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Ah watching movies again, fairo.

this is real art.

I stand with you comrade

If what you are saying is true its nothing but a virtual signal.
If there is a change its only in name.

ICE are heroes that get rid of people who are breaking the law.

Oh? They have been running her as an economists

Interesting. That makes so much more sense xD

g2g guys take care have a good one~

Oh yeah, and I saw this earlier. Needs to be shared.


'Theresa May has KILLED US-UK trade deal with soft Brexit' - Trump's major blow to PM

...damn I love Trump.

how do you fuck up this much?

I do not believe becoming a soverign nation is a waste of time to Thunderf00ts point

I don't know why they are content on fucking over their economy. But yes, that's a problem.

1. Wasn't there other journalists doing the same thing as Tommy Robinson?
2. Wasn't Tommy Robinson just repeating information that was already spoken in court?
3. Tommy shouldn't have been at the court (near it), they were corrupt and always looking to arrest him

I don't think tommy is going to be killed, wasn't he put in solitary confinement?

I think the broader point here is the UK gov is unjust.


health and safety I believe.

Oh yes, also, I saw this and thought it was on-point


Blowing up commies from space is a moral good.

The memes literally write themselves..


So, I want to ask a couple of questions here:
Do National Socialists / Alt Right hate jews?
Do National Socialists / Alt Right want to kill jews? Like what is the degree of hatred towards the jews?

Sorry don't normally link while on phone

*we're always deplatforming*
*always deplatforming~*


tl;dr: Sargon and co wont even matter~


In Islam its the father

not at all.

I haven't heard these arguements

I believe you damnation.
I support you.

no weeb shit

Japan is failing because weebs exist. change my mind

I will regret

Jokes on them, I can't see anything that's happening

later~ I only wish I could of given a better video suggestion. :< Oh well

Yo guys, I also entered a competition (redesign a game of thrones sigil) - check it and if you like my design please vote for it.

I made this tshirt design


Freedom Vs Equality.

Plenty wrong with being a furry faggot.

You're free to be retarded, of course

faggot, you know what I mean, quit being gay

**P E N C E**

Which european country is going to fall first? Sweeden?

I only say PJW's video on it today. Seemed absolutly fucked.

The German-French axis~

Well, at least you arent somalian

I mean he has got you there...

Oh dear the radical lefties are eating their own

trans getting immigrants fired

don't worry though Islam will rape them back into submission later

so it all balances out

like what thonas said

I am completely unsympathetic. Diversity is weakness, and the people promoting it are all oppertunist lying cunts that can get fucked.

Merit is strength.

Diverse levels of IQ

diverse levels of income

Diverse levels of heights

You know the context we are talking about when we are talking about diversity - essentially diversity means anti-white ethnicities.

this is not a meaningful thing at all.

Yeah but Im not talking about "diversity as anything" and niehter is the left.

He has proof...

Why are "trans" people so depressed?

Also, if you can't accept yourself for who you are, why would I?

I'd have a problem with it, because it ruins my perception of reality.

I don't think Trump ever cared about Wikileaks, it was just convenient at the time

I know, it was convenient for him at the time.

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