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2019-11-28 21:54:51 UTC

Hey folks, if you find some amazin' studies, post them in here. Like this one, that shows that *most* bisexual women are abused by their lesbian partners: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2018.01506/full

2019-11-28 22:03:42 UTC

Your studies are gay and so are you

2019-11-28 22:06:13 UTC

pls no IPV

2019-11-28 22:09:36 UTC


2019-11-28 23:10:21 UTC

read the positive attitudes toward the EU part of the pew study, its sorta interesting

2019-11-28 23:10:33 UTC

its pew, so idk, may be biased

2019-11-28 23:17:31 UTC

~~The Welfare State~~ Racism causes obesity in black women

2019-11-28 23:54:20 UTC


2019-11-28 23:55:29 UTC

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck the state of science

2019-11-28 23:57:21 UTC

Racism, poverty and other truths about sex Race, class and HIV risk among Latino gay men: https://www.redalyc.org/pdf/284/28435205.pdf

2019-11-29 00:01:07 UTC

Also give a brief headline or description of your study's <:tidepodpour:590855656526053376>

2019-11-29 00:19:36 UTC

Do this, do that

2019-11-29 00:26:12 UTC

Two studies from the clean up.
Trolls just want to have fun - Trolling is associated with the Dark Tetrad traits, primarily sadism.
Highest rate of living with parents since 40's. More people live with parents than spouse, since 130.

2019-11-29 00:37:35 UTC

this stock photo man studies the sargons https://i.imgur.com/O56d32u.png

2019-11-29 00:37:50 UTC


2019-11-29 00:46:54 UTC

Just admit it, Sargon. This is a thinly-veiled attempt to get us to do your research for you. <:BIGBRAIN:501101491428392991>

2019-11-29 00:51:04 UTC

>Women don't wanna stay at their jobs for a long time
>That means that they're less likely to be higher in their company hierarchy than their male counterparts
>This also means that they're likely going to earn less than their male counterparts
>Gender Wage Gap debunked in 5 seconds GG thanks for coming to my TedTalk

2019-11-29 00:56:57 UTC

>More time playing vidyagames means you're more sexist

2019-11-29 01:17:47 UTC

>Sexism causes mental illness

2019-11-29 01:18:51 UTC

If we wanna even out the suicide rates, we better be more sexist to women <:pepelaugh:544857300179877898>

2019-11-29 01:50:20 UTC

>Homophobic men are secretly gay

2019-11-29 01:52:30 UTC

>More than half of tranny teens attempt suicide, only 41% actually accomplish it. Sad! Those rates need to increase!

2019-11-29 01:52:54 UTC

Middle east must be secretly gay

2019-11-29 01:53:33 UTC

@livid_scrooge ISIS is remarkably gay, yes

2019-11-29 01:55:31 UTC

>Homophobic people are more likely to show symptoms pertaining to Psychosis

2019-11-29 01:56:29 UTC


2019-11-29 02:10:40 UTC

2019-11-29 02:11:18 UTC

The eternal Akkadian strikes again, @Goodwood of Dank™. <:slurpgon:583424900732157956>

2019-11-29 02:11:27 UTC


2019-11-29 02:11:52 UTC

This will definitely prove to be a bad idea…

2019-11-29 02:18:30 UTC
2019-11-29 02:28:41 UTC

remember boys if you cut your dicks off you'll kill yourself and ladies you cut those titties and clits off you'll kill yourslef as well 😘 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29463477 https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2018/09/07/peds.2017-4218

2019-11-29 02:29:19 UTC

>over 50% of tranny teens attempt suicide
>only 40% succeed

2019-11-29 02:34:24 UTC

>Transgender people attempt suicide 10x more than the general populace
>Trans-Men have the highest rates, above Trans-Women
>Crossdressers (Drag people) have less than HALF the rate of suicide attempts of actual trans people

2019-11-29 02:36:47 UTC

>Disabled trannies are the most likely to attempt suicide, at 55-65%

2019-11-29 04:16:50 UTC

What’s this all about

2019-11-29 04:25:51 UTC

woke studies

2019-11-29 04:40:29 UTC

https://amp.businessinsider.com/journalists-brains-function-at-a-lower-level-than-average-2017-5 oldie but a goldie
Journalist brains function at a lower level than the general population

2019-11-29 04:42:12 UTC

Numbers are from the FBI Crime in the United States,
Homicide Data Table 8 2018

Rifles [this is every kind of rifle from hunting bolt action rifles to ARs & AKs]

Rifle Homicides in the U.S. in all of 2018 = 297

Knives or cutting instruments = 1515

Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.) = 443

Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.) = 672

Ask your self again why the Left is fixated on Semi Auto Rifles? Is it
a) because they think removing guns that are used in a fraction of the 297 rifle murders will fix "Gun Violance"
B) They are after the one weapon platform (Semi auto Rifles) that can be used to make a Free people into an effective fighting force against tyranny.

2019-11-29 04:52:32 UTC


2019-11-29 04:56:14 UTC

Ok holy shit this place is about to get a lot of based and redpilled studies

2019-11-29 05:18:46 UTC

This is a pretty good recent one about ancestry and iq https://www.mdpi.com/2624-8611/1/1/34/htm

2019-11-29 05:19:30 UTC

God bless, you autistic little snownigger.

2019-11-29 05:21:02 UTC

Also on crossdressing, traps are based and redpilled because instead of trying to be a woman and failing, they recognize the inferiority of a femoid and ascend to a higher plain of attractiveness.

2019-11-29 05:21:18 UTC

Bobby gets it

2019-11-29 05:28:35 UTC

There are about 300 million guns in the U.S.

And we had 10,265 firearms murders in the U.S. last year. (if you thought the # was much higher that is because the media mixes in Suicided & even the deaths of Attacker who are stopped legally by gun owners and they call it "Gun Deaths" Not Murders)

So if every gun was only used for one murder.

The average American gun would be used in a murder once every 29,225 years!

2019-11-29 05:37:22 UTC

> 50%–80% of the African-/European-American cognitive difference is due to genetic differences

2019-11-29 05:48:05 UTC

The Feminist Case for Acknowledging Women's Acts of Violence

2019-11-29 05:49:08 UTC

This Article makes a feminist case for acknowledging women’s acts of violence as consistent with — not threatening to — the goals of the domestic violence movement and the feminist movement. It concludes that broadly understanding women’s use of strength, power, coercion, control, and violence, even illegitimate uses, can be framed consistent with feminist goals. Beginning this conversation is a necessary — if uncomfortable — step to give movement to the movement to end gendered violence.

The domestic violence movement historically framed its work on a gender binary of men as potential perpetrators and women as potential victims. ....


2019-11-29 05:54:16 UTC

Also check out https://www.reddit.com/r/mensrightslinks/ which has a bunch of intersting studies. EG Subliminal Gender Stereotypes: Who Can Resist? (feminists more likely to sacrifice men in Moral Choice Dilema task)


2019-11-29 06:49:40 UTC

women abuse children more than men

2019-11-29 06:50:53 UTC

yes men tend to pick fights with those able to hit back

2019-11-29 06:57:17 UTC

https://childprotectionresource.online/mothers-are-more-likely-to-abuse-children-than-fathers-fact/ good article on that

2019-11-29 08:52:32 UTC

Abuse is an umbrella term though

2019-11-29 09:28:13 UTC

the most powerful weapon in your research is the "early life" section on wikipedia

2019-11-29 10:21:10 UTC

bobby that article is great, the author is deluding herself so hard

2019-11-29 10:22:59 UTC

she is claiming that because a child abused by solely the father will die 13 in 10 000 cases as compared to a child abused solely by the mother dying 12 in 10 000 cases, fathers kill **more** children than mothers

2019-11-29 12:40:15 UTC

i mean abortion is a thing and that does kill the child. I dont see fathers doing abortions

2019-11-29 14:02:16 UTC

looking for a pandora box? have one here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4903140/

2019-11-29 14:16:36 UTC

Mothers are more likely to abuse children, because abuse isn't always physical and a lot of women are actually unaware of how their manipulation (i.e. conditions placed on a bond with a child) can be as just as if not more damaging to a child.

2019-11-29 15:07:27 UTC

The Dreaded "Not only do police shootings not occur as often as one thinks, but White people are more likely to be shot" Study


2019-11-29 15:10:25 UTC

On the topic of homosexual domestic violence and internalised self hatred, ive come across people in abusive relationships like these before and in my observation it almost always happens with more feminine males and transbian couples. something about them seems to dispose them to being abusive, ive seen no shortage of trans girls and femme gay guys taking their insecurities and personal issues out on others. there was one girl in a community i was in who would routinely call people fat and disgusting for having normal male bodies (think 140 lbs with a bit of muscle and a healthy amount of fat), and generally go about putting others down wherever she could for being less femme than her. this girl was a 110 lbs trans girl who used to be 90 lbs, and at one point during an argument over her behaviour she told everyone that her girlfriend regularly beats her. rarely do i ever see masculine people, including FtM trans people, actually being malicious towards others. the LGBT community has serious issues.

2019-11-29 15:10:53 UTC

Princeton prof attempts to discredit story because "The study didn't look at the motivation behind the officers shooting minorities; plus it apparently didn't take into account that both Non-white and White officers can be biased against African Americans"


2019-11-29 15:13:10 UTC

The indoctrination is strong with this one.

2019-11-29 15:15:53 UTC

@donut eating whore
It's almost like weak people are more likely to abuse others, as the prophet Jordan Peterson has prophesized.

2019-11-29 15:18:03 UTC

pretty much

2019-11-29 15:19:24 UTC

its not even a peterson thing, so much as it is a common observation. the people who put down others are almost always those who are the weakest on a mental level, and feel the need to take their misery out on others.

2019-11-29 15:21:19 UTC

Ya, I was just making a joke because what you said made so much sense.

2019-11-29 15:25:35 UTC

@Nico94 the scariest thing is that there is a possibility that we all live in theocracies, we just don't really know the name of our gods

2019-11-29 15:28:26 UTC

https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1467-9477.2007.00176.x also going to post this in here, the largest ever study on the subject of diversity

2019-11-29 15:28:40 UTC

@Bobby pretty wired man...<:comfort:592107824826417204>

2019-11-29 15:29:54 UTC

@Bobby what do you mean by theocracies with unknown gods?

2019-11-29 15:30:15 UTC

I'm not sure we all live in theocracies... but I can guarantee you that no civilization of any kind can exist without commonly held beliefs of some kind, so all communities lend themselves to some form of rule by doctrine.

2019-11-29 15:39:30 UTC

@Jeremy-Retard read up on the cult of reason, worshipping the mind. You cannot separate the human from the divine as we have evolved in tandem. There hasn't been a single civilization without a god or gods, and the fact that we rationalized away some old gods does not mean that we haven't substituted them with others. In fact, not having a name for them is more dangerous since the people who really possess that information may meld reality to their will. It's why demons store their power in their names, stuff like Rumpelstiltskin and other mythological creatures. The blue color thing etc.

2019-11-29 15:40:48 UTC

I think we're saying the same thing Bobby. I don't disagree with anything you said. I grew up in a christian cult, so I have face-to-face memories of what that was like.

2019-11-29 15:40:53 UTC

Concepts like "the worker", "the volk", "equality", "freedom", "constitution", "founding fathers", "democracy" all contain within themselves a mythological magic word power lense

2019-11-29 15:42:08 UTC

And I think that the scariest thing of all is that when you refuse to host Jesus inside your heart, you don't get a vacuum, but you get Satan's cock in that hole

2019-11-29 15:43:48 UTC

Vacuums don't really exist, even the word vacuum fills it up

2019-11-29 15:45:12 UTC

Neurotheology is a very interesting field and there's evidence to suggest the inability of a man to be an atheist

2019-11-29 15:49:37 UTC

The limitations of human perception mean that only a madman goes through life without beliefs. We have to believe something, even if that something is that there's no one behind us about to stab us in the back (the mind projects where it cannot see). More importantly, we act on those beliefs. If we believe that there's someone behind us about to kill us, we will spin around and shoot a gun trying to eliminate the threat. We act on what we believe, so if we believe nonsense, we will perform evil.

Since we cannot go through life without substituting belief for where we lack knowledge, and humans will act based on their beliefs, and since we have large portions of the population who have trouble understanding lots of things that science has revealed, the absolute necessity of religion in human existence should not be questioned as religion is structured belief that at the very least attempts to get individuals to treat each other with love.

2019-11-29 15:53:07 UTC

I think the figure of Jesus Christ is a good one to have as the basis for your beliefs, even if it created some of the worst ideologies that exist today. Especially the holiness and the percieved moral superiority of poverty

2019-11-29 15:58:04 UTC

That said, I think bible stories should be adjusted with scientific knowledge, and that they are overdue for such an adjustment. The point of those stories is not the specifics of who ate what, how big the flood was, or what pillar of fire appeared out of nowhere, whether or not there's an all-powerful entity in the sky... the point of those stories is to express lessons on how humanity should live. That's the lesson, that's the takeaway, where the details disagree with science is where religion should concede ground and perhaps write new stories.

2019-11-29 16:19:46 UTC

Science doesn't have to do anything with the Bible stop trying to mix the two

2019-11-29 16:20:52 UTC

That's like saying that we should adjust Bible stories with more accurate carpentry. Stop giving science the superiority of opinion, it's a tool like any other, not a life target

2019-11-29 16:25:33 UTC

You may as well science up Greek and Roman myths, @Jeremy-Retard

2019-11-29 16:25:50 UTC

The psychometric history of the western civilization requires no adjusting

2019-11-29 16:30:51 UTC

I think you misunderstand what I'm saying. Belief and Truth only overlap where our ability to understand nature is loosely certain. When specific truth is revealed that conflicts with the minutae of old beliefs, the tendency is for people to defend the beliefs, rather than recognize the real value in the belief, and adapt.

We don't believe in Noah's Ark and the Flood because we are certain the world was totally covered by ocean due to rain for a time. That's not the point of that story. We believe in that story because "God" wants us to realize that we should be preppers who are good stewards of our resources such that we, our families, and our communities will survive disasters.

2019-11-29 16:36:13 UTC

The Bible teaches us to be lunatics who prepare for a natural disaster without any evidence whatsoever, that's what Noah's arc is about

2019-11-29 16:37:24 UTC

The lesson to be taken away is that it's good to be a lunatic who believes in words that only oneself can hear because ultimately you'll be proven right in doing so being the sole survivor and the savior of a rich animal kingdom

2019-11-29 16:38:26 UTC

In my opinion this is one of the worst lessons that could possibly be taught

2019-11-29 16:46:24 UTC

Ya, but ET, you could watch the Joker from a feminist perspective and equally miss the value in it.

2019-11-29 16:47:20 UTC

The Bible is not a story that we're supposed to just enjoy, it's a guide for morals, for beliefs, for a way of life

2019-11-29 16:49:04 UTC

I didn't say it was entertainment.

2019-11-29 16:49:19 UTC

You compared it to the Joker movie, which is nothing but entertainment

2019-11-29 16:50:40 UTC

Comparison is not the same as equivocation.

2019-11-29 16:51:30 UTC

The key difference is too essential for it to be a useful comparison. The Bible is considered the word of God. Unlike Joker, which everyone knows and agrees is a man-made piece of art.

2019-11-29 16:54:15 UTC

The point remains, you can interpret stories infinite ways. Choosing a single interpretation that is not useful for anyone and declaring that that interpretation is "correct" only serves to destroy useful belief in service to minutae.

2019-11-29 16:54:36 UTC

Joker isn't just entertainment though.
Out of all the comic movies, it may be least so.

2019-11-29 16:55:21 UTC

The Bible is not a story, it's the word of God. God's word can only be interpreted in one correct way, all other ways are incorrect. Or else it wouldn't be God's word.
The Joker movie is entirely up to everyone's individual interpretation, so there is no singular truth about it to be taken away.

2019-11-29 16:56:46 UTC

If there's only one way to interpret the bible, aren't you limiting god? Even novels are deliberately written with multiple interpretations possible.

2019-11-29 16:57:02 UTC

while fiction = story, story =/= fiction https://i.gyazo.com/cb598f2b3ca7e43e937e5f8bb6ab0f7b.png

2019-11-29 16:57:25 UTC

It's the other way around, if there are multiple correct interpretations of the Bible, then we're presuming to be able to know God, which we can't, as the Bible itself says.

2019-11-29 16:59:09 UTC

Definitely not useful for this channel.

2019-11-29 17:00:38 UTC

I mean you started it, if you disagree with my rebuttal then well fine I guess. But then why would anyone's opinion on this matter be useful in this channel.

2019-11-29 17:01:12 UTC

The channel was set up specifically to share links, we're flooding it with religion discussion.

2019-11-29 17:01:48 UTC

If it leads to something useful then so be it. We can move the discussion to xen_debate

2019-11-29 17:09:29 UTC

Now that should be a "benchmark" study in the "Anals" of the modern lefty greeny SJWs.
Shows you very well how far are these people prepared to go for all their believes.

2019-11-29 17:12:54 UTC

They are after your games, too. I guess they don't find the habit particularly supportive of their lifestyle, so why not regulate it or just outright ban it if they can?

2019-11-29 17:14:13 UTC

They are counting even those watts you use recreating in essentially what is the last free space for you left in your life. I guess Sargon might use this one to make a video or two, too.

2019-11-29 17:14:56 UTC

That abstract (and possibly the article) was written by the scientifically ignorant. A Rise in computing power is an INCREASE in the energy efficiency of gaming. Does this person realize that in order to play games with the graphics of today in the 1990s, you would need computers the size of warehouses?

2019-11-29 17:15:15 UTC

I think it would be fun to watch him argue for the effects his own activities have on the planet in the eyes of the lefties.

2019-11-29 17:16:57 UTC

@Jeremy-Retard I don't think these people realize anything. They just had the audacity to create something that bears the name "journal" and started making all kinds of sh*t up in order to fill it up and here is one interesting example that intersects with the topics of interest in this server, too.

2019-11-29 17:18:21 UTC

But ultimately I don't think these people have the brains to think of anything useful up, they are just good at virtue signaling, name calling and making one hell of a nuisance to spoil your day up.

2019-11-29 17:18:31 UTC

"Rising computing power, improved graphics quality, higher-resolution displays, and streaming delivery have rendered computer gaming an increasingly energy-intensive activity.".... That was written by a fool who has never sat an original nintendo gameboy next to a nintendo switch and noticed vast improvements in both game, AND power efficiency.

2019-11-29 17:20:24 UTC

But somehow managed to get his paper through the peer review process in a Springer journal.

2019-11-29 17:21:00 UTC

Most journals are worthless for weeding out crap. There's websites dedicated to watching for science paper retractions these days.

2019-11-29 17:22:53 UTC

It's not that I think very highly of what the modern German Academia had become, but you see what kind of crap they are already willing to publish these days while quantity is definitely over quality here.

2019-11-29 17:24:25 UTC

I think they just needed to pump up that resume and make that grant money worth something.

2019-11-29 17:25:30 UTC

But, hey, that research was done in California, so why are you even surprised?

2019-11-29 17:28:02 UTC

I also think money could have been spend on researching far more important things than how to humiliate gamers, but you know, who am I-a man who can't lend a single paper in like 10 years cause he is constantly at odds with his peers-to tell these *professionals* how to distribute their grants?

2019-11-29 17:29:31 UTC

It just makes me nervous sometimes seeing what kind of pure CRAP gets funded and published while other more pressing and, probably, more deserving proposals get thrown out of the window cause they don't *sound* nice to the people with the money.

2019-11-29 17:31:29 UTC

Science has been turned into an industry based closer on the mainstream media than on finding the truth of nature.
"Publish or Perish" is THE RULE, not the exception, even in academia. When publishing is more important than discovery, you have defaulted to flooding the world with noise, not truth.

2019-11-29 17:31:38 UTC

(And the agendas.)

2019-11-29 17:32:40 UTC

Problem is not just the noise @Jeremy-Retard

2019-11-29 17:33:47 UTC

It is far deeper than that.

2019-11-29 17:35:09 UTC

Problem is that with a science like that all these so called "researchers" do is just **WASTE MAONEY!** Money that could have gone to far better hands than theirs, and the final result of all that waste would be nothing shot of stagnation and eventually-REGRESS!

2019-11-29 17:36:10 UTC

And when science goes down, and it shall go down FIRST, cause it is supposed to be the leading edge of any society, so when it goes, mark my words, everything else will go by with it!

2019-11-29 17:36:45 UTC

"The universities used to be about nurturing genius. You'd get these, who is it that is geniuses, who is it that solves these amazing problems, people who have outlier high IQ plus moderately anti-social personality. People like James Watson, those people will tend to do what they do because they are highly intelligent so they can really conceive of these difficult problems. They're moderately low in conscientiousness so that means can sort of think outside the box so they're not bound by rules traditions or conformity. They're moderately low in agreeableness so they either don't care that they offend people or they're kinda autistic or a bit spergy and they couldn't conceive that they would offend people even if they didn't want to. New ideas will always offend so they don't care about that so they come up with brilliant ideas.

2019-11-29 17:37:23 UTC

And this is how Dark Ages begin!

2019-11-29 17:37:48 UTC

Now women are the opposite of that (genius). Women are the exact opposite of that, they are the opposite of genius. Well, A because women don't have outlier high IQ; the female IQ is bunched towards the mean. And B they tend to be higher in conscientiousness than men and higher in agreeableness than men, so you just DON'T GET many female geniuses. So when they take over university which is happening they will come across as the MUCH better candidate for the job than this kinda autistic wierdo who might if you leave him alone for ten years might come up with something brilliant.

2019-11-29 17:38:50 UTC

Who are you going to employ? Him or this girl who is positive, confident, outgoing... OBVIOUSLY you're going to employ her. So it changes the whole nature of academia. So academia doesn't become about the cut and thrust of debate and harsh disputation to get to the truth, it becomes about cooperating and being kind and creating a bureaucracy where you make incremental steps and publish every so often and this is A anathema to genius types and B very difficult for genius, because they are a bit autistic and will offend people so they get pushed out of uni. and this is happening. " because of women in university they have changed the WHOLE CULTURE of university to make it where TRUTH is plays second fiddle to Cooperating and everyone feeling good and happy and getting along. whereas truth is amoral of course and doesn't care..."

2019-11-29 17:42:27 UTC

And finally the Muslims come to rape all women and put down all research, cause you know-God **FORBIDS** science since it might enquire into His divinity-and they are the utmost victims by all means cause they are coloured, minority and "oppressed" when not given the freedom to rape whomever they want.

2019-11-29 17:43:27 UTC

And this is how the modern Academia turns into a circus, then into a farce and finally-into a **CLERGY!**

2019-11-29 17:44:34 UTC

And we all know what happens to science when the clerics take over, right?

2019-11-29 18:32:59 UTC

What the fuck have I started holy shit

2019-11-29 18:36:30 UTC

My point is that mythology and belief are as important and as real as the rational and coexist with each other. Jesus Christ was the son of God and he did cure people of blindness, and he performed miracles. I don't see any need to introduce some modern science post rationalization, those stories are important and just because you can't rationalize it doesn't mean it doesntbexist

2019-11-29 20:21:58 UTC

@Bobby I find Ironman to be inspirational, but I also understand Ironman is fictional. You can have powerful stories without them being historical.

2019-11-29 21:41:02 UTC

honestly I would have preferred this chat just for links and a few witty quips instead of debate

2019-11-29 21:46:27 UTC

but what do I know I barely exist.

also Griffith did everything wrong

2019-11-29 22:13:27 UTC

Iron Man isn't a psychometric history and prehistory of the western civilization although it does contain elements of it in itself. @Marushia Dark you're trying to apply the cult of reason lenses to something thousands of years old that probably even predates written tradition and shows the arrival of conscience.

2019-11-29 22:46:26 UTC


Holy shit. The FBI releases the Gamergate vault!

2019-11-29 23:21:53 UTC

what's it say

2019-11-29 23:23:06 UTC

im a

2019-11-29 23:33:11 UTC


2019-11-29 23:41:37 UTC

@your-mother-in-law one thing I see in these researches is the complete lesbian dominance in them.
This one had only 3 gay coupes, and the one about IPV showed a significantly lower IPV in gay couples.
Which is entertaining.

2019-11-30 00:17:59 UTC

@your-mother-in-law careful with that study, it is not making any claims, and should not be used to make hard claims, it has a minute sample size. The authors themselves say that the study is only an exploratory one and only really says that more research should be done in the area as the "no difference" studies very likely have sample selection bias problems.

what is truly more interesting is that the paper has a complaint made against it, despite the incredibly milquetoast conclusion. It was actually called "hateful" for suggesting that maybe same sex couples don't have the same mental health outcomes as regular couples for their children, and that it is definitely worth looking into a bit more closely.

2019-11-30 00:27:22 UTC

I see mostly lesbians there actually, and I tend to agree

2019-11-30 00:47:20 UTC

YT banned words, some familiar names. 😉

2019-11-30 00:57:42 UTC

wtf why is "Chris Cornell" one of the demonetization phrases?

2019-11-30 01:05:47 UTC

“Epstein didn’t kill himself”

2019-11-30 03:35:30 UTC


2019-11-30 03:35:32 UTC


2019-11-30 03:35:45 UTC

ohai Sargon.

2019-11-30 03:37:06 UTC


2019-11-30 03:37:09 UTC

someone reported Anita to the FBI lol

2019-11-30 03:37:46 UTC

Good. Gooooood...

2019-11-30 03:38:51 UTC


2019-11-30 03:38:54 UTC

anyone know what this could be about?

2019-11-30 03:42:01 UTC


2019-11-30 03:42:01 UTC


2019-11-30 03:45:47 UTC


2019-11-30 03:45:49 UTC

i bet this is a kotaku writers

2019-11-30 03:54:46 UTC


2019-11-30 03:55:24 UTC


2019-11-30 03:55:35 UTC

"extremely actionable"

2019-11-30 03:55:51 UTC


2019-11-30 03:55:53 UTC

taken responsibility for gg

2019-11-30 03:55:55 UTC

lol who?

2019-11-30 03:56:26 UTC

You, my dude.

2019-11-30 03:56:41 UTC


2019-11-30 03:56:46 UTC

he plans on...

2019-11-30 03:56:47 UTC


2019-11-30 03:58:31 UTC


2019-11-30 03:58:37 UTC

8chan is a distributor of cp lol

2019-11-30 03:58:38 UTC

jesus christ

2019-11-30 03:59:32 UTC

Yeah. Pretty crazy, huh?

2019-11-30 03:59:43 UTC


2019-11-30 03:59:48 UTC

is this dan olsen downloading them as evidence!?

2019-11-30 03:59:49 UTC


2019-11-30 04:00:34 UTC


2019-11-30 04:00:34 UTC

are there any victims/witnesses? GAMERGATE

2019-11-30 04:00:35 UTC


2019-11-30 04:00:36 UTC


2019-11-30 04:01:54 UTC

that's amazin.

2019-11-30 04:01:54 UTC


2019-11-30 04:01:56 UTC

gamergate stole my credit card

2019-11-30 04:03:08 UTC



2019-11-30 04:03:36 UTC

what does this gamergate look like?
hair color?
eye color?
~~skin color~~ (nvm, obviously huwite)

2019-11-30 04:03:57 UTC


2019-11-30 04:03:58 UTC

an actual nam


2019-11-30 04:04:00 UTC


2019-11-30 04:04:33 UTC


2019-11-30 04:04:33 UTC


2019-11-30 04:06:50 UTC

contacted the police, got told "fuck off this is twitter drama"


2019-11-30 04:07:49 UTC


2019-11-30 04:07:55 UTC

someone complained about being doxed and having food sent

2019-11-30 04:09:37 UTC


2019-11-30 04:09:42 UTC

"none of this is illegal, but..."

2019-11-30 04:11:52 UTC

“I know it’s not illegal but can you send agents to their house to arrest them? “

In my state they arrest you on the grounds of “wasting time and resources” if you try to pull some bullshit like this

2019-11-30 04:12:52 UTC


2019-11-30 04:12:55 UTC

this is adorable and naive

2019-11-30 04:12:59 UTC

ps love your work

2019-11-30 04:13:00 UTC


2019-11-30 04:13:01 UTC


2019-11-30 04:14:10 UTC


2019-11-30 04:14:16 UTC

"professional victims", sincerely, 4chan

2019-11-30 04:14:35 UTC

This is some seriously retarded Gay Ops

2019-11-30 04:14:52 UTC


2019-11-30 04:14:53 UTC

yes yes it is

2019-11-30 04:15:48 UTC


2019-11-30 04:16:21 UTC

200 pages of autism

2019-11-30 04:16:22 UTC


2019-11-30 04:16:27 UTC

holy shit

2019-11-30 04:16:27 UTC


2019-11-30 04:16:37 UTC

sjw autism, 4chan autism

2019-11-30 04:16:39 UTC


2019-11-30 04:16:49 UTC

At this rate are we going to see a happy Merchant in there?


2019-11-30 04:20:28 UTC

>downloading CP for evidence

2019-11-30 04:20:30 UTC

Their might as well be a message saying:

“Hi I’m a Mossad Agent working within Gamergate and I need your help, goyim.”

2019-11-30 04:21:51 UTC

>downloading CP for evidence.
Who the fuck does that?

2019-11-30 04:23:16 UTC

Just wait for the Next Guardian Article Headline:

“Sargon, Mossad, CP, Gamergate, and the FBI: The Collective of Gamers against Women and Minorities”

2019-11-30 04:25:17 UTC

Alternative Title: "Let's Resurrect Gamergate as the boogyman again"

2019-11-30 04:26:32 UTC

If the article was written by the labor party:

“Mossad Agent Carl Benjamin
attempts to resurrect Gamergate
for International E-Terrorism”

2019-11-30 10:03:59 UTC

The hacker known as gamergate illegally downloaded my waifu

2019-11-30 17:35:55 UTC

This is a cool channel, thanks Sargoboyo

2019-11-30 18:42:58 UTC

Yeah thanks Sargon. But also sorry Sargon for the Autism we have let forth in this chat

2019-12-01 03:53:35 UTC

So, gamergate taught us that the FBI is boomer.

2019-12-01 05:52:33 UTC

Wait, Sargon was here? Can I have his autograph?

2019-12-01 07:07:46 UTC

@Chris McLean Baron Lord of Hell fancy seeing you here

2019-12-01 10:12:31 UTC

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