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2019-09-05 12:19:00 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

what the everloving shit is cancelling anyway

2019-09-05 12:20:00 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

like all it seems to be is like maybe at least one person disagreeing with another. that's fucking it

2019-09-05 12:42:11 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

so why are we accepting this shit instead of tearing it apart and throwing it away like the laughing stock it is

galaxy brain

i just fucking want guns

the us sucks lmao

2019-09-05 13:52:35 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

galaxy brain

america suuuuuuuuuucks

2019-09-06 18:17:37 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

how 'bout we leave, anyway

2019-09-06 18:21:07 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

~~assent*~~ <:GWmiyanoSip:398867239895433226>

2019-09-06 18:22:07 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

someone living on the mainland could just start a new country and join the eu, just to veto our extension

maybe you should tell them the good news that nazis aren't being voted for

`witness the power of this fully operational death star` -- boris johnson, 2020

can't we just not follow the rules of the EU, like usually membership-based clubs kick you out when you piss about

what? lmao

remaining would be a phyrric victory for the remainers

2019-09-08 14:26:44 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

france has an island?

2019-09-08 14:27:13 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-09-08 15:52:31 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

lmao my guy ate the onion

2019-09-08 16:14:38 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

that is true, we are at peak poe right now

2019-09-08 16:21:09 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

that being said, undoomed is just ad hominem: the youtube channel, so

2019-09-08 16:24:44 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-09-08 16:25:47 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-09-08 16:28:14 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

that being said, my undoomed take is based on like the 10 videos i watched maybe 4 or so years ago

2019-09-08 16:28:32 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

so i am most probably definitely wrong

2019-09-08 16:52:48 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

so they can try and rejoin <:GWnonAiSmug:373159826525519872>

galaxy brain

now this is requiem

"despite brexit"

as though it had an inherent nature

'political' activist*

apparently "god" personally came to his house and said, quote, 'guacamole nigga penis'

so i believe it

how did the so-called 'cancelling' change them

if at all


who would pretend to be contrapoints <:thunk:462282216467333140>

isn't the independent just lib dems: the rags-with-some-vaguely-cobbled-together-set-of-words-on-them

2019-09-09 16:21:23 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

ah yes, the naz-dees

2019-09-09 23:18:36 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


> ``[11:04] Weez: Donโ€™t forget the BBC do not write opinion pieces, they only post fact.``
<:GWchadMEGATHINK:366999806343774218> boi

fucking volcano take

right after dank's video on their obvious-as-fuck hit-docu on him, too

the bbc have no reputation here to begin with

but it's plainly obvious as to why they did it

extremely. again, this is known

like the only thing these people are actually competent at are being the mafia

that's it

who the fuck even is pep

so literally who

ah cuck in life and on the internet

if it's not trending on twitter, people aren't talking about it <:GWchadMEGATHINK:366999806343774218>

here's a pretty cool example of a non-objective article

see all the slanting and fanciful wording? sure, everything written here is true when you look at it... but it's written fairly disingenuously, don't you think? it's also interesting how all of their quotes are from people opposed to the topic in question. no pro- or even neutral parties

it is a pretty volcano take

and then there's also omission

@LmaoMoni lupusregina beta from overlord

2019-09-11 14:23:49 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

i doubt either cuk or ukip would be running MPs the next GE or at the very least, enough to snap up whatever share of the vote they have. i'd put it past cuk to do it because they're dumb, but i don't think ukip will see it as being worth it and focus more on building up their campaigning, policies, etc.

2019-09-11 15:16:12 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

...because the voter base is kinda... ehhhh...

i mean, did you see any of sargon's touring? i feel it's a good sampling of the different types of people in the electorate

2019-09-11 18:34:20 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

did the pope finish undertale yet

2019-09-11 18:35:10 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

galaxy fucking brain

galaxy brain

assault rifle

2019-09-12 15:11:48 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@Hommedaction super freedom kart 64

2019-09-12 15:14:56 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

wait how did that end up in this channel

2019-09-12 15:14:57 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-09-12 15:15:10 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

i posted this in <#613767975614283832>

this is discord propaganda

2019-09-12 15:33:50 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

galaxy brain

2019-09-12 15:34:18 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

i was referring to all of us

2019-09-12 15:34:48 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

of course

what's the difference between europeans and remainers <:cirThink:562505138548375552> didn't know?

2019-09-12 15:52:36 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-09-12 16:38:06 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-09-12 16:53:32 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

gonna need to see some proof of that pal <:hypersmugon:544638648721604608>

2019-09-12 16:56:00 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

also wasn't she literally just unbanned

2019-09-12 17:22:45 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

that's a mighty big cruise missile

african dicks, live

...african dick LOVING.


so kids, what did we learn? preserve history, even if it offends you.

...their squiggly writing is kinda cool tbh

imagine being able to write and read literal spaghetti

2019-09-12 22:46:21 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  


the amount of letters in the word race is the amount of digits in your iq

try it

which fucking character is this again

i can never find rule 34 of her

it's time for world war 3

ok pep what is the eu to you

all of the above

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