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Hell yeah. "Fetishizing free speech". Give me a break

Im here. Got to use my laptop though. Damn desktop is acting up

"And not a single preschool." lol

Don't you think having bums hand out PF stuff would be bad optics? Or do I sense sarcasm lol

Thats not a bad idea.

Beach clean up near Galveston would be cool.

Summer beach clean up while handing some pamphlets out to people enjoying the sun.

might be cool

we can build sand camps

I'll be there as wel.

Hell yeah!

can't go wrong with a good old alice pack

Good man

Youre a good man

So the nigger I work with who calls himself muslim and also says that blacks were the original hebrews walked into where I work right next to a group of customers with vulgar fucking rap blasting off his little belt loop bluetooth speaker -.-

All the ridiculous amount of welfare money could be used to pay them to get the fuck out

@Thomas Ryan He's Mr. Alt-Right trying to find Missus Right. Who will he choose on this weeks episode of the Great Huwhite Love Shark.

The mom looks like a mummy ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

"He has a Jewish attorney whose father survived the Holocaust."

I see some huwhite little nugs sticking out of his nose for sure

I feel like when Tariq kept having "mic issues" he was either googling or trying to formulate an answer haha.

It's like he is trying to say Huwhites are the real Jews

I only read the journals of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold because angry white boys.


"Aggression on both sides"

"trained playing COD MW2"

Lil Bill > Berenstein Bears

After Chad Buster turned to the Alt-Right, he reached out to Binky to cease his neckbearding chan-posting ways and be the best Binky he could be.

Jesus this Tariq clown is painful to watch.

Tariq sounds like a fucking nigger college freshman who is having his second debate who just discovered there was a black lives matter group on campus but hasnt joined it yet.

Its fucking painful I just finished it

She has been caged for being a white supremacist. Tariq is on his way to pick her up.

If they get in trouble for their sign theyll have to buy the opposite team new air jordans :0

I'll just be wearing a Penn Jillette mask and clown shoes

"Secret info"=pic of his 1 fut pinus.



In my experience when anyone sees the 14 words in relation to nationalism their immediate thought is NAZI NAZI NAZI.

I like the use of the word posterity.

The absolute madman

I forgot where I saw this but there is a Heimbach quote from a video where he states to Schoep, "Maybe they'll have statues of us one day, but hopefully I'm about 40 pounds lighter."

I enjoy shitposting about anyone but when it comes to the bigger picture we all have common ground when it comes to who the enemy is..


Imagine my shock.

Like the 13 star flag

I think a good troll would be to somehow create a new feminist hashtag regarding flatulence. Something like, "I was sitting on the bus on my way to my job at the front desk of planned parenthood when...I had to fart. All my life I've been told to hold it in or try to release it quietly but then I remembered something my Anarchist Book Club friend Matilda told me about free-bleeding. She said that to be comfortable with yourself you need to be comfortable with the functions of your body. Men flatulate all the time around each other and do nothing about it so at that point I decided enough was enough. With all my might I let the encased tootski rip out of my bottom with more verocity than ever before. A look of horror and disgust came across the face of the man sitting next to me and he somewhat chuckled as if to seem baffled. I merely smiled at him and pretended nothing happened. Us women need to begin showing that we have just as much of a right to fart in public as men."
#fartshaming #letitrip #myassmygas

Imagine a horde of raging feminists counterprotesting with their pussy-hats on chanting "My ass my gas!"

One of the main problems that we face right now is not having good role models as fathers.

Making sure that fathers raise their sons and daughters to be model men and women is one of the most important things we can do.

I know too many idiot parents who want to be "the cool mom or dad" and let their kids smoke pot and shit but "they can only do it if its with the parents"

so you get these degenerate families sitting around raising fucking hippies

For sure. The problem is often found in the education system and when you put kids that were raised right around a massive group that are degen peer pressure often overtakes tradition. And most of the kids who aren't raised morally with shitty parents are generally different races and if you look at an overwhelming amount of "white trash" people they mostly try to act like nigger gangsters.

Thats where the race question bell goes off in my head

I dont get the whole "marriage is only between a man and a woman thing". If we are true alpha chads we will marry who we want.

real men are eunuchs

borders are a jewish construct

@Charlemagne MD I think part of it is because alot of us are younger guys and that scares the shit out of them.

Do you guys know about the artist at all? He hides a painted sperm in all his paintings

not even shitposting

At least I hope Im not shitposting :0 Either way the fact that the artist who paints plays on "kill whitey" is the one to paint the official portrait of a former president is disgusting but unsurprising


Just waiting for the "so strong, so brave" comments about Wileys previous work

It truly is insignificant in the big picture. We have bigger things to worry about

Hopefully it will be nothing but a blip towards the true American Imperium

no gf shooter

I'm glad I quit drinking

lots more energy

The article includes Jereb

that I posted

Ho jeez

fucking facepalm

That image is highly upsetting ๐Ÿ˜“

Do you have plans for an armed resistance? Do you like to pretend you are big boy militia man? Do you drink cheap shitty beer at the end of the day and rant about taking up arms? Talk to someone who does tonight for some steamy angry conversation. Only 14.88 a minute.

Found the dating profile of an RoF member

lol the pic on his gab with the cigarette in his mouth and the rifle is top geg

๐Ÿ˜“ When you botch it by being in the wrong meeting

I am how do you autiste. No I thought there wasnt a meeting but then saw a ton of people in VC and sperg'd out and thought perhaps there was an improptu meeting ๐Ÿ”ฎ

@Thomas Ryan Fucking awesome

With postering is the poster preferred in the left or right panel when photos are taken ?

@Thomas Ryan Thanks pal.

Always a good idea

If only the cops Siege

It's like Tariq Nasheed said in the Jared Taylor debate that he thinks "Whitey wants black people around so we can have someone to kick em around". But its really the other way around. They want to blame us for their misfortune when its really because of their own idiocy. Without " Whitey" how would they get their precious greasy gibs.

@Kek We face so many parallels to the Weimar problems with (((media))) being the driving force in wiping out our values and culture and reintroducing degeneracy and "urban" aesthetics/music. And I'm mainly talking about the filth we feed our younger ones growing up on MTV, rap, and Instagram/YouTube famous faggots and hoodlums that they idolize.

Same. I want to be able to Chadpost too :(

Wew ๐Ÿ˜…

@Thomas Ryan I didn't get a chance to see any of the UHCL pics from Sunday night. Any idea if youll post some on here?

aw shucks

well that just means we get to have some more fun!

Some postering at a college down here.

Knuckle dragging wakandans in the wild

The bands of "militants" who wait around for "muh coming race war" seem to have some sort of complacency about them instead of a real purpose and that's always bugged me.

Better to be proactive than sitting around waiting and complaining while not producing something to combat the decline of western values.

Question. Is it more Chad-like to eat the crust of the pizza? Or to leave it be?

That was my initial thought. Leaving the crust seems a little soyboyish

Oh fuck

That changes everything

Agreed. So what your saying is only pick off the Pepperoni's and eat them

Same. I ate plenty of shit food when I was younger but it was food and I appreciated that I had food to eat

You could always stick a straw in your spaghetti-os like the bowlcut god


ProTip. Any car with a Dr Who sticker on it is inhabited by a cucked shitlib.


I saw this in a mall picking up some dress shirts for my job.

And this

Those are great!

"Just waiting for the race war".

I have algiz tattoo on my calf

^fucking DACA family in a voting advertisement >:(

Ho jeez

The SPLC's page on the Values Voter Summit is laughable

Right? Jeez

Muh gays r angelz

They sure do love those 9 year old peepees

God and strong fathers.

Hooknosed demons

It was decent

the part where he was crying to the dude who was coordinating the attack was cringy

Of course. and @Rocky Place It was super dated.

Or resurrect William Pierce to read it

In Houston where I am there is a loooot of asians

@Donald OH there are still plenty of wiggers. It's all those instagram kids with their yeezys and shit like that. Just almost a different kind of nigger to portray

I see what you mean though

Like the gangster wannabes

They are few and far between. There is that rapper Stitches or whatever his name is.

Is he really?

Hmm didn't notice. The last degenerate white rapper I noticed was lil peep

What are juggalos considered

Studied? :0

And robutussin

Ah I see. And defecate through their pores

How do they smoke their methamphetamine

She wasnt Wakandan enough for the seat she wanted

SO fucking brave

I used to attempt guitar but I just sing

a little piano here and there

i can pick stuff out by ear ๐Ÿ…ฑretty easily

oh fuck dude

Tuba nationalism

I played the trumpet in middle school

@joe TX I like how he says "under the guise". What fucking guise.

@Chris MA Hell yeah. Godspeed.

What is our official snack?

But only if we pick our own

I can get behind that.

@Thomas Ryan How do you make your ramen with tuna? Might try it tonight

Well then I guess I got my answer :^)


@Mooch TX I just saw that. Izz not raciz tho cuz we gay and colored

Hoggs head is shaped like an alien. Could the grays be among us in disguise

Take a dump on her car like an Indian streetshitting abomination

Finally got this after 4 weeks of waiting for shipping

sorry for potato picture

of my shirt

My phone is a potato and has bad quality. At least I think so

Its a cozy shirt


Thx bb

I saw it on Werwolf and thought it was a pretty neat shirt though so I decided to pick it up

Jeb Bush begs to suck his wife's greasy little toes

Hell yeah.

Is the website acting up for anyone else

nevermind its good.

I keep getting a 503 service unavailable when I try to log on to the website

I've got a Remington 870 clone that I love. reliable and doesnt cost big bucks

@Oliver Got basically the same thing going on. Not too shabby.

And mine definitely wants kids ๐Ÿ˜

Got my shirt boys.

These fucking people with their ridiculous imagery and drumbeats like it's planet of the apes.

Dude shouted out PF and TWP during the livestream.

Im talking about in the Spencer livestream.

Im chipper !

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