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I'm glad Europe gave refuge to those poor innocent people!

Boom and the twat is gone

He's a Zionist.

Deserves what he got.

Yes GOYIM. Nothing wrong with Zionism )))

*0.02 shekels have been deposited into your account.*

What is the Israel and Palestine 'issue' ?

Can you explain that to us? @robert from kinoplex

Yet their "perfect human" is a nonce?


Literally a nonce.

A podophile.

Someone that married a 9 year old child.

Who was a pedo

Paedophile *

It's about desensitising the penis @Nat

No enjoyable sex for you.

God bless varg.

His ban was unjust.


You've got that wrong. Kikes only take. @robert from kinoplex

They work as bankers.


Yes GOYIM. 0.04 Shekels have been added to your account.

Keep going GOYIM.

They're Jewish.

Enough said.

What books?

That fictional event?


Remember the 6 trillion!

The what?

Yes GOYIM. More shekels have been added to your account!

>URL name


@robert from kinoplex And you take everything you read online too seriously

But seriously

Imagine thinking it was real


They packed up and left

They went to Israel

That's why the state exists today


God bless.

I love how you have them saved.

Post more.

Most of these are reposts from this server. Smh. @robert from kinoplex

What invasion?

They asked for assistance.

It was a peace keeping mission.

The leaders represent the people.


Can do.

If you want me to.

It was a peace keeping operation.

Morally justified.

The party called them in to keep the peace.



Has it taken you this long to realise?

Come on..

"All of you all are wrong"

I love Americans.

Looks like a couple doors to me.

Dresden was a morally and ethically acceptable loss.

Sorry Krauts. Suck it up.

Provide me with evidence. @Spooky Melon

How can you prove that's charcoal?

But you need to prove it.

I don't know who's wrote that.

Could be you.

I need the sources.

And the evidence.

I reject your source.

I don't know who these people are.

They could be shilling me something.

Get me some hard evidence.

Get some charcoal.

And write with it.

Record yourself doing it.




Years. @Kazza

Every guy has one.

Up their ass.

(((They control everything))) @Polekov

Delete that.

We don't want this server gone.

One fucking phone call.

And we're all black bagged.

What power do you have to defy the Bogdanoffs?

28,843 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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