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2017-01-28 05:09:07 UTC


2017-01-28 05:17:59 UTC


2017-01-28 05:19:04 UTC


2017-01-28 05:32:16 UTC


2017-01-28 05:37:37 UTC


2017-01-28 05:38:50 UTC

Checking out, goys.

2017-01-28 05:38:56 UTC


2017-01-28 05:39:27 UTC

I will check in with my greatuncle Asgardian

2017-01-28 05:46:24 UTC


2017-01-28 06:02:00 UTC


2017-01-28 06:05:11 UTC
2017-01-28 06:14:23 UTC

HAIL βœ‹

2017-01-28 06:42:01 UTC

I am above the law! And done editing the Krypto report.

2017-01-28 06:42:08 UTC

So many files... so much fash

2017-01-28 06:42:41 UTC

And @Caerulus_Rex what a trooper, going on with a cold and not sounding like crap.

2017-01-28 06:45:18 UTC

git in the voice chanooo son

2017-01-28 06:45:28 UTC

God no.

2017-01-28 06:45:43 UTC

No one should hear my voice right now it's all blue grass here all the time

2017-01-28 06:45:46 UTC

Get in here Ken!!!

2017-01-28 06:45:58 UTC

No way. I had to be entertaining twice this week. I'm tired.

2017-01-28 06:46:16 UTC

You don't have to be entertaining

2017-01-28 06:46:18 UTC

look forward to hearing the krypto report muh brotha'

2017-01-28 06:46:50 UTC

*nods* I have finally digested the whole TRS situation and given my take on it.

2017-01-28 06:47:10 UTC

It's all esoteric and made to be pretty but it's pretty much "Shut the fuck up until we win. Then we can assign blame."

2017-01-28 07:11:21 UTC

ah shit wrong thread

2017-01-28 07:16:11 UTC

It's ready. Pls no bully

2017-01-28 07:18:55 UTC

"I heard she had the pronounciation of her name legally changed so when she goes to rallies she can say "This is my ass. Youcis it." - RE Emily Youcis

2017-01-28 07:29:51 UTC


2017-01-28 09:18:52 UTC

Holy shit...
Part of Trump's speech on the Holocaust (which didn't mention jews):
β€œIn the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good,” he concluded. β€œTogether, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”

2017-01-28 09:19:17 UTC

So the evil side won in WW2? Hmmmm...

2017-01-28 12:34:23 UTC

What did he mean by this?

2017-01-28 12:41:10 UTC


2017-01-28 14:11:55 UTC

Hey all

2017-01-28 14:12:02 UTC


2017-01-28 14:12:15 UTC

Note how the shadow lettering is only on "merchant" and labels his forehead

2017-01-28 14:12:51 UTC


2017-01-28 14:13:32 UTC


2017-01-28 14:13:33 UTC


2017-01-28 14:13:34 UTC


2017-01-28 14:13:36 UTC


2017-01-28 14:13:37 UTC


2017-01-28 14:33:05 UTC

@Pathos - NY Last time they called me asking for shekels they listed off schumer,reid,fienstein as part of their pitch. I asked if they wanted to take guns because they were jewish. Girl doing the phone bank denied it so fast that I figured it was part of their training.

2017-01-28 15:17:32 UTC

Is that a real cover photo?

2017-01-28 15:32:45 UTC

@Zorost > Holy shit...
>Part of Trump's speech on the Holocaust (which didn't mention jews):
β€œIn the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good,” he concluded. β€œTogether, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”
>So the evil side won in WW2? Hmmmm...

2017-01-28 15:32:54 UTC

Holy shit indeed!

2017-01-28 15:34:07 UTC

@Myne1001 > What did he mean by this?

2017-01-28 15:34:22 UTC

Hopefully he meant it's gonna be anudda shoah!

2017-01-28 16:23:04 UTC

>tfw the podcast you helped build had greyfield as a guest but you had to quit the radio scene because your voice is recognizable and your ex is antifa ;_;

2017-01-28 16:26:16 UTC

Spelling error, Freudian slip, or German Shephard bullhorn:
You make the call

2017-01-28 19:44:36 UTC

Pax Dickinson is there now lel

2017-01-28 20:44:01 UTC


2017-01-28 20:44:03 UTC

Idk how to feel about this

2017-01-28 20:47:36 UTC

I think Bibi saw an opportunity to not be an annoying kike for about the time it takes to compose a tweet.

2017-01-28 20:47:38 UTC

Call it a victory. Israel is now calling for a US wall, and Nety is tweeting like he is Trump.

2017-01-28 20:48:19 UTC

'Need to keep palestinians down. Not all are bad people, but someone is throwing the rocks. We need to keep them down. Bigly. You know I'm right. I know I'm right. They know I'm right"

2017-01-28 20:49:13 UTC

You know whats funny is the most disdainful shit I've ever heard about Bibi didn't come from one of us. It came from the gay Jew that organized "Bama sits", the group of Bama students that go to Alabama sportsball events just to sit during the national anthem

2017-01-28 20:50:40 UTC

Oh, btw he got kicked out of the fraternity he was in for sexually assaulting a chick at a party and using the excuse that he was gay, after already being in trouble for trying to find dudes to blow at another fraternity's band party after a gameday, while wearing letters.

2017-01-28 20:51:11 UTC

The kid is from Long Island and his dad is an actual Jeweler

2017-01-28 20:51:20 UTC

Holy fuck, I've got about 3 threads getting occassional notifications ranting at me cuz I keep claiming that Anne Frank was a great American hero

2017-01-28 20:52:04 UTC

Well, when you troll that hard you're gonna elicit spergin

2017-01-28 20:55:42 UTC

Chad Nationalist pepe?

2017-01-28 20:57:38 UTC

I wanna see some mother fuckers do dead lifts.

2017-01-28 21:04:38 UTC

Asgardian time to take a trip!

2017-01-28 23:01:42 UTC

Sup goys...that little guy with the Pepe mask was fit af good on him. Great optics!

2017-01-28 23:04:37 UTC


2017-01-28 23:21:54 UTC

lol that shit is gittin trolled da fuq up son

2017-01-28 23:23:19 UTC

this is so entertaining lol

2017-01-28 23:23:26 UTC

they're playing WW2 german music

2017-01-28 23:26:52 UTC


2017-01-28 23:26:59 UTC

what site are you guys on now?

2017-01-28 23:27:11 UTC


2017-01-28 23:27:53 UTC

i gotz nuthin but luv fo' all muh white peepooz whether they be DS, TRS, Angry Frog, all dem nigguz iz muh peepooz

2017-01-28 23:37:38 UTC

yall all muh cracka goy allies against da khazarz

2017-01-29 00:02:02 UTC

@everyone ya son im up on dis chat, git up in here

2017-01-29 00:02:19 UTC

Eating dinner nikka

2017-01-29 00:02:49 UTC


2017-01-29 00:02:54 UTC

Im doing this

2017-01-29 00:02:56 UTC

I can't voice chat

2017-01-29 00:03:25 UTC

I need a fucking hog to show up

2017-01-29 00:03:43 UTC

wooderson u scaretd 2 git up n dis chat?

2017-01-29 00:04:17 UTC

ya BIG4U change ur display name 2 salty seaman so peepooz know who u be

2017-01-29 00:07:17 UTC

Oh sheeeeit it's Salt Seaman!

2017-01-29 00:09:58 UTC

Idk how

2017-01-29 00:11:07 UTC

Ok I did some nerd shit

2017-01-29 00:11:19 UTC

Didn't work

2017-01-29 00:11:44 UTC

go to the top where it says NiggKike Bar Mitzah and hit the down arrow, at the bottom go to "change nickname"

2017-01-29 00:12:17 UTC

Thanks cuz

2017-01-29 00:16:27 UTC

no doubt muh cracka goy

2017-01-29 00:17:41 UTC

omw goys, just a sec

2017-01-29 00:22:06 UTC

i would join yall but im watching this he will not divide us shit

2017-01-29 00:22:14 UTC

i have reason to believe some trs goys will show up soonish

2017-01-29 00:24:58 UTC

I would join in but I'm watching Top Gun and eating terityaki resturance style salad.

2017-01-29 00:25:11 UTC


2017-01-29 00:25:14 UTC


2017-01-29 00:25:16 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz should try it if he's got a blender or food processor. You'd absolutely love it.

2017-01-29 00:25:33 UTC

deportation tears!


2017-01-29 00:25:35 UTC

Nah I'm still early in it, they're talking about being famous Mig insulters now

2017-01-29 00:25:37 UTC

This movie is deep

2017-01-29 00:25:45 UTC

deportation tears!


2017-01-29 00:28:16 UTC


2017-01-29 00:41:56 UTC

@everyone dis livestream iz cray-zee son

2017-01-29 00:54:57 UTC

I'm just listening to chat for now I'm studying for finals

2017-01-29 00:56:03 UTC

G'day myne

2017-01-29 00:56:15 UTC

I'm studying poz uni shit

2017-01-29 00:56:36 UTC

Fuckin lecturer had a 2 hour fap to "changing face of the US"

2017-01-29 00:57:10 UTC


2017-01-29 01:03:37 UTC

You guys see the nigger in a fur coat with all the beads

2017-01-29 01:03:47 UTC

lol that nigga is so sweaty

2017-01-29 01:03:54 UTC

"Ayo mang I'm gonna shout y'all out on snap chat"

2017-01-29 01:03:58 UTC

2 days ago

2017-01-29 01:04:10 UTC

When they got sharia out of jail

2017-01-29 01:04:32 UTC

I should buy some new balances

2017-01-29 01:04:48 UTC

Dude trump has worked so FUCKING fast

2017-01-29 01:05:19 UTC

Like, a temp ban on 7 countries here

2017-01-29 01:05:25 UTC

Wouldn't happen

2017-01-29 01:05:30 UTC

Or it'd take months

2017-01-29 01:05:37 UTC

This guy does it in an hour

2017-01-29 01:06:58 UTC

trump be sprintin 2 da finish line son

2017-01-29 01:07:50 UTC

wow John Boyega's acting career really hit a wall

2017-01-29 01:10:56 UTC

Fuckin European effortposting

2017-01-29 01:11:01 UTC

I can't stand it

2017-01-29 01:11:11 UTC

Walls of text

2017-01-29 01:11:35 UTC

Australians can deliver a more impactful message with 2 sentences

2017-01-29 01:16:13 UTC

I'm jidf guys

2017-01-29 01:16:20 UTC


2017-01-29 01:22:03 UTC

Myne have you been on the fash boat

2017-01-29 01:22:07 UTC

In November

2017-01-29 01:24:55 UTC

Is that a woman

2017-01-29 01:25:17 UTC

I dunno if I buy into women being real tbh. Assume trap everyone

2017-01-29 01:26:49 UTC

Well Bella I'm gonna disagree with u tbh

2017-01-29 01:26:52 UTC


2017-01-29 01:26:59 UTC

I'm a neet

2017-01-29 01:27:13 UTC

I follow the code I'll post 1 sec

2017-01-29 01:27:37 UTC


2017-01-29 01:27:56 UTC

If you think women are real and not brain chemistry that creates ghosts to lead u astray

2017-01-29 01:27:59 UTC

Don't @ me

2017-01-29 01:38:59 UTC

will he divide us?

2017-01-29 01:47:03 UTC



2017-01-29 01:47:10 UTC

the smile of an angel

2017-01-29 01:50:46 UTC

I'd love to know more about body lingo stuff

2017-01-29 01:50:53 UTC

How'd u learn about it

2017-01-29 01:52:06 UTC

prob psychology

2017-01-29 01:52:08 UTC

its interesting stuff

2017-01-29 01:52:21 UTC

Yeah I reckon it would be

2017-01-29 01:52:30 UTC

I am still deciding what I'm gonna do at uni

2017-01-29 01:53:08 UTC

Guys idk if you speak to him but baked alaska was flying out to this thing

2017-01-29 01:53:09 UTC

dont do psych, i got my degree in psych but you literally cannot do anything interesting because of review boards

2017-01-29 01:53:18 UTC

yeah baked alaska is there

2017-01-29 01:53:38 UTC

Poor guy has had his life ruined over his red pill

2017-01-29 01:53:45 UTC

No one will let him in a job

2017-01-29 01:55:20 UTC

I'm a 6 foot 1 skeleton, can u read bones

2017-01-29 01:55:43 UTC

Yeah liberals don't really know what they're talking about

2017-01-29 01:55:51 UTC

It's all just crying

2017-01-29 01:56:02 UTC

They're slaves for zog

2017-01-29 01:56:10 UTC

Only #DingoTwitter can fix

2017-01-29 01:56:43 UTC

Can u link me pls

2017-01-29 01:56:48 UTC

On iPad can't find the site

2017-01-29 01:58:42 UTC


2017-01-29 02:01:06 UTC

I'm in Argentina

2017-01-29 02:01:11 UTC

Do you want in marc

2017-01-29 02:01:28 UTC

I'm low level idk if I'm allowed to invite

2017-01-29 02:02:03 UTC

thats a shit show thres like 30 people in the VC

2017-01-29 02:02:13 UTC

Can I get some support here from the chat?

2017-01-29 02:02:26 UTC

what you need nigga

2017-01-29 02:02:27 UTC

"Mighty Wings" was VASTLY superior to "Playing with the Boys" but @D'Marcus Liebowitz won't listen

2017-01-29 02:03:43 UTC


2017-01-29 02:03:45 UTC
2017-01-29 02:04:52 UTC

goddamn it, yall have been arguing about that longer than yall have known me

2017-01-29 02:05:13 UTC

I love Mighty Wings

2017-01-29 02:05:49 UTC

the BRASS on this song

2017-01-29 02:05:58 UTC

Get in here Caerulus

2017-01-29 02:07:11 UTC

Herro Prease

2017-01-29 02:08:50 UTC

@everyone git up in dis here chat son

2017-01-29 02:14:11 UTC

this real ?

2017-01-29 02:14:18 UTC

Federal court in NY issues temporary emergency halt to #Trump’s immigration ban -

2017-01-29 02:15:08 UTC

(((Federal Court in NY)))

2017-01-29 02:15:29 UTC

Dude once you fuckin look at Libs after what body lingo man said

2017-01-29 02:15:35 UTC

They are total fucking fags

2017-01-29 02:15:50 UTC

that'll get thrown out quickly, it's an express power of the president to do this

2017-01-29 02:16:00 UTC

So sad

2017-01-29 02:16:04 UTC

the judge is just throwing a menorah in the gears of justice

2017-01-29 02:16:10 UTC

They aren't confident

2017-01-29 02:16:15 UTC

Liberalism is weakness

2017-01-29 02:22:19 UTC

@Caerulus_Rex @D'Marcus Liebowitz and I will be old men, 95 years old still arguing over this. It's what we do.

2017-01-29 02:22:31 UTC

People are saying baked shouted me out

2017-01-29 02:22:46 UTC

Seppos think they can help an Australian, the perfect being

2017-01-29 02:22:48 UTC


2017-01-29 02:22:52 UTC


2017-01-29 02:23:50 UTC

Thats like that old movie, the Craft, they chant like Witches

2017-01-29 02:23:57 UTC

leave my wife alone

2017-01-29 02:25:51 UTC

Oh good grief. @D'Marcus Liebowitz stop letting Aussies in to these things.

2017-01-29 02:25:59 UTC


2017-01-29 02:26:03 UTC

i've always loved dingos

2017-01-29 02:26:04 UTC

All they talk about is dingos seppos and trad wives

2017-01-29 02:26:06 UTC

since i was a kid

2017-01-29 02:26:11 UTC


2017-01-29 02:26:13 UTC

queen quadroon

2017-01-29 02:26:18 UTC


2017-01-29 02:26:36 UTC

Yeah. Go slouch another perfectly serviceable hat and ruin it why doncha?

2017-01-29 02:28:02 UTC

Ken are you too scared come in the voice chat?

2017-01-29 02:28:04 UTC

nigger unplug all your analog radio recording stuff, plug in some 2017 current year fucking head phones and a mic and come in the VC

2017-01-29 02:28:42 UTC

I use niggertech (apple headset plugged into my $300 laptop)

2017-01-29 02:29:01 UTC

No, I just have better things to do.

2017-01-29 02:29:17 UTC

Like watching "Footloose" and taking jabs at that historically purposeless Continent

2017-01-29 02:29:52 UTC

>tfw you were the only one to watch kens lets plays and he cant even come chat ;_;

2017-01-29 02:30:03 UTC

damn this nigga bantz back hard as fuck

2017-01-29 02:30:16 UTC


2017-01-29 02:30:26 UTC

Oi you guys know the "friend ship ended with meme"

2017-01-29 02:30:36 UTC


2017-01-29 02:30:43 UTC


2017-01-29 02:31:08 UTC

There's an internet generator of them, I need to make one to neg an Albanian woman but the website doesn't work on iPad

2017-01-29 02:31:25 UTC

Can I Dm one of you pictures and you can just add them into the generator

2017-01-29 02:31:25 UTC
2017-01-29 02:31:37 UTC
2017-01-29 02:31:51 UTC

fuck this guy

2017-01-29 02:31:58 UTC

needs to get pranked

2017-01-29 02:32:05 UTC

Trump needs to turn the screws

2017-01-29 02:32:16 UTC

that guy's nose is coming out of the screen right at me

2017-01-29 02:32:34 UTC

do you guys know if electroshock therapy would help me get over my attraction to lib girls

2017-01-29 02:33:05 UTC

This is natural.

2017-01-29 02:33:08 UTC

Go with with it.

2017-01-29 02:33:11 UTC

no, but being in a relationship with one will,trust me

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