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2017-11-29 23:03:46 UTC

@Kombat-Unit , can we get a high res link?

2017-11-29 23:05:42 UTC

If Molyneux is to be considered Jewish, then it goes to say that if all Jews were like him then there would be no Jewish Question imo

2017-11-29 23:08:47 UTC

@Jossur Surtrson Yes by opening it in browser.

2017-11-29 23:15:16 UTC

A little late to the conversation, but (St) Corneliu hasn't been officially Canonized (although he is locally Venerated, which is the first step towards Canonization).

Unfortunately, the Romanian Orthodox hierarchy are some of the most liberalized in the East, so I doubt he will be Canonized for a LONG time. The Romanian hierarchs are terrified of anything Legionary, or anything anti-Ecumenist, this is why they are still reluctant to Canonized Elder Justin Parvu or Fr George Calciu, as they were both Legionaries and very anti-ecumenistic. Fr George was just recently reburied, and his body was found to be incorrupt; this, along with the other Miracles attributed to him, show that he is indeed a Saint...even if they never officially Canonize him).

As far as the differences between Sima and Codreanu (Corneliu's Father) go, my biggest issue with Sima was that he was moving the Legionary Movement away from being Christ-Centric, whereas Corneliu's dad wanted to maintain the course his son set.

2017-11-29 23:18:17 UTC

1/8 is more than enough to matter it seems

2017-11-29 23:19:22 UTC

One drop rule

2017-11-29 23:19:30 UTC

@John Mosby He will be venerated, if we win in here.

2017-11-29 23:19:32 UTC

Canโ€™t take any chances

2017-11-29 23:19:44 UTC

I mean, Lauren Southern has admitted to being like 1/8 kike before, in retrospect it kinda makes sense

2017-11-29 23:20:26 UTC

For anyone interested in learning more about Codreanu, then I suggest his book:

This is the guidebook given to all officers (Nest Leaders). I think it should be required reading for all TWP officers:

2017-11-29 23:20:32 UTC

@TLC-Alex_ Your avatar is off-center and that bothers me.

2017-11-29 23:20:43 UTC

I know, can't do anything about that.

2017-11-29 23:20:55 UTC

The Jews did this

2017-11-29 23:20:57 UTC

And I'm tired of trying to find the good position for it so I gave up.

2017-11-29 23:22:00 UTC

@John Mosby I'll definitely give it a read cracker.

Perhaps we could have some kind of liturgy or something at our upcoming social

2017-11-29 23:22:24 UTC

We can do a Reader Service, if y'all want.

2017-11-29 23:22:57 UTC

That would be nice.

2017-11-29 23:23:04 UTC

That sounds excellent.

2017-11-29 23:23:06 UTC

I never though I'd say this but I'm with @โšกThe-Chronicโ˜€ on this one

2017-11-29 23:23:25 UTC

@Fevs I knew youโ€™d come around and agree with me some day

2017-11-29 23:23:31 UTC

I have some old Celtic Services, that were given to me when I was an Oblate.

They are very hard to find, and amazing.

We could do our Orthodox Service cracker style.

2017-11-29 23:23:55 UTC

@โšกThe-Chronicโ˜€ White sharia jokes are still funny tho

2017-11-29 23:24:08 UTC

white jihad > white sharia

2017-11-29 23:24:11 UTC


2017-11-29 23:24:47 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 This resource is gay wtf

2017-11-29 23:24:54 UTC

wait did this nigga leave the server

2017-11-29 23:25:05 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 test

2017-11-29 23:25:06 UTC
2017-11-29 23:25:12 UTC


2017-11-29 23:25:14 UTC


2017-11-29 23:25:17 UTC

He's not showing up for me

2017-11-29 23:25:25 UTC

only finns and honorary finns can tag him

2017-11-29 23:25:37 UTC

Something something filthy mongolians

2017-11-29 23:25:40 UTC
2017-11-29 23:25:47 UTC


2017-11-29 23:25:50 UTC


2017-11-29 23:25:58 UTC

Probably because he's on our friends list

2017-11-29 23:26:04 UTC

Makes sense

2017-11-29 23:26:05 UTC

That shouldn't matter

2017-11-29 23:26:22 UTC

It's just a discord glitch I guess

2017-11-29 23:26:22 UTC

he isnt on mine

2017-11-29 23:26:30 UTC

nope, its the finn-blood

2017-11-29 23:26:42 UTC

2017-11-29 23:26:51 UTC

>marriages are allowed
>jew + jew

2017-11-29 23:26:58 UTC

Implying there will be any left

2017-11-29 23:27:48 UTC

Is someone in here using the FB sock Garneau Reis?

2017-11-29 23:28:52 UTC

Im about to go full bowlcut on skyline wtf is this shit! Theres no fuckin chili on my coneys!!!!! None! Im driving back up there and raising hell, and ill be taking a cute little skyline chick home as a warbride! They must pay

2017-11-29 23:30:46 UTC
2017-11-29 23:30:51 UTC


2017-11-29 23:30:57 UTC


2017-11-29 23:31:28 UTC

Perkele? Good band

2017-11-29 23:32:35 UTC

But I think theyre SHARPs

2017-11-29 23:34:17 UTC

SHARP is an oxymoron

2017-11-29 23:34:33 UTC


2017-11-29 23:34:41 UTC


2017-11-29 23:34:47 UTC

Pick one.

2017-11-29 23:35:57 UTC

The chad bowlcut, the virgin SHARP

2017-11-29 23:36:11 UTC

Yeah those guys have more identity confusion than a tranny mulatto

2017-11-29 23:36:53 UTC

"Im a skinhead but its *totally* not racist tucker"

2017-11-29 23:40:25 UTC

Who do we have in Washington state?

2017-11-29 23:40:57 UTC

I'm moving there shortly

2017-11-29 23:42:12 UTC

I think it would be cool if we color coded everyones name by which twp region they reside @Fevs

2017-11-29 23:42:39 UTC

Fevs.... RIP Baby Fevs

2017-11-29 23:52:20 UTC

That's a good idea @fassel

2017-11-29 23:52:46 UTC


2017-11-29 23:59:06 UTC

That's not something I can do don't ping me ree

2017-11-29 23:59:21 UTC

Just add a server nickname with your state in it like I did

2017-11-30 00:02:04 UTC


2017-11-30 00:06:51 UTC


2017-11-30 00:16:09 UTC

Cville 4.0.

2017-11-30 00:16:49 UTC

I don't want to break my perfect 3/3 cville record so far

2017-11-30 00:16:59 UTC

But I also don't want to go to another event planned by kessler

2017-11-30 00:17:04 UTC

I'm torn here fam

2017-11-30 00:17:48 UTC

One could say he is learning. His article seems convincing that he has lawyered up quite well.

2017-11-30 00:17:51 UTC

whens the next real abig street fight expected to happen

2017-11-30 00:18:05 UTC

Nice try FBI

2017-11-30 00:18:12 UTC

Lol we don't bring street fights.

2017-11-30 00:18:15 UTC


2017-11-30 00:18:23 UTC

but they're the best part of the cnn coverage

2017-11-30 00:18:30 UTC

Evil Nazis attack Anti-Racist Peaceful Protestors

2017-11-30 00:18:32 UTC

We get pulled into them by communist niggers.

2017-11-30 00:18:32 UTC

The real question, when is the next staged bum fight?

2017-11-30 00:18:56 UTC


2017-11-30 00:19:17 UTC

I want to see 4000 at Cville 4.

2017-11-30 00:19:25 UTC

Cville 4

2017-11-30 00:19:36 UTC

2017-11-30 00:19:43 UTC


2017-11-30 00:19:58 UTC


2017-11-30 00:20:55 UTC

Honestly Heather Heyer's death was good for the earth

2017-11-30 00:20:59 UTC

One less degenerate bitch

2017-11-30 00:21:38 UTC

I wanted this to be a thing

2017-11-30 00:21:42 UTC

He'll yeah

2017-11-30 00:22:37 UTC

Some day

2017-11-30 00:25:36 UTC


2017-11-30 00:25:38 UTC

fucking juggalos

2017-11-30 00:26:48 UTC

Kessler didn't consult any of NF before announcing it

2017-11-30 00:29:22 UTC

Thats seems foolish...

2017-11-30 00:30:00 UTC

TWP is going to focus on doing our own things where we can control the message and manage things better

2017-11-30 00:30:46 UTC

It would be awesome to have actual speeches and a real event with no issues at Cville.

2017-11-30 00:30:54 UTC

To show them their narrative was a lie.

2017-11-30 00:30:58 UTC

And in more friendly territory where we can do things that are productive

2017-11-30 00:31:25 UTC

Well yeah.

2017-11-30 00:31:30 UTC

That too.

2017-11-30 00:31:59 UTC

More Pikeville style, show legitimacy to whites

2017-11-30 00:41:41 UTC

Kessler is planning on working with the cville PD again it looked like

2017-11-30 00:44:15 UTC

This will surely work out well

2017-11-30 00:45:57 UTC

Why waste resources on other peoples shit when we can invest those same resources in growth and our own projects? Going back to Cville is like replaying a level that you already beat before even finishing the game.

2017-11-30 00:46:15 UTC


2017-11-30 00:54:19 UTC

It's several months away. We're going to pretend we didn't see it.

2017-11-30 00:55:06 UTC

Kessler could have some fun media and legal trolling traction out of the permit filing itself, the actual event may be a spook, anyway.

2017-11-30 01:05:02 UTC

Hope so

2017-11-30 01:11:09 UTC

2017-11-30 01:11:23 UTC

@Major (AL)#9871

2017-11-30 01:23:57 UTC

F reacts for @Tony Hovater

2017-11-30 01:24:31 UTC

Am Jewish

2017-11-30 01:25:38 UTC


2017-11-30 01:28:49 UTC

Lmfao. Notice how our detractors are always anonymous.

2017-11-30 01:29:35 UTC

Sweden yes

2017-11-30 01:30:08 UTC

He isn't anonymous. He's Goku.

2017-11-30 01:30:50 UTC

Why do they keep spelling my name like that?

2017-11-30 01:30:57 UTC

Is that a thing?

2017-11-30 01:31:54 UTC

I understand the Seinfeld references and the Costanza pic don't help my case but I'll bust out my 0.0% Jewish ancestry DNA if I have to

2017-11-30 01:32:14 UTC

>Expecting people that engage in counter-productive slander to be able to spell.

2017-11-30 01:33:51 UTC

Well they keep using that exact spelling is the thing lol

2017-11-30 01:34:42 UTC

I can see how the urge to slip the letter R right there.

2017-11-30 01:35:08 UTC

Maybe it's an attempt at an embedded insult. Tony WhoreVader

2017-11-30 01:35:58 UTC

I sense a new meme coming

2017-11-30 01:36:09 UTC

My problem is I always want to spell it Hovator.

2017-11-30 01:39:07 UTC

TradWorker is
> gunfights at their events
a bunch of unprofessional and trashy losers
> gets chased out of unheated barn
whose organization isn't as serious as ours
> changes entire leadership for the seventh time
and is controlled opposition.
> secret opaque star chamber selects leaders and funds them

2017-11-30 01:40:44 UTC

Where the fuck is my shill payment? Rent is coming up.

2017-11-30 01:40:47 UTC

Confirmation from the top

2017-11-30 01:41:44 UTC 0:28 it's made Alex Jones. I can rest in piece now *soul passes on to water filter heaven*

2017-11-30 01:41:48 UTC

White Juche โ‰  NazBol

2017-11-30 01:43:59 UTC

>the goyim can't know if you kill the story ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2017-11-30 01:44:08 UTC

Matt isn't NazBol? I think I have to leave now

2017-11-30 01:45:06 UTC

@AustraliaCalling I've heard about them before

2017-11-30 01:45:18 UTC

They are fucking retarded

2017-11-30 01:45:32 UTC

Someone on the Fascism General server posted a pic of their leadership, lemme find it

2017-11-30 01:46:07 UTC

White Juche is like NazBol but without the anti-Nazi and Jewy soviet civic nationalist stank.

2017-11-30 01:46:17 UTC


2017-11-30 01:46:42 UTC

Can't find that pic, don't think it was that server after all

2017-11-30 01:47:20 UTC

What's Alex Jones' spin on Whorvator? Is he a reptilian? A globalist controlled operation?

2017-11-30 01:47:48 UTC

Found it

2017-11-30 01:48:00 UTC

just noticed the guy on the far right

2017-11-30 01:48:16 UTC

He just mentioned it. I'm not about to wade through a 2 hour episode for a blip about me haha

2017-11-30 01:48:30 UTC

But probably controlled op I'd imagine

2017-11-30 01:48:44 UTC

I know the guy who leads it.

2017-11-30 01:48:46 UTC

Media gate keepers trying to discredit Trump or something

2017-11-30 01:49:14 UTC

Found this on their website

2017-11-30 01:49:25 UTC

Joined Ironmarch in like 2012 but left because it was discriminating against autists and was racist and founded his own anti-racist pro-semitic fascist internet party and has been a source of hilarious cuckoldry for years.

2017-11-30 01:49:29 UTC

Dude went by the name Jnoyer.

2017-11-30 01:49:41 UTC

It gets better

2017-11-30 01:49:51 UTC

Look how professional their cubicle costumes make them look. Except you can see the queer in their faces.

2017-11-30 01:50:11 UTC

They support American Nationalism, guys

2017-11-30 01:50:19 UTC

"If Petrograd (Pietrograd) does not yet fall, if [General] Denikin is not moving forward, then this is what the great Jewish bankers of London and New York have decreed. These bankers are bound by ties of blood to those Jews who in Moscow as in Budapest are taking their revenge on the Aryan race that has condemned them to dispersion for so many centuries. In Russia, 80 percent of the managers of the Soviets are Jews, in Budapest 17 out of 22 people's commissars are Jews. Might it not be that bolshevism is the vendetta of Judaism against Christianity?? It is certainly worth pondering. It is entirely possible that bolshevism will drown in the blood of a pogrom of catastrophic proportions. World finance is in the hands of the Jews. Whoever owns the strongboxes of the peoples is in control of their political systems. Behind the puppets (making peace) in Paris, there are the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Guggenheims who are of the same blood who are conquering Petrograd and Budapest. Race does not betray race....Bolshevism is a defense of the international plutocracy. This is the basic truth of the matter. The international plutocracy dominated and controlled by Jews has a supreme interest in all of Russian life accelerating its process of disintegration to the point of paroxysm. A Russia that is paralyzed, disorganized, starved, will be a place where tomorrow the bourgeoisie, yes the bourgeoisie, o proletarians will celebrate its spectacular feast of plenty." - Mussolini, 1919

2017-11-30 01:50:23 UTC

Fascists who are "totally not racist?" What's even the point?

2017-11-30 01:50:25 UTC

we need to hook them up with PatFag
A match made in heaven

2017-11-30 01:51:04 UTC

@brig Isn't it blatantly obvious? Optics.

2017-11-30 01:51:29 UTC

Black men say fuck trump then attack white man for no reason, sucker punching him the face, Austin Police listed the incident as assault with injury not a hate crime

2017-11-30 02:04:21 UTC

@Spiritchef that's the place that fired Tony?

2017-11-30 02:05:15 UTC
2017-11-30 02:05:58 UTC

I suddenly just realized I had a one star experience there. Better go rate them.

2017-11-30 02:06:43 UTC


2017-11-30 02:07:05 UTC

I have multi personality disorder and all 4 of my personalities and their google accounts also recall a bad experience

2017-11-30 02:08:55 UTC

If they say otherwise they are ableist and oppressing you, and are racist.

2017-11-30 02:09:22 UTC

Mine too @Spiritchef My personalities are enraged.

2017-11-30 02:16:04 UTC

2017-11-30 02:16:49 UTC
2017-11-30 02:17:21 UTC

Can anyone contact Matt H or Matt P and have them call in to The Right Voice for an update on the party, & etc.

2017-11-30 02:18:48 UTC

@ร†thelwulf Hunter you can do it like this

2017-11-30 02:19:08 UTC

lol wrong hunter

2017-11-30 02:19:30 UTC

@Hunter.S.Rabbit Tell Parrott you'll give him a cheeseburger.

2017-11-30 02:19:59 UTC

@parrott @MatthewHeimbach Call in to The Right Voice and give us an update on the party activities, and etc.

2017-11-30 02:20:52 UTC

@parrott Ya your name is funny but I will hire a fat toothless black whore to give you a gummy Beejer

2017-11-30 02:23:59 UTC

Wordy reviews are ideal, but make sure connotations to keywords makes them standout in search engines or featured reviews.

2017-11-30 02:24:24 UTC

"Pizza, burger, beer, Menu, Food, Service"

2017-11-30 02:27:07 UTC

I would, but I'm on baby duty.

2017-11-30 02:27:30 UTC

Plan ahead a little bit and I'll gladly make an appearance.

2017-11-30 02:30:36 UTC


2017-11-30 02:30:47 UTC

will do next time

2017-11-30 02:31:33 UTC

BTW we're on late, Matt so if the kids go to bed early, please consider calling in

2017-11-30 02:32:09 UTC

Kids? Going to bed early? What is this wizardry

2017-11-30 02:32:52 UTC

Proper training makes them do it, along with occasional beatings

2017-11-30 02:37:58 UTC

She's less than a week old, so we haven't achieved a lot of the discipline and training that I expect and demand out of my children.

2017-11-30 03:03:58 UTC

(Far Right) "Ese we are tha master race now huh"

2017-11-30 03:04:50 UTC

based Classical Fascists.

2017-11-30 03:06:43 UTC

Guy in the middle looks like a teenage enoch

2017-11-30 03:07:56 UTC

I just choked on my own spit

2017-11-30 03:10:49 UTC


2017-11-30 03:18:21 UTC

why doesn't Patriot Front use those kinds of aesthetics?

2017-11-30 03:26:22 UTC

Might scare off the normies

2017-11-30 03:30:07 UTC

peak aesthetics

2017-11-30 03:41:02 UTC

Nerves are being stricken in Spic Fuentes' server

2017-11-30 03:43:50 UTC


2017-11-30 03:46:08 UTC

2017-11-30 03:46:24 UTC

The American blackshirts are the biggest faggots larping to Fucking hard.

2017-11-30 03:46:38 UTC

"We b like mosulloini homie"

2017-11-30 03:47:11 UTC

That thing about the military uniforms is true btw
The SA adopted the brown shirt because they came into possession of a shipment of surplus German desert uniforms

2017-11-30 03:47:44 UTC

Marcos pizza turned me down stating its too late to deliver..... i just commited a mortal sin and ordered dominoes..... the only other joint out in this neck of the woods

2017-11-30 03:47:48 UTC

Form followed function, and they were right to do so

2017-11-30 04:01:03 UTC

The American Blackshirts are actually led by a mixed guy.

2017-11-30 04:01:13 UTC

@fassel You're kicked out

2017-11-30 04:01:24 UTC

And have shown apathy or endorsement for homofascism.

2017-11-30 04:01:46 UTC

Name an american group not led by a mixed guy

2017-11-30 04:01:51 UTC

Checkmate americunt

2017-11-30 04:01:54 UTC


2017-11-30 04:02:11 UTC

Oh u mean cuz the pizza?

2017-11-30 04:02:27 UTC

Dominos isnt even pizza

2017-11-30 04:02:30 UTC


2017-11-30 04:02:34 UTC

homofascism is a thing?

2017-11-30 04:02:34 UTC

I knew the risk when i ordered. I accept my fate

2017-11-30 04:02:37 UTC

Cardboard with cheese

2017-11-30 04:02:55 UTC

I'd get some random chinese over dominos tbh

2017-11-30 04:02:59 UTC


2017-11-30 04:03:10 UTC

homofascism lmao

2017-11-30 04:03:13 UTC

Nikkka we aint got chinese in the ky sticks

2017-11-30 04:03:22 UTC


2017-11-30 04:03:26 UTC

How do you survive

2017-11-30 04:03:26 UTC

Pizza and McDonald's?

2017-11-30 04:03:33 UTC

homofascism sounds like one of their principles would be state enforced homosexuality

2017-11-30 04:03:33 UTC

We got marcos and drama-hoes

2017-11-30 04:03:45 UTC

And maybe that new tacobell they opened?

2017-11-30 04:03:56 UTC

Were talkin delivery

2017-11-30 04:03:57 UTC

Taco bell is shit tier right there with dominos

2017-11-30 04:04:18 UTC

Anything fast-food is shit tier tbh

2017-11-30 04:04:39 UTC

I have an unhealthy chipotle addiction tho

2017-11-30 04:04:47 UTC

You know a good flash mob idea would be something about burma

2017-11-30 04:05:08 UTC

Long as you're using chipotleaway you'll be fine.

2017-11-30 04:05:47 UTC

Oh yeah. Drop your fliers with a drone over a crowded area.

2017-11-30 04:06:04 UTC

You'd be amazed how much it pisses off the local media Jews.

2017-11-30 04:07:33 UTC

That doesn't sound legal ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

2017-11-30 04:08:19 UTC

"Sec. 91.15 โ€” Dropping objects.

No pilot in command of a civil aircraft may allow any object to be dropped from that aircraft in flight that creates a hazard to persons or property. However, this section does not prohibit the dropping of any object if reasonable precautions are taken to avoid injury or damage to persons or property."

Is the FAA kiked enough that they'd get you on this

2017-11-30 04:08:30 UTC

Technically literring, but nothing more serious if you keep it below 400ft

2017-11-30 04:08:44 UTC

Correct. Drones aren't civil aircraft

2017-11-30 04:09:01 UTC

Just got kicked out of twp for ordering dominoes... feels bad man...
:sad pepe:

2017-11-30 04:09:02 UTC

Regulation on drones other than altitude is very weak

2017-11-30 04:09:06 UTC

Are drones still relatively unregulated then

2017-11-30 04:09:10 UTC


2017-11-30 04:09:13 UTC

Kind of.

2017-11-30 04:09:14 UTC

Huh didn't know that

2017-11-30 04:09:25 UTC

And as long as you stay away from sensitive places

2017-11-30 04:09:40 UTC

It's getting more restrictive, but at the moment littering is about the worst they could hit you with.

2017-11-30 04:09:56 UTC

Because drones do not class as civil aircraft.

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