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2017-06-24 04:17:31 UTC  

He also has videos about how the Bible advocates race-mixing.

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2017-06-24 04:17:42 UTC  

And how racists are stupid.

2017-06-24 04:17:45 UTC  

I know

2017-06-24 04:17:48 UTC  

Fuck that.

2017-06-24 04:18:19 UTC  

Two videos I like are his MLK JR and anti Zionist video

2017-06-24 04:18:58 UTC  

I was raised that race mixing was bad cause of Tower of Babel

2017-06-24 04:19:54 UTC  

>when you're the only pagan in the server

2017-06-24 04:19:57 UTC  

I was raised that blacks are the descendants of Cain and even though I now know the Bible doesnt explicitly state that, it's pretty hard to shake that belief when you see how they act

2017-06-24 04:20:12 UTC  

And that was why racemixing is bad

2017-06-24 04:20:14 UTC  

You aren't alone Redskegg.

2017-06-24 04:20:21 UTC  

Oh sweet. Hi there.

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2017-06-24 04:21:16 UTC  

I used to hang out with pagans.

2017-06-24 04:22:46 UTC  

Oh yeah?

2017-06-24 04:22:50 UTC  

What happened?

2017-06-24 04:22:54 UTC  

I used to be heavily involved in the Occult.

2017-06-24 04:23:02 UTC  

The people I usually hangout with are budhist and agnostics. I don't know any other IRL pagans.

2017-06-24 04:23:12 UTC  

^^^ neither do i

2017-06-24 04:23:32 UTC  

All the pagans I hung out with were almost exclusively homosexuals and degenerates.

2017-06-24 04:23:47 UTC  

Ah. The universalist new age types eh

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2017-06-24 04:23:59 UTC  

s what happened

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2017-06-24 04:24:10 UTC  

So what are you now, if anything?

2017-06-24 04:24:14 UTC  

I know the type of person you're talking about

2017-06-24 04:24:53 UTC  

I just envision fat neckbeard weebs "hail Thor he watches over me"

2017-06-24 04:25:15 UTC  

Samhain ceremony over by 8 then on to the drag show.

2017-06-24 04:25:19 UTC  

Or "I totally saw a big crow today Odin smiles upon myself skal!!!!!" Lmao.

2017-06-24 04:25:27 UTC  

Oh good gods

2017-06-24 04:26:25 UTC  

Paganism was never my scene, really.

2017-06-24 04:26:48 UTC  

Depends on the type of pagans I guess.

2017-06-24 04:27:10 UTC  

That sounds like new age Wiccan. I mean, folkish pagans are people like myself and those I associate with.

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2017-06-24 04:27:22 UTC  

Bound by blood to the gods of our folk. Tied in ancient bonds

2017-06-24 04:27:36 UTC  

*Make sure to read the book in <#314232160355745795> before Tuesday*

2017-06-24 04:27:50 UTC  

It's okay, Thomas.

2017-06-24 04:27:56 UTC  

I already read it.

2017-06-24 04:28:25 UTC  

I was more into Draja Mickharic and magic.

2017-06-24 04:28:42 UTC  

What is Draja Mickharic?