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oh my fucking god

I was invited to play a mecha rpg

the rules are actually pretty good

but the forward...

read page 1-3


it is beautiful

this fucking forward


We should change to a chemical battery

Make it from fermenting the corpses of illegal immigrants

We have a ton from the concentration camps

China is investing into LIFTR

So we may see some breakthroughs soon

It LIFTRS my dick

So is your mother but I still tap that

That is any qualitifcation though

I pay extra for AOP wine

Or schnell helmets

Which is better than a lot of chinese crap XD

Do you need to be certified to say "milspec"?

@Jack of Trades military ammo cans are basically disposable

Yes but capitalism os based on caveat emptar

Or whatever the fuck you inferioir continentals say

The amount my store pays on private security is a lot.

We have a 3-4 person security team on duty most days. (Liqour store)

I mean... its all just security

Jokes on you coolic I already swallowed the pills

I tried killing myself via anal fissures but the XL chance wasn't big enough <\3

But germans are

The eternal hun

Looking up liberia

They have something called the "negro clause"

Its an actual ethnostate

I love this

We gave the blacks their own country and thy immediately oppressed the native population and made an ethnostate

I am ao proud

They learned so fast.

Personally we should give all the pms truncheons

In canada we have a guy with a mace in parliment

To keep the peace

We should gice everyone a truncheon. The vote will be a TDM

Last one standing on the house floor affirms the motion

0kay the creationist cat song is equal parts kek and cringe

The cringe-kek ratio is quickly unbalancing

2019-07-25 22:35:58 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

@ sargon

2019-07-25 22:46:02 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  


2019-07-25 22:46:34 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

βŽβŽ β•²β•±β•²β•±βŽβŽ 

2019-07-26 03:32:09 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  


Is there a place to put stuff he might wanna se?

Davies is the head of the justice for men and boys party

A great one

He was the one who tried to get a debate on mens issues

The one who the one we wont rape shut down

Damn fake news

I got a boner too

Orwel was right

4 legs goood

2 legs baaaad

I trot in here for 2 seconds and immediatly there is petplay

You humans are degenerate scum

All human beings are shit teir

...but I am not a human...

as a changeling, I find your use of parasite to be offensive

the hamsters deem this safe

free speech ends when ponies begin

it's not nsfw

unless you are some sort of weird footfag

@Bones not all heores wear capes

you just want to get me banned XP

I am still tempted

Co worker was wearing this today


Not gonna lie its actually pretty funny

They are still salty over ww1



We must find something more hypnotizing than the allure of communism....

The robot hamsters are gestapo

I had a completely sfw art

Stupid hamsters

No one can resist cute bughorse hoofsies


It will be a lot of cuddles for one buggo to take....

But I am willing to sacrifice myself for you

I will suffer the scritches and headpats

She was tho

Who do you think rushed the pillbox at sword?

Moderner warfare

For the queen

want me to post pr33n?

I thought you leiked preen...

I'm not *just* a bonry you know

I also masturbate to kobolds!


sorry what was your pfp again?

u want me to touch your wand foxy boi?

did you get that from ivy forest?

i have tentacles


mfw people online hate me because of my superior taste in women


they are *mares*

purge the human fetishist scum


once they get their cutie mark they aint tight enough

@Lios we can make that happen u know


dying implies it was alive to begin with

it was aborted

first that's the trans community

and second I'm not fucking gay

I just have an unquenchable thirst for semen

just because I enjoy guzzling cum doesnt mean I am a faggot or anything

being gay means you like dudes

I hate dudes

no you obviously prefer a show for little boys

seriously Braixen is like the #2 cumdumpster of the pokemon world

#1 being lucario of course

@spooky ducc .... would you like me to lay eggs in you?

no he is a horse

he loves salt

I could be a md...

I would be a great mod

I would cuddle misbehavers


@Anubis my daddy loved me too much

that was the problem...

hello canuck

how it the rockÉ

you out with the capn?

it's just memes don't worry

so far as you know...

that is the ultimate canuck

goodnight humans

nah he's in the rock iirc

kitchen parties and crippling alcoholism

I just drink

And tell people if it is good

Its a living

God good marsala is delish

Look at that fuckin colour


Its an oxidized wine

Normally a fault

But specific wine styles purposfully oxidize the wine

Like olorosso sherry

Or tawny port

I reccomend an old rielsing

Good riesling can have a big petrol note

I forget the name of the compoubd.... fuco

Trimethyl Dihydronapthalene

It causes a gasoline smell. Usually in wines with either a high phenokic ripeness or lots of age

Its also fucking delicious

What did you mean by "good?"

Oh god can they shut up about the pedophelia?

I fucking love how they twist the words of a victim of rape into an endorsment of what happened to him

Whats your excuse?

@dichloroarsine I saw the video, I know what he said. Its the same shit most of my gay highschool friends said when they pursued older men.

@BabaBooey are grants fir black students only rascist?

Because thats the joke about the priveledge grant

If you call that rascist, than so is basically every diversity grant

@BabaBooey white men are the minority in post secondary now

Women make up like 2/3 uni students

Therefore grants for women are sexist

@BabaBooey that was a grant to help an under represented group in university

Which white men factually are

@ebinmemes22 because he made jokes about his own childhood abuse

Look at that homophobe walking around with his husband

I bet he hates gays so mucj

He probably beats them every night

*but only if they ask nicely*

@BabaBooey women make up 2/3 college students. Shoul we cease all women's grants because they are sexist?

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