to wake me lol and I don't even drink

2017-06-24 12:17:35 UTC

Morning. Anybody else sleep like crap?

2017-06-24 12:22:30 UTC

I slept like a rock woke up at 5 as usual feeling like I got hit by a train

2017-06-24 12:23:32 UTC

It rain pretty hard

2017-06-24 12:23:35 UTC

I downloaded whisper. I was disgusted pretty quickly on there with my locals. Also no bites. No one around here really uses it

2017-06-24 12:24:44 UTC

There's a handful of people that posted the same self defeating whispers over the last month. Also "I hate it here I wish I could move" lol. Been there, done that. Now I live here again. Sometimes gotta learn the hard way. HOWEVER, I did see that muzzie post on there. It had tons of responses

2017-06-24 12:26:13 UTC

Whisper is hit and miss definitely some degenerates fags and Libs that's muzzy post dude I trolled the shit out of I'm sure I got blocked for it

2017-06-24 12:26:28 UTC

I deleted it. I don't keep shit like that on my phone, I don't ever want my wife to not trust me cause there's some real degeneracy active on it as well. Good idea though, would prob work excellent in more populated areas.

2017-06-24 12:26:43 UTC

"I'm LGBTQ ask me anything" lmao

2017-06-24 12:28:32 UTC

I might try omegle if I get time.

2017-06-24 12:28:48 UTC

Good luck with that

2017-06-24 12:29:13 UTC

Yea I have the same problem I always tell her she's welcome to look through my phone at any time I really don't have anything to hide though she may question whisper I've gotten a few replies from people in my area I'll send them to the website to be vetted

2017-06-24 12:30:38 UTC

It has been a journey goin from centrist normie to hard right natsoc. Hard to hide some of that but now she knows. Way easier that way.

2017-06-24 12:30:47 UTC

Good luck w omegle? @Fox Tx

2017-06-24 12:31:10 UTC


2017-06-24 12:31:18 UTC

The text part has the thing where you can type in similar interests. So type in Hitler and then fromthere direct to bloodandsoil

2017-06-24 12:31:29 UTC

But idk haven't tried yet. We shall see

2017-06-24 12:31:44 UTC

Might get 0 other people interested in Hitler.

2017-06-24 12:35:04 UTC


2017-06-24 12:40:50 UTC

Lol so true. Sad.

2017-06-24 13:27:33 UTC


2017-06-24 13:27:49 UTC

Real communism hasn't been tried before

2017-06-24 13:32:36 UTC

And how many more millions need to starve to death before people stop trying to get communism correct?

2017-06-24 13:40:34 UTC

Tbqh that definition of real socialism would work if we had a society of even 100+ IQ people who all understood the benefits of contributing to a collective community, and then just got rid of the rest.

The issue is, "the rest" is currently at the very least 5 billion people.

2017-06-24 13:41:33 UTC

Exactly Riefen. "Democratically control" is where it stops being viable. Democracy allows those who should have no say to have a voice.

2017-06-24 13:41:53 UTC

IMO, those who have no say= low IQ

2017-06-24 13:42:04 UTC

= minorities who think they are entitled

2017-06-24 13:42:32 UTC

= LGBTQ, as they will have no kids therefore no legacy or offspring, so why do they get to make choices

2017-06-24 13:42:35 UTC

And so on

2017-06-24 13:42:37 UTC

Democracy is great in an oligarchy imo

2017-06-24 13:42:51 UTC

I'd rather have a meritocracy

2017-06-24 13:42:56 UTC

Only the very peak of the society should be voting if it's a democracy

2017-06-24 13:43:04 UTC


2017-06-24 13:43:35 UTC

How many uneducated fucking idiots blindly followed Hillary, or even trump for that matter just on the basis of the two party system.

2017-06-24 13:43:42 UTC

Oh, absolutely would prefer a meritocracy, but I've always been taught/heard that oligarchy encompasses that

Kinda like fascism encompasses NatSoc and Falange

2017-06-24 13:43:58 UTC

Meritocracy is a win.

2017-06-24 13:44:59 UTC

I could be wrong on that oligarchy / meritocracy thing, if so then for sure let me know.

Yeah, the amount of people supporting any candidate this past election just because of reasons or feefees as opposed to logic is a perfect example of why the voting pool needs to shrink

2017-06-24 13:45:08 UTC

The gene pool while we're at it tbh

2017-06-24 13:45:54 UTC

I still don't know if the majority of fascists are capitalists.

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