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Lol communism is perfect bob you fucking shithead


Yeah tell us about The Agency bob

I can confirm that Bob is a fed

It’s normalfag, normalfags

>being poor

this chat is chaos

Isn’t that bad for the environment

It’s your destiny

Alright lads, what is the solution to the pony problem?

Wait <:bootlet:595693013754314752> is yours?

The eternal furry vs mlp war

The ride truly never ends

>using fagbook

I’d argue that disney started furries

Muslims would fuck furries up lmao


i dont know what to mine ill mine it anyway

generation zyklon

gen z will be the most hated generation, putting my bets here

100 shekels

Could I rake in massive dosh if I had a quantum cpu doing the dirty work



I may just be a newfag but that does not look like /pol/'s board

no, YOU'RE a pedo

@What Would Jack Conte Do? yea, it's used all the time to support the hwyte man ebil narrative. hype is just using their own lingo to attack the anti-whites with

please hang thyself

>s-stop, it's not funny, this is wrong, please stop joking about this
could you moralfags go somewhere else more fitting, like reddit?

freaking out and not logging into discord is a brainlet tier reaction and is probably what they want you to do

Anthropomorphism is the next step in human evolution

Are furries based?

>breaking character

why is everyone here such a fucking bigot?

shut the fuck up horsefucker

when can we finally exterminate these degenerates

fucking horsefucker cock sucking degenerate you're in the wrong chatroom

>pinkloo cannot stop shitting up this chatroom

why would I contribute to this shithole hahahahaahaaaaa funny

can you stop being toxic

intolerable much?

@Coolitic why are you being so toxic?

bronies literally need to neck it

twitter is that way retard

cool I overpower you mentally and physically

remnants btfo

how's your time off been @Remnants ?

remnants has been shitposting nonstop



mikey you cock


@PureEvilPie *pounces on you*

yet another jewish psyop

who invited the jidf?

is this minority challenging me

whiter than you mohammed

so what are we going to do about the remnants problem?

yea this is a remnants' server

THANK you weez

the bigotry on discord in general is insane

because discord is heavily white

it's in their genes to be racist, which is problematic

because their racist

are you on the same page as me horsefriend

weebs blown the fuck out

how will weebs ever recover

uksio this is obviously the works of some based lad so shut the fuck up


I never sweet, it's weird


catch me if you can fat neckbeard megafags

so guys what are we going to do about the Coolitic problem?

yes, ebin is well-versed on furry knowledge..... makes you think

ebin join us so we can solve the horse problem


Gas cool

I agree pure

racism has gotten real outta control recently tbh



There’s literally nothing wrong with being a furry

Probably code for child sex slaves or something sick like that

Mind your own, business is business

I’m not going on a walk right to get my kids ready for school to get me out there @TEABAG!!!

@TEABAG!!! Yeah and the day you got me to get you

So be it, I don’t have the right of way when it comes to disagreeing, maybe it’s for the best

imagine being jew'd from birth

weez you've already got your fill

so what are we going to do about the weez problem

<:pawstika:499695646329274368> rise up

lol k weeb

@pwtdo that's retarded. If she's guilty, SEND HER BACK

>a fucking leaf

I cannot believe the bigotry in this server. Everyone must take socioeconomics into consideration before judging people!


i-is it okay?

@robert from kinoplex epstein called, says you'd be a perfect addition to his island

who do you think



2019-07-26 00:04:54 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

What if you fuck a guy in the ass hahahahaahahhaahhaha is that gay??? Hahahahahahah

2019-07-26 00:05:03 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  


2019-07-26 00:06:28 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

They mention the profile picture! How predictable! Hahahahahaahhah

Good evening everypony!

Aw, sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the haystack! Let me introduce you to the power friendship

Sweet Equestia! Are you taking the side of Discord?

I'm sorry but I only serve Princess Celestia!

Someponies here need to learn some respect and tolerance, they really must!

Sorry but I belong in Equestria!

Wow, fail!

From the looks of it, everypony seems to be having a great time

That's really sad to hear, everypony needs a parent

Let me introduce you to the magic of friendship, Muten

No, silly willy!

Here at Equestria, every religion is tolerated

Yes, yes! Tolerance is key to a strong pony community!

If they let you

I said it once and I'll say it again! Every religion has a place in Equestria, no pony should be left out!

That sounds very islamophobic of you, Doom. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Do NOT bring the Princess into this.

I will not have this discussion... everypony has a home here in equestria, and that is that

Islamic aggression is simply a response to oppression, we should work hard to eliminate whatever is causing such!

Everypony say it with me


Muten, what is your input on this?

Ponies, ponies, settle down!

Here at Equestria, nopony is impoverished

Equestria has a very rich history as well

Oh, nice to see another pony in athens! @Sparklez

Just trying to teach everypony here the power of friendship

The horses are second class citizens here at Equestria, unfortunately!

MrNumbers, you seem a little on *edge*, may I introduce to you the power of friendship?

Ooo! Roleplay! We here at ponyville love roleplay

Das right, Sparklez


If you ask me, I think the horses should be thrown out of Equestria

Very lazy!

These are all great ideas, Sparklez!

Ew, a horse

Sweet Celestia, this chat feels unclean already!

My hooves aren't going to stand a second of this nonsense


Keep your hooves off our pure ponies, please

Sparklez I'm not really understanding these terms here


Is everypony here usually this disrespectful?

By the Princess!

You need a lesson in friendship, son!

MeMSix, you really like to talk about my insides, are you trying to tell me something here?

Say, what does everypony here like to listen to?

I prefer TLT, personally

@DanknessArising Kind of degenerate

Hello everypony!

>a fucking leaf

>the leaf shakes in fear

Everypony, settle down!

That's very sad, meowzers! Would you like to be my friend?

@Edog Our friend @Jack of Trades invited us

By Equestria

We aren't "Bronies," we are ponies

No! I'm confessing to being a pony

We use magic here at ponyville

A little intolerant


We belong in Equestria, how many times must we tell you this

That's enough, Sparklez

Pony posting?? Yipee!

What's the matter @Muten ?

Naruto, dragonball

Nopony cares, leaf

redditors I swear to Celestia





Rainbow factory for you!


pro israel here in ponyville

Oh my god





how is everypony tonight

No problem, tonight's been pretty based not gonna lie

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