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2019-09-09 05:27:27 UTC


2019-09-09 05:27:30 UTC


2019-09-09 05:27:34 UTC
2019-09-09 05:27:49 UTC

@King Canuck I know a canadian, is it true that the niceness stereotype is a persona Canadians put on over an unrelenting force of hatred and cynicism?

2019-09-09 05:27:54 UTC

As he described it

2019-09-09 05:28:00 UTC

Which gets vented in the violence of Hockey

2019-09-09 05:28:12 UTC

Niceness isn’t the best way to describe it.

2019-09-09 05:28:31 UTC

We have a sense of fairness. And if you do anything that we consider unfair we flip out.

2019-09-09 05:28:58 UTC

The sorry aboot thats take a back seat to aboot up their ass

2019-09-09 05:29:02 UTC

Our sense of fairness is also extremely subjective.

2019-09-09 05:29:21 UTC

So you just get lots of entitled Canadians who get all pissy about the smallest shit.

2019-09-09 05:29:47 UTC


2019-09-09 05:29:57 UTC

that may explain why progressivism stuck so had

2019-09-09 05:29:58 UTC

You say flip out, but people in the USA have shot each other to death over honking during road rage.

2019-09-09 05:29:58 UTC


2019-09-09 05:30:19 UTC

That’s a different kind of outburst.

2019-09-09 05:30:30 UTC

Americans just do everything over the top like it’s a movie.

2019-09-09 05:30:44 UTC

Or we're not quite as reserved

2019-09-09 05:32:01 UTC

oh well

2019-09-09 05:32:05 UTC

goodnight humans

2019-09-09 05:32:14 UTC


2019-09-09 05:32:36 UTC

Get outta here cheeselegs

2019-09-09 05:33:05 UTC

@spooky ducc we're a nice country composed of cynics.

2019-09-09 05:33:37 UTC

As a country and as a society Canada is pretty chill but the citizens tend to be cynical

2019-09-09 05:33:57 UTC

@Rutena the Braixen Thank you so much for that gold

2019-09-09 05:34:28 UTC

That guy was so retarded I feel so bad for the people he injured and more so for the people he killed, how unlucky

2019-09-09 05:34:34 UTC

Gold? I thought it was lead

2019-09-09 05:34:41 UTC

Because that shit slowly poisons you

2019-09-09 05:34:48 UTC

And destroys you

2019-09-09 05:35:09 UTC

Nigger this is what they use to purchase luxuries in hell

2019-09-09 05:35:11 UTC

Heavy metals are only good for you if they go through your ears.

2019-09-09 05:35:14 UTC

So the legends are true...

2019-09-09 05:36:08 UTC

@King Canuck are you in Ontario?

2019-09-09 05:39:05 UTC

nah he's in the rock iirc

2019-09-09 05:39:15 UTC

kitchen parties and crippling alcoholism

2019-09-09 05:39:19 UTC

no cod tho

2019-09-09 05:39:47 UTC


2019-09-09 05:40:44 UTC

I guessed you were just on how you acted.

2019-09-09 05:41:00 UTC

Ontario seems like boomer haven

2019-09-09 05:41:20 UTC

I’m from bc, so it’s all eco fascist progressives.

2019-09-09 05:41:55 UTC

@HurtChain I tried to warn you

2019-09-09 05:42:10 UTC

Warn me of what?

2019-09-09 05:42:29 UTC

South ontario is cancer

2019-09-09 05:42:33 UTC

But it's where I'm from

2019-09-09 05:42:34 UTC

I’m not afraid of any boomers

2019-09-09 05:42:54 UTC

I’d take a boomer over a millennial any day.

2019-09-09 05:43:16 UTC

As soon as you get out of the Vancouver area bc is actually pretty nice.

2019-09-09 05:43:47 UTC

Lots of hippies is the best way I can describe it.

2019-09-09 05:44:26 UTC

I live where 15 years ago automotive was king

2019-09-09 05:44:28 UTC

but now it's almost gone

2019-09-09 05:44:37 UTC


2019-09-09 05:44:41 UTC

and everyone who's been an automotive family for generations is slowly looking around like

2019-09-09 05:44:42 UTC

now what

2019-09-09 05:44:53 UTC

That’s rough.

2019-09-09 05:45:12 UTC

Everyone here is concerned about housing prices.

2019-09-09 05:45:14 UTC

I just did 3 years journalism school and I work for the biggest radio station in the area for news as a night time board tech, which is solid

2019-09-09 05:45:25 UTC

My mother sold her last house for 1.4 mil

2019-09-09 05:45:27 UTC

Yeah there's a barber half a block from me who used to be in Vancouver

2019-09-09 05:45:32 UTC

but moved here cause the housing got too bad

2019-09-09 05:45:44 UTC

Iranian guy, good rates, doesn't talk your ear off

2019-09-09 05:46:00 UTC

I just drink

2019-09-09 05:46:00 UTC

Wait. Is that my barber?

2019-09-09 05:46:14 UTC

And tell people if it is good

2019-09-09 05:46:18 UTC

My barber is an Iranian guy with good rates and good with the scissors.

2019-09-09 05:46:19 UTC

Its a living

2019-09-09 05:46:27 UTC

Well this guy moved here last summer

2019-09-09 05:46:30 UTC

maybe two summers ago

2019-09-09 05:47:06 UTC


2019-09-09 05:47:14 UTC

I’ve been going to the same guy since I was 13. It’s been 7 years now.

2019-09-09 05:47:16 UTC

@Redneo 2014 wants its profile picture back

2019-09-09 05:47:47 UTC

didn't you hear about gamergate 2

2019-09-09 05:48:00 UTC

It’s a chain of barber shops, but the owner of this one charges less.

2019-09-09 05:48:07 UTC

So maybe he did come from this chain.

2019-09-09 05:48:16 UTC

That would be funny.

2019-09-09 05:48:41 UTC

P sure he's always been independant

2019-09-09 05:48:47 UTC

he may have had some partners

2019-09-09 05:48:56 UTC

@PhiloFusor the Omitted oh, i dont care about the games industry, really. We have parralel industries and markets

2019-09-09 05:49:06 UTC

guy's name is Kal, he's a lil under six feet, short hair

2019-09-09 05:49:40 UTC

tbh it would take me my whole life to exhaust my *existing* steam library so who cares about the industry

2019-09-09 05:50:02 UTC

not to mention all the great DOS games

2019-09-09 05:50:05 UTC

go away industry enough games have already been made

2019-09-09 05:50:25 UTC


2019-09-09 05:51:09 UTC

I start to feel the same way about movies too
except that Once Upon A Time In Hollywood came out and warmed me up again

2019-09-09 05:51:12 UTC

havent even once played through Floor 13 yet.

2019-09-09 05:51:33 UTC

great game from 1992.

2019-09-09 05:52:35 UTC

you work for a british government agency and protect democracy by removing disruptive elements from society

2019-09-09 05:53:04 UTC

double plus good

2019-09-09 05:53:40 UTC

So the bbc?

2019-09-09 05:54:00 UTC

more like the cbt amirite

2019-09-09 05:54:30 UTC

wait a minute doc, did you need urine or semen?

2019-09-09 05:54:37 UTC

Can you imagine honestly choosing to be born british.

2019-09-09 05:55:12 UTC

if more people did maybe they wouldn't be having the problems they do

2019-09-09 05:55:17 UTC

Living on this bum fuck island in the middle of nowhere where all your government agencies require you to have a license to exist.

2019-09-09 05:55:58 UTC

oi, did you have a loicense to be born in her majesty bri'istania?

2019-09-09 05:56:10 UTC


2019-09-09 05:56:17 UTC


2019-09-09 05:56:22 UTC


2019-09-09 05:57:07 UTC


2019-09-09 05:57:25 UTC

Superman is boring tbh

2019-09-09 05:57:54 UTC

Superman's more of a... I don't know how to phrase it

2019-09-09 05:57:59 UTC

his best stories are human spirit stories

2019-09-09 05:58:03 UTC

He's a boy scout.

2019-09-09 05:58:06 UTC

the kind of stuff that sounds like mythology

2019-09-09 05:58:09 UTC

superman's a diety

2019-09-09 05:58:10 UTC

We live in a society.

2019-09-09 05:58:16 UTC


2019-09-09 05:58:19 UTC

found this, maybe the horsefags will find it funny

2019-09-09 05:58:30 UTC


2019-09-09 05:58:36 UTC

Y'all should watch Superman vs. The Elite

2019-09-09 05:58:39 UTC

that was a great one

2019-09-09 05:58:43 UTC

Manchester black is a great villian

2019-09-09 05:58:55 UTC

To be fair, the "normal" stallions are the same size as the "normal" mares.

2019-09-09 05:59:07 UTC

you gotta focus on the people around superman and how they affect him cos nobody cares what happens to superman, he's always ok

2019-09-09 05:59:09 UTC


2019-09-09 05:59:13 UTC

@King Canuck it's true tho

2019-09-09 05:59:43 UTC


2019-09-09 05:59:47 UTC

what the fuck was on that building?

2019-09-09 05:59:53 UTC

a sign

2019-09-09 06:00:01 UTC

Block Buster, my man.

2019-09-09 06:00:03 UTC

A memory of a time long past

2019-09-09 06:00:05 UTC

that's a labelscar

2019-09-09 06:00:21 UTC

Thus, the American Dream died.

2019-09-09 06:00:22 UTC

I remember Blockbuster

2019-09-09 06:00:39 UTC

blockbuster was cheaper than the current streaming service model

2019-09-09 06:00:45 UTC

I unironically want to visit that place

2019-09-09 06:00:57 UTC


2019-09-09 06:01:18 UTC

If only we had implemented those paywalls in time, @PhiloFusor the Omitted.

2019-09-09 06:01:32 UTC

I guess Germany has their own "block buster"

2019-09-09 06:01:41 UTC

God good marsala is delish

2019-09-09 06:02:14 UTC

@Jeremy what do you mean

2019-09-09 06:02:30 UTC


2019-09-09 06:02:39 UTC

Look at that fuckin colour


2019-09-09 06:02:42 UTC


2019-09-09 06:02:49 UTC


2019-09-09 06:02:54 UTC


2019-09-09 06:03:02 UTC

Its an oxidized wine

2019-09-09 06:03:09 UTC


2019-09-09 06:03:12 UTC

it rusted?

2019-09-09 06:03:25 UTC


2019-09-09 06:03:31 UTC

Normally a fault

2019-09-09 06:03:36 UTC


2019-09-09 06:03:44 UTC

But specific wine styles purposfully oxidize the wine

2019-09-09 06:03:50 UTC

I wonder if consumers would notice if the beer maker would pee into a vat of budweiser?

2019-09-09 06:03:51 UTC

Like olorosso sherry

2019-09-09 06:03:54 UTC

Or tawny port

2019-09-09 06:04:05 UTC

I want to drink gasoline

2019-09-09 06:04:11 UTC

Then do

2019-09-09 06:04:15 UTC


2019-09-09 06:04:23 UTC

I reccomend an old rielsing

2019-09-09 06:04:23 UTC

you're drinking the Rat Rod of wine, its' intentionally rusty

2019-09-09 06:04:37 UTC

Good riesling can have a big petrol note

2019-09-09 06:04:50 UTC

I forget the name of the compoubd.... fuco

2019-09-09 06:04:55 UTC

These suggestions are all too sweet

2019-09-09 06:05:08 UTC

Getting rid of Net Neutrality *might* have saved Blockbuster for a few more years, @PhiloFusor the Omitted.

2019-09-09 06:05:17 UTC

oh i see

2019-09-09 06:05:22 UTC


2019-09-09 06:05:26 UTC
2019-09-09 06:05:38 UTC

Can anyone explain the whole net neutrality thing?

2019-09-09 06:05:43 UTC

Trimethyl Dihydronapthalene

2019-09-09 06:05:49 UTC

Thats it!

2019-09-09 06:05:55 UTC

Reddit went hysteric, but I couldn’t understand what was going on.

2019-09-09 06:06:19 UTC

People are complaining that competition is being brought back to internet companies

2019-09-09 06:06:24 UTC

It causes a gasoline smell. Usually in wines with either a high phenokic ripeness or lots of age

2019-09-09 06:06:34 UTC

Its also fucking delicious

2019-09-09 06:06:41 UTC

Besides, local infrastructure is inefficiently managed, as the government owns most of it and contracts in with a single ISP to lock out competition, thereby artificially driving up costs and generally creating a shit market that's inefficient and without innovation. We should've all been on fios decades ago.

2019-09-09 06:07:00 UTC

Basically commie shit

2019-09-09 06:07:03 UTC


2019-09-09 06:07:05 UTC

imo they just need to put the hammer down on the legal distinction between publisher/platform
if your isp censors any sites that aren't illegal then they're liable for all content they *do* serve

2019-09-09 06:07:05 UTC

Commie shit.

2019-09-09 06:07:09 UTC
2019-09-09 06:07:52 UTC

I love how cnn somehow has less integrity than a gossip magazine at a checkout stand.

2019-09-09 06:08:14 UTC

Like. How do you manage that in only a few years

2019-09-09 06:08:16 UTC
2019-09-09 06:08:43 UTC

> commie shit
lol like everything reddit spergs about

2019-09-09 06:09:04 UTC

```Network neutrality, or simply net neutrality, is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all Internet communications equally, and not discriminate or charge differently based on user, content, website, platform, application, type of equipment, source address, destination address, or method of communication.

With net neutrality, ISPs may not intentionally block, slow down, or charge money for specific online content. Without net neutrality, ISPs may prioritize certain types of traffic, meter others, or potentially block traffic from specific services, while charging consumers for various tiers of service.```

@HurtChain, so essentially, we get to subsidize the left's 24/7 couch potato consumption of feminist propaganda on Netflix.

2019-09-09 06:09:17 UTC

@PhiloFusor the Omitted they're pushing that Trump is going senile. I assume as cover for Biden

2019-09-09 06:09:34 UTC

Biden *is* senile

2019-09-09 06:09:36 UTC

What did you mean by "good?"

2019-09-09 06:10:01 UTC
2019-09-09 06:10:02 UTC

Trump is lively af

2019-09-09 06:10:06 UTC

Biden's *eye* came unglued ffs

2019-09-09 06:10:24 UTC

Biden’s eye went bloodshot in tv

2019-09-09 06:10:32 UTC

Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty

2019-09-09 06:10:43 UTC

Yeah, it looked like he blew a tire.

2019-09-09 06:10:49 UTC

Jesus Christ this guy is on his last couple years of life and he wants to waste them in politics.

2019-09-09 06:10:51 UTC

oh yeah
that's literally in the rules isn't it lol

2019-09-09 06:10:54 UTC
2019-09-09 06:11:17 UTC

the guy who did his last brain surgery came in to vouch for his health

2019-09-09 06:11:29 UTC

I love how trump has lost weight thanks to the chefs who look after him.

2019-09-09 06:11:46 UTC

He’s so energetic for a man his age.

2019-09-09 06:11:47 UTC

@HurtChain has he?

2019-09-09 06:12:00 UTC

Yeah. There were some photos from 2016 of him playing golf

2019-09-09 06:12:12 UTC

And he looked like fat sack of shit

2019-09-09 06:12:16 UTC

Oh he dummy thicc

2019-09-09 06:12:18 UTC

Trump has more energy than I have.

2019-09-09 06:12:26 UTC

And you can see from his more recent golfing photos he’s really skimmed out.

2019-09-09 06:12:31 UTC

according to Joe Rogaine Trump's on adderall and that's why he has so much energy

2019-09-09 06:12:39 UTC

I don't know how he deals with the politics of today.

2019-09-09 06:12:50 UTC

Trump is the politics of today

2019-09-09 06:13:02 UTC

At most, I can only engage for a few months, then I have to take my leave for a while.

2019-09-09 06:13:45 UTC

This guy on the left is the chef at the White House.


2019-09-09 06:13:58 UTC

Yeah, but I'm referencing the mainstream media and the left, which may as well be synonymous with one another.

2019-09-09 06:14:09 UTC

wtf that lad is made of iron hams

2019-09-09 06:14:22 UTC

Is that really his chef?

2019-09-09 06:14:23 UTC

I know. He’s a god amongst men.

2019-09-09 06:14:33 UTC

That’s what I found online

2019-09-09 06:14:33 UTC

Looks like Ronnie Coleman

2019-09-09 06:14:39 UTC

I didn’t look into it too far

2019-09-09 06:14:51 UTC

But it’s what came up when I looked for it

2019-09-09 06:15:42 UTC

Andre Rush has been a chef at the White House since 1997, apparently.

2019-09-09 06:15:48 UTC


2019-09-09 06:16:16 UTC

I bet he tenderises meat with just one slap

2019-09-09 06:16:30 UTC

Trump is in good hands.

2019-09-09 06:16:31 UTC

That's a great example of government entrenchment, but he is a rather loyal and patriotic veteran.

2019-09-09 06:16:37 UTC

I bet.

2019-09-09 06:16:49 UTC

Any man with those gains deserves respect.

2019-09-09 06:16:52 UTC


2019-09-09 06:16:56 UTC

No doubt.

2019-09-09 06:17:11 UTC

what’s up

2019-09-09 06:17:23 UTC

I am but a manlet in awe at the size of that lad.

2019-09-09 06:17:25 UTC


2019-09-09 06:18:03 UTC

I’m a womanlet but who’s size should I look at

2019-09-09 06:18:24 UTC

I type in meat tenderizer, and this is what I came up with.

2019-09-09 06:18:32 UTC


2019-09-09 06:18:39 UTC


2019-09-09 06:18:46 UTC

is it like filled with maggots or what

2019-09-09 06:18:46 UTC

ah fuck the pulsing meat video

2019-09-09 06:18:58 UTC

being electrocuted?

2019-09-09 06:19:04 UTC

No it’s just electrocuted I think

2019-09-09 06:19:06 UTC

Yeah, I can't say I've ever seen anything like that before.

2019-09-09 06:19:08 UTC

nah it's just *super* fresh and got salt on it i think

2019-09-09 06:19:19 UTC

Yeah, that makes sense, Philo.

2019-09-09 06:19:34 UTC

when you pour salt on the fresh meat it can start contracting

2019-09-09 06:19:37 UTC

it is normal

2019-09-09 06:19:47 UTC

runs out all the leftover fuel in the cells

2019-09-09 06:20:02 UTC

fuckin horrifying tho lol

2019-09-09 06:20:08 UTC


2019-09-09 06:20:12 UTC

never do that to me if I die please

2019-09-09 06:20:45 UTC

That’s actually so cool

2019-09-09 06:20:49 UTC

Well, it won't matter once you're dead!

2019-09-09 06:20:52 UTC
2019-09-09 06:20:55 UTC

I want to lick it

2019-09-09 06:20:55 UTC

Fuck you doin

2019-09-09 06:21:13 UTC

It does matter

2019-09-09 06:21:16 UTC

It really does

2019-09-09 06:21:26 UTC

You’ll scare the like 5 people who try to mourn my death

2019-09-09 06:21:38 UTC

Settle down now, @HurtChain. Don't get too excited!

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