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2019-02-07 19:24:55 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

>A place to display your art.

2019-02-07 19:26:54 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

The impression I got from *certain mods* is that this channel was intended as an anime containment channel

2019-02-07 19:31:08 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

You could still post something *memey* but it would first have to be art itself

2019-02-07 19:34:32 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Define self made. I made this... using an ai

2019-02-16 10:13:06 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  


2019-02-16 10:13:17 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Thats an interesting question

2019-02-16 10:13:57 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Is two kids kissing... on a kids cartoon show... which was perfectly acceptable to be aired, when it did decades ago... violation of discords tos?

2019-02-16 10:14:48 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

@n0vitski More seriously this is the fucking art channel. Did you make that? If not why is it here?

2019-02-16 10:21:47 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  


2019-02-16 10:21:51 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Another pin

2019-02-16 10:24:39 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Make your own art of children kissing if these restrictions irk you so greatly <:thinkpedo:462282562190966784> ||Don't tho||

2019-02-16 10:26:15 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

I'm now just tempted to post anime to annoy you boots

2019-02-16 10:26:23 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

And I have got some I "made" myself

2019-02-16 10:27:33 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

'Made' with the aid of an ai

2019-02-16 10:29:52 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

@Little Boots I'll try harder

2019-02-16 10:32:34 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

🤔 Did you make it tho? 🤔

2019-02-16 10:35:26 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

<:hyperthink:462282519883284480> We have 5 meme channels <:hyperthink:462282519883284480>

2019-02-16 10:35:31 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

What spergy is this

2019-02-16 10:35:48 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Post it in a different fucking channel if you must post children kissing

2019-02-16 10:36:08 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2019-02-16 10:37:31 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Literally: <#541815949280542724> <#533848461251182612> <#533847957582381058> <#533848300160417793> and <#533849026160754718> are all fucking memes. You are not starved for choice.

2019-02-16 10:38:26 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Don't reply to him

2019-02-16 10:38:32 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

He wants attention

2019-02-16 10:38:51 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

He was clearly told eariler: Did you make it?

2019-02-16 10:49:50 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

@Little Boots Your retarded. He's been told that 3 times. He knows. You are dignifying this preformance with a response

2019-02-16 10:54:42 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

He looks sleep deprived

2019-02-16 10:55:38 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

The main flaw is the pupils. Too small, given the presence of the glint

2019-02-16 10:56:29 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Mainly in the left eye, as the mussel intercepts it

2019-02-16 10:58:51 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Maybe offsetting the glint more upwards so it crosses the eye

2019-02-16 13:19:33 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  
2019-02-18 02:11:33 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2019-02-18 02:11:33 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2019-02-18 02:11:47 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Which looks 'better' ?

2019-02-18 02:19:18 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  


2019-02-18 02:19:37 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

That's weirdly reassuring

2019-02-18 02:40:10 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  


2019-02-18 02:40:17 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

I made a few edits to the 2nd

2019-02-18 02:40:26 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Discord thinks it magically became snfw

2019-02-18 04:24:18 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2019-02-18 21:46:49 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

@Mikey I'll take it as a compliment.

2019-02-23 21:06:25 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2019-02-23 21:06:29 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2019-02-23 21:06:39 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2019-02-23 21:07:18 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]

2019-02-24 01:00:21 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

That's because it was <:hyperthink:462282519883284480>

2019-02-24 01:00:50 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Its literally an art AI

2019-02-24 01:03:31 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Since you have prompted me

2019-02-24 01:03:51 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Someone in another server asked if it could do pictures

2019-02-24 01:06:30 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

This is what the AI does to it. Strips it down to as basic as it can make it. Then you direct it how to colour it. There are more advanced tools as well. Normally I manually touch up the image that gets put out.

2019-02-24 01:07:50 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

This was a 5 minute effort to produce 2 images, including the 30~ish second processing time

2019-02-24 01:08:34 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

This is one I actually put effort into that I made a long while ago:

2019-02-24 01:27:41 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

When I found this thing I did unironically go: wtf I love ai now

2019-02-24 23:47:09 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

It is rather OC. It is you creating something that did not before exist. Additionally existing colours present in art tend to effect the quality of any colouring done. None of the things I posted before were originally coloured.

2019-02-25 00:10:03 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

That applies to a piece of art which currently exists, and deliberately recolouring it, as opposed to adding colour to something which prior had none.

2019-02-25 01:40:38 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Not really. I pretty much picked it up to colour in Tanya sketches

2019-02-25 01:47:41 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

'ere we go

2019-02-25 01:48:02 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Open the link, as its a gallery to multiple images

2019-02-25 01:48:16 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

I did put an entire manga through

2019-02-25 02:01:30 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

This would be covered under fair use due to the transformative nature of what I did to it. More informally manga is easily accessible online, and take downs aren't levelled at sites hosting manga, unless they're making a profit off of it in practice.
I don't intend making a habbit of it though.

2019-02-25 02:08:44 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  


2019-02-25 02:09:33 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

I'm only speaking about this, as its literally to defend what I've posted.

2019-02-25 04:09:33 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

>wants to post lewd art
>says he draws kids

2019-02-25 04:12:37 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Don't worry, I'm joking. My avatar is 11 years old

2019-02-25 04:14:44 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

youjo senki, google it

2019-02-28 03:45:38 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  
2019-04-07 22:23:48 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  


2019-04-11 02:57:29 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  


2019-04-11 02:58:13 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

I'd avoid swastika's

2019-04-11 02:58:31 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

👌🏻 'ed the one I think best

2019-04-16 20:22:49 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

That yours?

2019-04-16 20:29:13 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Well done. That's good enough to steal

2019-04-27 02:40:29 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

What's more concerning is the story behind it

2019-04-27 02:42:51 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

It can be made more odd though

2019-06-02 20:21:51 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

pls jail @Dank Memer

2019-06-02 20:21:59 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  


2019-06-02 20:40:31 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  


2019-06-02 20:41:01 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

Jury posted this to me, when I asked if I could cell the bot xD

2019-06-02 20:41:17 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

3 days old

2019-06-02 23:18:59 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

pls profile

2019-06-03 23:15:42 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

Skoll was thinking of de meming the art gallery

2019-06-03 23:16:08 UTC [Athens #🎨gallery🎨_art]  

And I agreed initially until I saw how much work that would require

2019-06-20 02:45:41 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

pls trigger meowneko

2019-06-20 02:45:49 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  


2019-06-22 03:49:09 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

@Dank Memer is with regard to all particulars... in a round about way... all things considered... after weighing all parties involved... and not to put too fine a point on it... more or less fucking **broken.**

2019-06-22 03:49:55 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

2019-06-27 00:20:13 UTC [Athens #automatos_bot]  

pls crab Chris-chan, is dying

2019-07-12 02:30:23 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

I am actually mad right now

2019-07-12 02:30:37 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

My main 2 discords are playing fucking minecraft

Look what I found

Weeb shit

P = Price level (inflation)
Y = Real income(quantity of stuff produced)
AD = Aggregate demand (Aggregate meaning total)
LRAS = Long Run Aggregate Supply (the total capacity of the economy)

One of the key differences between economics prior to Kenyes was that the economy would always rebound. For S O M E R E A S O N it didn't.

Keynes in contrast identified that something had changed. He conceptulized that there was a force which unlike before, was cutting into the effective demand (aggregate demand) of the economy.

So whilst the country had the factories, and the people willing to work them, the money that existed was not being applied to the economy.

Keynes solution? Use Government spending to increase aggregate demand to get out of the rut, then scale back involvement, during the good times so you can do it again later.

Keynesism worked really well... until it didn't, and broke western economies in the late 1960's and 70's in the form of inflation

The problem being that there is no such thing as a Keynesian politician

They bloody well could explain what had happened, but weren't willing to accept that Governments had over applied fiscal policy

^Politicians will always have an incentive to spend and do something. This means that they will rarely cut back spending in practice. so Keynesianism is good when your in a rut, but will eventually break your economy if you continue it onwards.

I myself fall into being a post-Keynesian.

I think that Keynes was using tools, which while not... wrong, weren't correct in their understanding.

Keynes sucessfully identified that SOMETHING had changed, and that money was not being applied to the economy in the 30's and onwards

One of the chief differences is that... what if we completely misunderstood how money works?

Money, and debt...

What if... lending out money... creates new money...
What if, having loans repaid, takes money out of the economy?

And what if repaying loans takes out more money from the economy that it adds in? <:hyperthink:462282519883284480>

If this hypothesis were true, then there would be economic crashes, whenever there was a period of credit creation, and whenever the credit stopped being created... there was a crash.

Oh fuck

@n meowzers What do you do with money from a loan? You apply it to the economy immediately.

If anyone can understand more technical documents

This is how money actually works, according to the Bank of England in 2014.

The first page is a summary

Loans literally create money

The bank

Of fucking England

Didn't realize that loans de facto create money, until 2014 <:thinkcide2:462282425486147585>


Thing is Muten, this is the same system across the entire western world. The UK just discorvered this first 🤡

2nd was the Bundesbank(Germany) and then the US Fed had one of its board members believe this as well.

So, its general knowledge now.

You don't have a banking lisence.

This mess is why Crypto became popular.

I don't think its a good solution, but its understandable as to why people would seek out alternative stores of value.

In the past, we did have a good banking system.

It is possible.

In the past banks, printed THEIR OWN currency. This currency was then owned by the owners of the banks. They handed over legal tender, in exchange for the currency of the bank. They could use it for trade if others wanted it but 🤷🏻 You weren't forced to take it.
The amount of money in circulation only increased because it was printed by the Government.

What happens if a bank lent out too much money? It collapsed. Everyone who invested in it lost their money

What happens now? Everyone loses all their money, because the banks can print legal tender now, whereas before they could not.

The root of the problem, is Fractional Reserve Lending.

(Not the Jews)

So here's the amount of US dollars that exist.


But indeed. Why hasn't there been x4 inflation?

Well inflation only occurs in relation to the products that the money is applied to. So if this new money was... say... all given to the banks, and therefore only the banks spent this money... then there's no reason it would be applied to the price of cloths and food.


Stocks, land and houses.

Hence why all have gone through the roof.

Remember kids. Its not inflation, if its assets **increasing in value**


Asset appreciation is zeo sum. Its only good if you own the house.

Most people don't own a lot of assets if any.

Think about it like this to see the trick. If assets increase x4 but everything else remains the same, then the amount of work you need to preform to get assets has increased by x4

🤡 🔫

Actually that's the beauty of it. Assets have been inflated, but... the way in which they have been inflated, is permanent... unlike 2008

Unless all that Quantatative Easing money dissapears, its a permanent change.

And the only way to remove all of that mess is to slowely kill off all the major banks over the next 40 years, at the cost of the current generation... or have a politcal reform...

Hence the number of communists and fascists wanting to burn the liberal system down to the fucking ground

Arguably the baby problem, is a result of people not being able to afford houses, and all the rest of it.

2019-07-14 21:52:09 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

no xD

2019-07-14 21:56:17 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  


2019-07-14 22:18:29 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

You're is short for: You are
Your is possession

2019-07-14 22:18:38 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

In that instance the latter your was correct

Whole countries*


2019-07-15 05:43:08 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

It is disruptive to be fair

2019-07-15 05:43:20 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

Tell me to shut the fuck up :P

2019-07-15 05:43:52 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

If I'm directly moderating someone then, its moderation. A necessary evil of disruption

2019-07-15 05:46:12 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

Is shire behaving?

Do it


2019-07-17 07:13:48 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  


2019-07-17 07:14:58 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

The weird thing about that article if that the Independent is 1 step away from saying: Therefore the only solution is to let them fight abroad or kill them here now - but they haven't quite realized it.

2019-07-17 19:59:38 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

Vicarious benevolence, would be a good way to put it. Get others to be benevolent on their behalf.

Very liberal with the number of beatings delivered?

2019-07-18 22:42:53 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

In the first one the judge observed the very crime which he was set to judge, meaning that he was couldn't be impartial. This was too much a breach of procedure that tones of legal people sperged about it and his conviction was thrown out.

2019-07-18 22:43:10 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

Now they've just stiched him up neatly.

2019-07-18 22:48:42 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

Because it was a procederal fuck up, they just decided to... do it again...

2019-07-18 22:48:58 UTC [Athens #the-long-walls_immigrants]  

Didn't give him a jury either

2019-07-18 23:42:10 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

Works really well as contraception tbf


I remember when /pol/ yeeted threads for merely posting that image

Why does Shoeonhead come to mind?

2019-07-19 00:42:24 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

Most terrorists are retarded. Be thankful. If they weren't retarded they might actually kill someone.


@Torvarren I really am pondering if that's over the nsfw line <:thunk:462282216467333140>

None of the server is nsfw... its just that image is a prime example of a borderline image xD

@Torvarren Its fine. If I can't decide if its nsfw I'm not going to punish someone over it xD

I do wonder if this meme is relevant to anyone current in the channel? 🤔

@Vir You know that wasn't addressed at you. Poor Vir wanting attention

We literally named you alt chan

At least I'm pretty sure its you. Can't prove it as it stands.

No, that's not why. Being on at the same time as Vir, just as alt chan was buddy buddy with him in vc before he got banned. Also the fact you opened up with christ church memes. You know... its a little more than no reason.

Still, nothing actionable, so 🤷🏻

Yeah the server has 18,000 people and only 137 banned users, including the deleted accounts. People have to earn their bans.

Lebens is still around. Getting most of his money through audiobooks.

Lebens got banned. Was unbanned because... hey its Lebens, then he got banned again. The second time he was threataning to dox Sir Winn ¬.¬

I believe the first one was just Lebens CONSTANTLY shilling himself to the point where it was spam, and getting celled just wasn't enough for him

Both were well before I was mod though.

Only Disco can edit the server basically.

Ironically one of the few channels the mods can even edit is the cells xD

@BabaBooey So what you're saying is: The Far Right is bait?

>soulless model
The perfect trio for the Nazbol gang

2019-07-19 02:29:32 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@RedBSierra Good god, if only the British had them to fight, Ireland would never have gone independent

2019-07-19 20:57:04 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-07-19 20:57:43 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

Nice to know they worked out a ship may have gone missing.

@Lauri Thorne Sorry but any nz shooter memes are against discords tos, according to discord themselves. Don't post that anime image again please.

Christ church... AGAIN

2 in a row!

2019-07-20 21:17:26 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

Basically giant unecessary science experiment planets

2019-07-20 21:59:59 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

I have passed that tweet up to Sargon directly XD

2019-07-20 22:00:22 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-07-20 22:00:25 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

Its her

2019-07-20 22:07:51 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@bit-trotter No thank you that is an absolute GEM

2019-07-20 22:14:38 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

Literally the WHAT THE FUCK, war


2019-07-20 23:45:05 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

>propaganda minister

2019-07-20 23:45:12 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

>strips for the reich

2019-07-20 23:58:23 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


@Henry Dorsett Case Sorry there's a character limit for changing peoples names of 32. If you have a better suggestion for a 32 character name that means: I'm on my last warning for mic spam, feel free to suggest them

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