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cleaver i made'

sheath i made for a knife i have

guy who taught my dad how to make boots made these

The women lay in her bed. 19 and young but 70 and old. A soul that hurt and a body that was weak. The radio played and the cool air of the evening poured into the room. It was peaceful she thought. She began to tremble. The thoughts rushing back. Sorrow was all that could be felt. A tear fell as she lay. I want to just be free she thought. Pulling her legs to her chest. Then she heard it. The sound that could make everything right. Footsteps approached and the door swung open. A man in his 20’s gazed with a smile. The scar on his face old and worn. He came over and sat. How has it been he asked. Unbearable she replied. Suddenly she rolled and lunged for the man wrapping her self around and pulling close. She could smell the Cologne he wore. The smell of motor oil and coolant. The faint sweet smell of tobacco. She buried her face in his chest and began to weep. I don’t want to go another day. She begged him please no more. He ran his hands through her blonde hair and told her in a deep and solemn voice. Don’t cry for me darlin for The ocean cliff clearing is near and I’ve already taken the plunge. She squeezed her eyes shut and held back the tears but when she opened them he was gone. Alone in the room with nothing but sorrow and the smell of rain.

The evening mixed with the morning in a show of force. Rain poured and thunder roared. The girl lay in bed. To weak for anything. The greatest curse was not being able to accept reality. She pulled herself with all her might to rise and go to the kitchen. She opened the drawer and retrieved the blade. It was sharp and jagged. Nothing left but a cold plunge she thought. She took the knife and ran it up her arm. Warmth rushes over her arm filling her with a sense of blue and wonder. She could feel the warmth leave her and in turn felt herself begin to go. With a drunken stager she went down the hall. Becoming weaker with each step. She pushed open the pretty white door with the daisy and butterflies painted on it. As she staggered into the room she left the weight of her choices bear down all together on her and she collapsed. As she lay waiting for her final breath she let a single tear fall. A suiting ending for the end of a family In the cold dark nursery where she lay.

what yall think. excuse the grammer

did all of it

thank you

@Anubis lets get discordia in here

@Anubis hope you get herpes from a sand paper dildo

@Anubis go cure your aids with a baby

dont i look sexy

Whos a Thirsty boy 💦

@Weez could u put someone better lookin

well in the documentary i watched about 20min ago they litterally talk about this pic and how the bullet is litterally in his head when he snapped the pic. thats why his head is bulging

im part of that discord

when America found out the Philippine's had oil

@Lobsterist™ you just reposted what i posted

the movie is the battle of the bull i believe

thats it lol

you fell for it ! LOL

i love getting the one guy who falls for it

i think i got it from the edgy server

iTd KuTE DOg

poo poo pee pee mommy needs to change me

milky milky warm and tasty, mommy! milky! please be Hasty! refreshing drink from mommys Udders! i want mommys and no other! give it give it give it now ! Give me milky you Lazy Sow

you know inside every bitter incel is a beautiful trans girl waiting to blossom (pic unrelated)

probably not best to post here lol

/pol/ users are fat ugly cumskins.

Your crush is having sex right now @HunDread

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