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Ian G Smith

I'm having you over for brunch

You like pancakes?


Virtual brunch

Anyone looking for a nationalist fitness and survival FB group?

I'm trying to start one, but it's very low energy.

Take the 1488 ruck march challenge

14 miles 88 pounds in 4 hours

Completed by April 20.

I'm moving on Ft Knox.

Can't dabble like that.

And almost no one has disc drives anymore



Gypsies stole civilisation from the Africans and sold it to Europeans

Green Shirts! Mobilize!!

These guys are being celebrated

Shia is an Ancap and Antifa hero.

Is there a GLR gun club?

WordPress is harder than I thought

Who else lives in Indiana. I'm looking at Madison.

I meant beside you. Know anything about Madison, IN?

How far is Paoli from Louisville?


What's in Scottsburg?

I'll try my luck in Madison

Are meetups more frequent in Indiana?

Kentucky is the same.

But Madison has a ton of events throughout the year.

Madison Indiana

Look up the Regatta.

Sending off my application next week.

Boat Race

Yeah. Madison looks pretty neat.

Hopefully, I'll live there.

You could join my budding gun club.

Even if I dummy manage to move to Madison, you can still join.



South of Corydon

Sharing is caring, and any help is appreciated.

Me and mine

The purpose of the GoFundMe.

I have until the end of the month to be out of here, and a few places I'm looking at aren't ready until the 15th.

But I need at least a security deposit by then.

I won't have any dates until I secure a place, hopefully this week.

Many thanks.

It's going to be a moving pool party. Or something.

I have a couple of guys helping me out.

So we can knock it out.

Can I get your Autograph later?

I was expecting a bunch of donations from George Lincoln Rockwell.

Not sure why?

Sock accounts

Aren't you THAT one?

Check out Dillion Harper (@DillionHarper):

I'm joking.

Most WN circles no one EVER shares their real name.

I don't trust anyone whose name isn't Rockwell, Pierce, or Shlomo

Matt, when is Heimbach hitting the college circuit?

Not even his own alma mater?


Green Shirts


Bless his heart.

Matt, check your PMs

My storefront I just set up.

I had a design made a long time ago and just stumbled back across it.

And I bet you like freedom

It's on sale today. Save 6 bucks

Or 30%

Aiming to out-jew the jew.

Inspired by Matt

I try

Looks like we are moving to Indiana.

It's not voted on yet, but they do have reciprocity.

Heimbach, it's funny that I just stumbled upon Farrakhan's response of the rebuke he received from the US Senate in 86 or 87.

I've been kicked out of FB for a day.

Who knew about your speaking engagement at the Forum?

I'm moving to Indiana next week, officially

My condolences

Any carpools to Charlottesville from Indiana?

Anyone coming near Madison, Indiana?

And heading back by Sunday afternoon?

Anyone in Indiana?

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