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2017-05-12 14:42:56 UTC

where is the shoah

2017-05-12 14:42:58 UTC


2017-05-12 14:44:29 UTC

haven't seen it

2017-05-12 14:45:52 UTC

Doesn't it come out on Sunday!

2017-05-12 14:45:56 UTC


2017-05-12 14:47:12 UTC

They're still finding Reagan's jellybeans in the drawers and in the walls.

2017-05-12 15:00:08 UTC

Mfw will never be in bush war fast roping out of a hind with a car15 and with this lad flying



2017-05-12 15:00:52 UTC

@Vanguard That was a gud thread

2017-05-12 15:01:31 UTC

what a sir

2017-05-12 15:01:45 UTC

i know

2017-05-12 15:02:21 UTC

whole bush war era is fucking legit to research, if I was alive then I would of gone and fought

2017-05-12 15:02:25 UTC

married a SA lass

2017-05-12 15:02:33 UTC

im considering if shit kicks of in SA to go V.Short Shorts Anglo

2017-05-12 15:03:09 UTC

if it does and what not I would potentially go if not under contract with US or if I am and still doing finance get material support

2017-05-12 15:06:10 UTC

only £600 manchester one way to joburg

2017-05-12 15:06:52 UTC

@wyatt Whats the wyattpill on Comey, and Kobach's voter fraud commission?

2017-05-12 15:07:06 UTC

who gives a shit

2017-05-12 15:07:28 UTC

too early to tell on any front of those

2017-05-12 15:07:33 UTC

sessions will speak soon

2017-05-12 15:07:47 UTC

its clear trump is mentally retarded and wont last the year because he will end up tweeting something that gets him impeached. Who cares

2017-05-12 15:08:14 UTC

Alex Jones is flipping out excited saying "THE GLOVES ARE OFF THE FROGS WILL BE TURNED UNGAY!!!"

2017-05-12 15:08:25 UTC

No trump is being controlled

2017-05-12 15:08:32 UTC

lol glad you're back to your old blackpill self I'm now optimistic again

2017-05-12 15:09:40 UTC

the president just threatened the former FBI director. I dont know how you could be delusional enough to think things will be okay

2017-05-12 15:10:15 UTC

I only wish you had money so I could bet you and take it

2017-05-12 15:14:59 UTC

poles are not that bad it seems hmm

2017-05-12 15:16:44 UTC

they act like niggers in the UK

2017-05-12 15:18:20 UTC


2017-05-12 15:18:21 UTC


2017-05-12 15:18:42 UTC

inb4 anita sarkeesian talks about the lack of nazi representation in vidya

2017-05-12 15:18:52 UTC

would hate fuck if I could kill after

2017-05-12 15:19:16 UTC

might not be necessary

2017-05-12 15:19:32 UTC

despite all her feminist talking points i have a sneaking suspicion shes still a virgin

2017-05-12 15:20:07 UTC

yeah ok

2017-05-12 15:21:23 UTC

yeah u probs rite

2017-05-12 15:21:51 UTC

@northern_confederate did u get that shipment of fidget spinners

2017-05-12 15:23:50 UTC
2017-05-12 15:24:46 UTC

glr was a jewish shill fbi plant sodomite

2017-05-12 15:24:56 UTC
2017-05-12 15:29:31 UTC

if you bought those for confed i will literally fly out and stab you in the eye with them

2017-05-12 15:29:48 UTC

@Edward Fox Hunting season is the highlight of my year

2017-05-12 15:30:30 UTC

yes thanks man I'm gonna use them in the car tonight

2017-05-12 15:30:35 UTC


2017-05-12 15:30:58 UTC

really makes me [avoid my] shrink

2017-05-12 15:31:20 UTC

Nice to see you give money to jews

2017-05-12 15:31:32 UTC

i didnt donate to the stormer what are you talking about

2017-05-12 15:31:38 UTC


2017-05-12 15:31:42 UTC

shrinks lol

2017-05-12 15:31:50 UTC

Men, dogs and horse are the best species in said order @Vanguard

2017-05-12 15:31:58 UTC

did u c that he once dated an asian lol who cares if they do anything good

2017-05-12 15:31:59 UTC

donate to stormer feggit

2017-05-12 15:32:29 UTC

only person i donate to is kyle chapman

2017-05-12 15:32:39 UTC


2017-05-12 15:32:40 UTC

@Edward last weekend


2017-05-12 15:33:04 UTC

so jelly

2017-05-12 15:33:05 UTC

I only donate directly to holocaust survivors

2017-05-12 15:33:07 UTC

@Vanguard I thought u were murican

2017-05-12 15:33:09 UTC


2017-05-12 15:33:12 UTC

i didnt consent to this

2017-05-12 15:33:14 UTC

There are hunts in america

2017-05-12 15:33:19 UTC

mostly NE/SE

2017-05-12 15:33:37 UTC


2017-05-12 15:33:49 UTC

We hacked through downtown post christmas day hunt through downtown to the church

2017-05-12 15:33:59 UTC

Waved to people in form of raised arm while riding

2017-05-12 15:34:16 UTC


2017-05-12 15:34:28 UTC

Daily reminder that hunting with hounds is implicitly white and is one of the last stands of rural culture that isn't pozzed by faggots @here

2017-05-12 15:34:40 UTC


2017-05-12 15:34:45 UTC

crush the ruralite

2017-05-12 15:34:51 UTC

We will smash the urbanite and raise the cities

2017-05-12 15:34:58 UTC

also is a nice place for trad wife prospects

2017-05-12 15:35:13 UTC

@badtanman get out urbanite scum! This is real ruralite hours :^)

2017-05-12 15:35:13 UTC


2017-05-12 15:35:23 UTC

ruralite doesnt even have the newest nigger tech

2017-05-12 15:35:24 UTC

Fox hunting?

2017-05-12 15:35:27 UTC

@Vanguard Anglophile detected

2017-05-12 15:35:57 UTC

how am i supposed to function without my brand new samsung galaxy s8 plus with haptic touch feedback and samsung pay support

2017-05-12 15:36:00 UTC

lived with the brits enough at NATO for it to rub off

2017-05-12 15:36:10 UTC

my sister had a english accept growing up due to schooling there

2017-05-12 15:36:16 UTC

good goy

2017-05-12 15:36:26 UTC

We will let u live

2017-05-12 15:36:37 UTC

You cant kill me you don't even have guns

2017-05-12 15:36:42 UTC

IMO Footpacks are better unless you have a horse yourself because you get to see more of the hunt as they're not just galloping after a hare at a fast speed.

2017-05-12 15:36:53 UTC


2017-05-12 15:37:03 UTC

going full canter down hill after hounds on a trail is lit as fuck

2017-05-12 15:37:07 UTC

and taking rips from a flask

2017-05-12 15:37:17 UTC

you got a fiance now van?

2017-05-12 15:37:21 UTC


2017-05-12 15:37:35 UTC

good practice for when ANTIFA comes to these woods and I get to hunt them from horse back

2017-05-12 15:37:36 UTC

I've done foxhunting while on horseback, was one of the best hunt's I've whipped in on.

2017-05-12 15:37:39 UTC


2017-05-12 15:37:51 UTC

@Vanguard Do you get any trouble with anti hunting fags?

2017-05-12 15:37:55 UTC

lol no

2017-05-12 15:37:58 UTC

They're like the ANTIFA of the countryside

2017-05-12 15:38:02 UTC

I have a few tales about those fucks

2017-05-12 15:38:03 UTC

yeah I have seen their stuff

2017-05-12 15:38:17 UTC

a lot of the hunts here are very private to avoid SJW shit libs

2017-05-12 15:38:33 UTC

Aye, it only takes one faggot in the pub you're meeting at to tip them off though

2017-05-12 15:38:38 UTC

Sabs are to be thrown in the ovens tbh

2017-05-12 15:38:45 UTC

I used to have a photo of me in hunt garb post kill of fox and blood on face but I never put on social media it was pretty implicit

2017-05-12 15:39:01 UTC

but lots of hunts have some big business types that dont want to deal with SJW fall out

2017-05-12 15:39:07 UTC

Dealing with those fucks at an early age prepared me for the likes of Antifa and I think redpilled me on libshits a fair bit

2017-05-12 15:39:11 UTC

so they keep like hunt rosters private etc

2017-05-12 15:39:24 UTC

Yeah, the farms we card here locally are pretty based.

2017-05-12 15:39:39 UTC

poon huntin

2017-05-12 15:40:01 UTC

we will deal with thots bolton style

2017-05-12 15:40:11 UTC

We had this one incident with antis where the farmer was muckspreadding. He saw them and just went 'enough is enough' and proceded to cover them all with horse shite!

2017-05-12 15:40:15 UTC

few dudes had legit defenders and Land rovers with all terrain tires to follow on hunt it was lit as fuck

2017-05-12 15:40:24 UTC

Shotguns in back etc

2017-05-12 15:40:28 UTC


2017-05-12 15:40:52 UTC

We have /bigguys/ when we know antis are about, we do everything save shoot them to deterr them

2017-05-12 15:41:04 UTC

buddies inlaws had a Mercedes G Wagon they are fast as fuck and 3 locking Differentials, tearing along paths in that was lulz

2017-05-12 15:41:16 UTC

FN FAL in back seat

2017-05-12 15:41:30 UTC


2017-05-12 15:41:38 UTC

So that usually means I'm standing in the back of the truck looking out for them with an Irish shillelagh ready to whack the fuckers if they get nasty

2017-05-12 15:42:34 UTC

lol I keep a 45 under my hunt coat with a shoulder holster

2017-05-12 15:43:19 UTC

@Vanguard how much capital would i need to by all equipment of a infrantrymen minus shootty stuff

2017-05-12 15:43:36 UTC

lol you want night vision and shit too?

2017-05-12 15:43:37 UTC

And let me tell you, "Muh optics" doesn't mean shit. The news have tried to false flag us in the past on Boxing Day (in Britain all the hunts go out hunting on Boxing Day and the antis are out in full force). College educated liberals get paid by some Jewess to go out and disrupt the hunts, in true ANTIFAesque style they get violent and shouty.

2017-05-12 15:43:48 UTC

@Vanguard basics

2017-05-12 15:44:04 UTC

basic bitch radios?

2017-05-12 15:44:21 UTC

yeah I hate people being faggots about hunting we had a few cry about shit when we went downtown

2017-05-12 15:44:22 UTC

@Vanguard Holy shit that gave me an eargasm :^)

2017-05-12 15:44:28 UTC

I just ignored them

2017-05-12 15:44:32 UTC

i've got like $1500

2017-05-12 15:44:49 UTC


2017-05-12 15:44:54 UTC

1500 gets you gud

2017-05-12 15:45:19 UTC

I kind of want to get a old defender or a range rover country LWB and work on it and use it to hunt cruise in

2017-05-12 15:45:26 UTC

maybe small lift and all terrains

2017-05-12 15:45:57 UTC

G wagons are like 120K so not dropping that on a car, the 90s G wagons are cool tho it was before they merged into their ultra performance line and were largely still mil vehicles

2017-05-12 15:46:03 UTC

they have like ones with removable tops etc

2017-05-12 15:46:05 UTC

My grandad was fighting libshits before it was cool. He has some good tales to tell in his time. He's been hunting for a good 50 years. I now carry his Shillelagh when I go hunting. Feelsproudman

2017-05-12 15:46:43 UTC

yeah I get semi rustled with how vocal anti hunting is in UK

2017-05-12 15:46:50 UTC

like how do you hate yourself that much

2017-05-12 15:47:05 UTC

We have it rough tbh

2017-05-12 15:47:06 UTC

mean while in USA I hunt on massive tracts of land with a loaded semi auto handgun

2017-05-12 15:47:07 UTC

its just anti ruralite

2017-05-12 15:47:12 UTC


2017-05-12 15:47:15 UTC

So true

2017-05-12 15:48:06 UTC

Most of the hunting folk are quite old and antis (anti hunting fags) are about my age, difference is they're weak liberals and I'm a stronk country lad who fears no faggot.

2017-05-12 15:48:18 UTC

Also I have a Shillelagh on me at all times when hunting :^)

2017-05-12 15:48:19 UTC


2017-05-12 15:48:35 UTC


2017-05-12 15:48:41 UTC

3 locking difs fam

2017-05-12 15:48:59 UTC

>tfw will never be able to drive land rovers and range rovers going "VROOM VROOM" with a shotgun in the back

2017-05-12 15:49:02 UTC


2017-05-12 15:49:07 UTC


2017-05-12 15:49:24 UTC

@Accipiter yh we can

2017-05-12 15:49:29 UTC

I can't personally

2017-05-12 15:49:35 UTC


2017-05-12 15:49:48 UTC

what do the old ones go for

2017-05-12 15:50:07 UTC

I still will never forget the time we rode quadbikes with paintball guns to shoot the Antis with

2017-05-12 15:50:41 UTC

old ones can range like 10-60 depending on mods and condition and all kinds of shit

2017-05-12 15:50:43 UTC

THAT is how you disperse a crowd of 30 or so libshits, get like five quads, a few paintball guns and like ten lads and go shootin' :^)

2017-05-12 15:50:44 UTC

did that actually happen 😂 😂

2017-05-12 15:50:51 UTC


2017-05-12 15:50:56 UTC

I wish Gopros were a thing then really

2017-05-12 15:51:53 UTC

Pinzgauer would be a cool hunt vehicle too


2017-05-12 15:51:57 UTC

Put a mobile bar in it

2017-05-12 15:52:45 UTC

when I legit move move and settle and hopefully in hunt country I will legit buy one of those and cruise around with a bar in one of those

2017-05-12 15:52:48 UTC

Basically what happened is that we were hunting as usual, Antis shown up. We generally try to keep on hunting, but they will often outnumber us, get shouty and at times even quite violent, considering that a lot of the people hunting are old, they're not going to fight savage libshits. So I've had a bit of experience in safety squads... The farm we were hunting at also did a bit of paintball on the side, so naturally the few younger and more fitter among us did what we could to drive them out

2017-05-12 15:53:13 UTC

Ive seen an anti get the shit kicked out of them by a horse

2017-05-12 15:53:19 UTC

Oh yes.

2017-05-12 15:53:24 UTC

Horses get scared easily

2017-05-12 15:53:26 UTC


2017-05-12 15:53:35 UTC

If an anti runs up and hits a horse, that fucker will kick back

2017-05-12 15:53:44 UTC

That's why libshits are the worst

2017-05-12 15:53:47 UTC

lol it can kill you / make you retarded

2017-05-12 15:54:01 UTC

They claim to be trying to protect muh animals then go and attack the horses and hounds

2017-05-12 15:54:24 UTC

yeah dude there was a clip they used like artifical scent and lured the dogs into traffic and they got hit

2017-05-12 15:54:27 UTC

I was so pissed

2017-05-12 15:54:31 UTC


2017-05-12 15:54:32 UTC

lets hit this massive animal and hope its most powerful part doesnt hit me bacl

2017-05-12 15:54:39 UTC

So anyways, we grabbed the quads, I sat on the back with a paintball gun, and we were told by the farmer himself to basically shoot at their van and scare them off. :^)

2017-05-12 15:54:48 UTC

luckily in America I can one hand the reigns other hand 1911

2017-05-12 15:55:13 UTC

m8 this sound like a pool party @Accipiter

2017-05-12 15:55:19 UTC



2017-05-12 15:55:48 UTC

left side of my saddle I have 2 extra spare magazines for 1911 lololol

2017-05-12 15:56:34 UTC

@Edward I genuinely would love to get into a fucking pool party, lad... I'm a ruralite safety squad member in the winter when we're hunting. Would love to get up to some mischief in the summer when Antifa may protest too tbh

2017-05-12 15:56:50 UTC

going to my first pool party soon tbh

2017-05-12 15:57:18 UTC

nigga id love to o hunting

2017-05-12 15:57:31 UTC

if you niggazzz ever come to US you need to guest hunt here

2017-05-12 15:57:42 UTC

it would be very implicit

2017-05-12 15:58:01 UTC

@Edward Hm, speak to me over Wire for a moment...

2017-05-12 15:58:52 UTC

nigga im on my new account

2017-05-12 15:59:11 UTC

@Accipiter nigga im on my new account

2017-05-12 15:59:19 UTC

the holiday hunts are legit af

2017-05-12 15:59:21 UTC


2017-05-12 15:59:31 UTC

we had bag pipe people playing last of mohicans song

2017-05-12 15:59:43 UTC

i like bagpipes

2017-05-12 16:00:11 UTC


2017-05-12 16:01:26 UTC

gotta be hunt master first to change the program

2017-05-12 16:06:41 UTC

hahaha wtf

2017-05-12 16:07:13 UTC

what is it like to be that disfunctionally retarded

2017-05-12 16:25:34 UTC


2017-05-12 16:28:41 UTC

Thanks for lowering my productivity to zero, yuge

2017-05-12 16:28:46 UTC

Time to troll

2017-05-12 16:31:59 UTC


2017-05-12 16:40:23 UTC


2017-05-12 16:47:22 UTC

theres some weird shit online after the doxing

2017-05-12 16:47:26 UTC

i saw a mike enoch jets fan page

2017-05-12 16:47:33 UTC

and a ghoul cat pictures blog

2017-05-12 17:02:52 UTC

2nd on left is a jew


2017-05-12 17:04:09 UTC


2017-05-12 17:05:14 UTC

make rhinoplasty illegal.

2017-05-12 17:05:56 UTC

If you google rhinoplasty the first image is a jewess before and after.

2017-05-12 17:06:01 UTC

Of coursh

2017-05-12 17:06:04 UTC

That's a really hard choice on fugg or not

2017-05-12 17:06:11 UTC


2017-05-12 17:06:21 UTC

Resist the jewess

2017-05-12 17:06:41 UTC

There are souless eyes behind those sunglasses.

2017-05-12 17:07:00 UTC

she has that hideous between tits gap

2017-05-12 17:07:06 UTC

not hot

2017-05-12 17:07:11 UTC

They are fake pups

2017-05-12 17:07:15 UTC


2017-05-12 17:08:00 UTC

I knew a chick with that in high school, that is gross.

2017-05-12 17:08:09 UTC

Tbh every jewess ive seen has really shitty pancake tits unless fake

2017-05-12 17:08:40 UTC

alison brie has some khazars

2017-05-12 17:09:21 UTC

I like to think its god's punishment for running the porn industry.

2017-05-12 17:09:33 UTC

The curse of shit boobs.

2017-05-12 17:09:57 UTC

if you're a jewess without big milkers end yourself

2017-05-12 17:10:44 UTC

this tbh

2017-05-12 17:13:44 UTC

Lol blacks not paying bills


2017-05-12 17:16:45 UTC

those are some gay pants

2017-05-12 17:21:54 UTC


2017-05-12 17:26:59 UTC

5 days left on FG shirts

2017-05-12 17:33:13 UTC

Eli bruh 1.59oz of Fentanyl is a lot

2017-05-12 17:33:13 UTC

it's dosed in mcg

2017-05-12 17:34:18 UTC


2017-05-12 17:37:41 UTC

@Vanguard haha I wonder how all the shitlib swpls I know that work for Duke Energy feel.

2017-05-12 17:37:54 UTC

did you just dox yourslef?

2017-05-12 17:38:22 UTC


2017-05-12 17:40:15 UTC

Its one of the biggest employers in the state I know a bunch of people that work there. Lots of swpls.

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