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2018-11-09 00:42:18 UTC

All the science here is social science though!

2018-11-09 00:43:08 UTC

You must add more!

2018-11-15 04:21:20 UTC

Anyone read all of Henry Ford’s The international Jew? It’s remarkable

2018-11-15 04:25:29 UTC

No, but it's on my list @Myndrian

2018-11-15 04:25:58 UTC

I got it on my Pocket and it’s blowing my mind that this was written in 1920 or so with such clarity

2018-11-15 04:28:04 UTC

I've had a decent amount of books I've been meaning to get to, but a mix of work and laziness has slowed my progress

2018-11-15 04:29:53 UTC

it’s difficult for sure. But if you ever want some salient quotes from it I’ll share. Awesome one liners and the such. The older writers I feel had a better hold on language

2018-11-15 04:33:16 UTC

For sure, there's always a noticeable difference in the language and jargon used in older novels from more recent works

2018-11-15 04:33:57 UTC

your "Pocket?" @Myndrian

2018-11-15 04:34:12 UTC

It’s an app that saves articles or PDFs files for offline use

2018-11-15 04:34:33 UTC

So whenever I’m waiting or hanging out somewhere I can pull up full books I found for free like Macdonalds trilogy or other ones

2018-11-15 04:38:50 UTC

I'd also recommend *The Passing of The Great Race* by Madison Grant. I've only found it in PDFs as it's from the 1910s I believe, but if you enjoy eBooks, I'd check it out @Myndrian

2018-11-15 04:39:06 UTC

Ok thanks!

2018-11-15 04:40:06 UTC


2018-11-15 16:37:09 UTC

Read Martin Luther's The Jews and Their Lies next @Myndrian

2018-11-15 16:39:54 UTC

It was written hundreds of years before The International Jew. It's surprisingly funny as well.

2018-11-15 17:06:31 UTC

Ok I’ll check it out

2018-12-02 23:43:54 UTC

I reading International Jew rn

2018-12-02 23:44:29 UTC

Awesome. Every chapter is gold

2018-12-02 23:44:38 UTC

Heavy stuff. It’s just simply fun haha

2018-12-02 23:44:44 UTC

People are reading the culture of critique

2018-12-02 23:45:31 UTC

The audio version of the International Jew is on VVN forum along with a ton of other audiobooks.

2018-12-02 23:45:35 UTC

It’s disturbing how otherwise intelligent people can act like ostrich’s in respect to the perfidy of Jews

2018-12-02 23:46:09 UTC

I love the chapter of him covering the Protocols

2018-12-02 23:46:16 UTC

VNN. not VVN

2018-12-02 23:46:39 UTC

Im currently on Chapter 45 and it only gets better.

2018-12-04 04:16:18 UTC

Like 20% in on my kindle. It's really comprehensive and multi-faceted in the way he brings the information to the reader. Fills you in through many angles, perspectives, examples both past and present, etc. I love that Henry Ford is the source too. Clearly a brilliant man that many normie Americans hold in a positive light.

2018-12-04 04:19:05 UTC

By source I meant author but source in the sense that that's who you wanna sight when talking with those close to you. Not some obscure Jew or random article from the 20's. Ford holds some authority in the minds of many whites.

2018-12-04 18:10:33 UTC

Ya I usually use Ford when talking to close family members and slowly red pilling. Like jokingly saying he was an Anti Semite

2018-12-04 18:10:39 UTC

And going from there

2018-12-15 06:37:24 UTC

Anyone in here interested in irl community building? I have some ideas I'd like to share

2018-12-15 06:38:19 UTC

Flip yeah...I'm intrigued.

2018-12-15 06:39:22 UTC

My idea focuses around homeschooling.

2018-12-15 06:39:43 UTC

Deep down, I want a commune, but that's unrealistic for me.

2018-12-15 06:39:54 UTC

I'm clueless. I have no children yet.

2018-12-15 06:40:16 UTC

I want to cast a wider net. Something easier to get behind. Higher numbers

2018-12-15 06:40:30 UTC

That's ok. Me neither. No girl either.

2018-12-15 06:40:45 UTC

Adjust your time preference my nibba!

2018-12-15 06:40:56 UTC

Same, cool. What's the concept?

2018-12-15 06:41:27 UTC

Enough people you live close enough to to homeschool each other's kids.

2018-12-15 06:41:44 UTC

With the goal of acquiring property and building an actual schoolhouse

2018-12-15 06:43:01 UTC

Whether it's suburban, urban, rural, find a land close enough to build the structure where each and everyone can potentially commute to.

2018-12-15 06:46:06 UTC

It came from me realizing that: I want a family; community; want to have kids educated outside of globohomo with strong values; this necessitates community since homeschooling your kids totally solo makes your kids weird; eventually will need a schoolhouse to further formalize and grow said community

2018-12-15 06:47:03 UTC

it's radical but much easier to get enough people behind vs. a full on commune imo

2018-12-15 06:47:26 UTC

Yeah, we need to find a suitable state...Arizona isn't bad, I would rather avoid vaccination, so that will get tricky.

2018-12-15 06:47:36 UTC

physical structures and space is powerful

2018-12-15 06:48:00 UTC

I'm open to location.

2018-12-15 06:48:09 UTC

It's a shareable idea

2018-12-15 06:48:20 UTC

something I want to talk out with interested parties

2018-12-15 06:48:52 UTC

the idea is getting enough folks in the same area to really move forward with it.

2018-12-15 06:50:01 UTC

Combination of reaching out via IE and locally, both tough in differing ways, to form a large enough group.

2018-12-15 06:50:38 UTC

May or may not necessitate relocating for some.

2018-12-15 06:51:39 UTC

It's a tangible project that, for me, is exciting. Building a schoolhouse. Our own institution

2018-12-15 06:52:21 UTC

Even if you're single and broke, you can still offer up sweat equity. Contribute any way you can.

2018-12-15 06:53:05 UTC

Those with families already can get involved with their own kids for the sake of their future kids and/or kids' kids.

2018-12-15 06:53:54 UTC

No one in this movement, and those on the peripheries, are in the same point in life.

2018-12-15 06:54:23 UTC


2018-12-15 06:54:36 UTC

It won't be about just your own immediate family right now, it's working towards an ideal and getting as many involved as possible.

2018-12-15 06:55:18 UTC

That's the main thrust of my idea, your thoughts?

2018-12-15 06:55:29 UTC

Any ideas you'd like to share?

2018-12-15 06:57:02 UTC

There are a lot of home schooling "CoOps", I don't know much about them. Maybe we can search statistics on where the largest homeschool population is...

2018-12-15 06:58:20 UTC

There definitely are. They're just often VERY leftist or fundamentalist Christian. I don't relate to either.

2018-12-15 06:59:15 UTC

I'm fine with faith, and having it in school. I just don't want the school to be a de facto religious program

2018-12-15 06:59:45 UTC

The lefties are super "unschooly" and gay...I can handle the Christians but some of the ready made curricula I've seen suuuuuucks.

2018-12-15 06:59:59 UTC

Good point I suppose

2018-12-15 07:00:21 UTC

Yeah, bad. I'm less concerned with the curriculum.

2018-12-15 07:00:25 UTC

Some poz has been snuck in

2018-12-15 07:01:02 UTC

More concerned with numbers and a physical structure.

2018-12-15 07:01:58 UTC

The more numbers = the more knowledge and experience we have to pull from for teaching methods and the like.

2018-12-15 07:02:12 UTC

Yeah, everyday can be career day.

2018-12-15 07:02:29 UTC

But I'm certainly open to shooting the shit so to speak

2018-12-15 07:02:41 UTC

I'll ponder on this a bit.

2018-12-15 07:03:28 UTC

I just don't want the idea to get bogged down in people sperging out over curriculum when we live however far apart, have no physical space/structure, etc.

2018-12-15 07:03:40 UTC

"if you build it they will come" sort of thing

2018-12-15 07:03:52 UTC

Have you joined the Skills Server?

2018-12-15 07:03:58 UTC


2018-12-15 07:04:04 UTC

Get in.

2018-12-15 07:04:04 UTC

I'll look into it.

2018-12-15 07:04:18 UTC

Some good people.

2018-12-15 07:04:33 UTC

They may have already gone pretty far on what you're after.

2018-12-15 07:04:36 UTC

I'm new. You're the first person I've had a chance to unload my thoughts on the matter on

2018-12-15 07:04:45 UTC

Texas has a lot of HS

2018-12-15 07:29:56 UTC

where can i find the skills server? I'm very new to discord as well?

2018-12-15 07:30:57 UTC

Contact @ThisIsChris He'll get you in. (Probably tomorrow)

2018-12-16 21:01:02 UTC

Ya, I'm interested in your conversation Freiheit and Mick. A lot of ideas will have to be filtered through to really figure out how we are going to survive as whites. It is kind of fashioning a group evolutionary strategy from the ground up, to compete with others groups. Since we are very individualistic as whites I'm sure it will be difficult at first maybe but overall we do need to band together in the physical environment and on stuff like Discord for sure.

2018-12-16 21:17:59 UTC

I wouldn't say that whites are individualistic. I think our individualism is a product of the French Revolution and Classical Liberal thought permeating our societies over the last centuries. Individualism is not a natural instinct for peoples who would die in the winter if they didn't work together.

2018-12-16 21:19:11 UTC

Whites acted on a familial level just a few decades ago.

2018-12-16 21:19:20 UTC

You think so? I've heard quite different. That we are individualistic BECAUSE of the Ice Age. That men could only provide for about one wife and their own children, so they tended toward isolation

2018-12-16 21:19:25 UTC

However, individualism is in our blood.

2018-12-16 21:19:58 UTC

@Myndrian I tend to agree.

2018-12-16 21:20:16 UTC

Ya whatever I've learned I tend to borrow from Kevin Macdonald

2018-12-16 21:20:17 UTC

We are individuals but we have strong familial ties.

2018-12-16 21:20:35 UTC

Yes, but not near as collectivist and herdthink as other cultures in my opinion

2018-12-16 21:20:37 UTC

That's the greatest "collectivism" that we can have: family.

2018-12-16 21:20:49 UTC

@Myndrian Herdthink cultures are big ghey.

2018-12-16 21:21:05 UTC

Groupthink gets you killed in an advanced society. It's dangerous.

2018-12-16 21:21:32 UTC

Individualism is just a diluted form of heroic virtue.

2018-12-16 21:21:50 UTC

stripped only to its most intuitive and noncomplex components.

2018-12-16 21:21:50 UTC

I totally agree. Most of my life has been doing the opposite or learning that the cookiecutter mold brings a lot of damage to individuals

2018-12-16 21:22:08 UTC

You don't want as cookiecutter mold.

2018-12-16 21:22:23 UTC

That's a bad idea for a society. It brings everyone down to the least common denominator.

2018-12-16 21:22:43 UTC

organization needs to be institutional and on a family level

2018-12-16 21:23:12 UTC

I think that individualism is why whites make such great institutions.

2018-12-16 21:23:22 UTC

We have to.

2018-12-16 21:24:05 UTC

I agree too. I dont know a lot about it. But from what little I know, if we are the most individualistic people when it comes to scientific revolutions we have many more pathfinders and inventors because they tend to know how to reject common knowledge when needed

2018-12-16 21:24:16 UTC

But alas when in group competition we falter for a time

2018-12-16 21:24:49 UTC

Yes. However, until recently, we had good sportsmanship.

2018-12-16 21:24:54 UTC

That competition worked for us.

2018-12-16 21:25:19 UTC

We don't have to become minorities in mindset to survive.

2018-12-16 21:25:31 UTC

We just have to create institutions that will shield us.

2018-12-17 04:23:10 UTC

We're individualistic but not so much at the expense of others. We take pride in lifting one another up and seeing them do their best. The two, individual and collective, have gone hand-in-hand in our culture.

2018-12-17 04:25:56 UTC

That's my though wrt to institutions. My idea is enough folks willing to contribute time, money, sweat to teaching the next generation. This broad idea is very important to get behind. Teaching and sharing knowledge and values with our kids and literally building physical structures.

2018-12-17 04:27:15 UTC

A 'schoolhouse' idea can be implemented in rural, suburban and even urban environments.

2018-12-17 04:48:53 UTC

I agree.

2018-12-17 04:51:04 UTC

A weightroom/gym is also a great way to get together. The idea is land, space. Shit, you can build a little spot and fill it with weights and that's how you could start.

2018-12-17 04:51:20 UTC

IE weightroom ftw

2018-12-17 04:51:58 UTC

Pipedream=commune/wn community. It's what I want but how many people can you reliably get committed to that?

2018-12-17 04:52:25 UTC

Well. Look at history.

2018-12-17 04:52:31 UTC

There are tightly knit communities.

2018-12-17 04:52:36 UTC

You can build a schoolhouse and still be engaged in today's society. Still work your desk job. Etc...

2018-12-17 04:52:41 UTC

You can have as large of a community as you can keep up with.

2018-12-17 04:53:58 UTC

If you can great. It's definitely doable. I'm aiming for a bigger tent.

2018-12-17 04:59:09 UTC

But the schoolhouse could be a gateway to an intentional community. Ideally, I'd want to get enough acreage to allow for all sorts of expansion. More structures, growing of food, cattle, even housing; see, my hearts in a community. I want the initial bar to entry to be lower, though. Schoolhouse seems to fit that bill for me.

2018-12-17 04:59:29 UTC


2018-12-17 04:59:44 UTC

However, do keep in mind that such a community is restricted to about 150 people.

2018-12-17 04:59:46 UTC

Even if its not your kids, presently or if you presently have none, you can contribute

2018-12-17 05:00:01 UTC

by human nature, that's about the max that we can keep up with

2018-12-17 05:00:36 UTC

That's not a bad thing though. You can have other communities overlap.

2018-12-17 05:00:43 UTC

It could snowball very very quickly to a MUCH larger number

2018-12-17 05:00:43 UTC

and 150 people feels like a lot more

2018-12-17 05:00:51 UTC


2018-12-17 05:00:53 UTC

True and it likely will.

2018-12-17 05:01:09 UTC

However, 150 people is about as much as you can reasonably keep up with.

2018-12-17 05:01:18 UTC

that's why the schoolhouse is the best approach.

2018-12-17 05:01:23 UTC


2018-12-17 05:01:24 UTC


2018-12-17 05:01:56 UTC

Again, strength in numbers. Low bar to entry. But meaningful and lasting impact

2018-12-17 05:02:06 UTC


2018-12-17 05:02:19 UTC

most intelligent thing that I've seen in a while

2018-12-17 05:02:54 UTC

Don't mean to lecture, I just haven't been able to flesh out these ideas until now. New to IE

2018-12-17 05:03:19 UTC

Thanks! I really appreciate it. Just had my thinking cap on for awhile.

2018-12-17 05:03:46 UTC


2018-12-17 05:04:31 UTC

@Mick I came to a similar conclusion about a week ago. However, I didn't think about the schoolhouse thing.

2018-12-17 05:59:17 UTC

Yeah. Spent some time living in a very back-to-the-land, homesteadified area in the midwest for a couple years. Started with some farm work and then stayed. It's a common theme, but I experienced a from of hyper white flight. Liberal urbanites fled the city and build small homesteads, small businesses, etc. in a small, low-cost living town. They also poz it up. More and more so over time. I got red-pilled there, but wanted some variation of that lifestyle.

2018-12-17 06:00:58 UTC

Eventually, as my desire for family and community developed, and then my awareness of how my kids would then be therefore taught and raised I started to think how I can achieve some balance.

2018-12-17 06:03:08 UTC

Schools. These white-flighter anti-racists often enroll or start up Waldorf schools. I figured, traditionalists should do just that.

2018-12-17 06:05:29 UTC

This area had some money and support from Big Organic in terms of jobs and creating an environment. But the area has grown wuickly since the 90's and seems to quickly asserting itself over the local normie republican population.

2018-12-17 06:06:33 UTC

Won't reveal the exact location to avoid doxxing but maybe in the future I will. Seems relatively safe to do so here

2019-01-14 01:33:45 UTC

Well guys I know I didn’t interact much (doing school while I listened), but thanks for the discussion. I love our community and enjoy watching it grow.

2019-01-14 01:36:09 UTC

Lol just noticed voice doesn’t seem to be chatting here, gonna repost in relevant chat if I can find it πŸ˜ƒ

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