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Out of stock on the chin strap

Ok well in that case, do you want to meet over jitsi tomorrow evening?

Where are you

8pm MTN time

I apologise I had some complications on my end. We should try for tuesday night at 8pm.

If that works for you, and yes we can do mumble

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Missing attachment: IMG_5153.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_5156.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_5157.HEIC

With @NQ - Floyd UT @Max UT @PF-542205

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Good. What is your telegram @ and ill add you to the reargaurd chat there

What is your telegram @ and Ill add you to the reargaurd chat

8pm now

What is your telegram @ and Ill just add you to the reargaurd chat

mountain time

Welcome Charles! From all the guys in Utah, sincerely.

Let me know if you ever need anything or have any questions.

Sounds like an errand to run this week.


Hey man Im coming to NYC for the 24th to the 30th. Is there anyone who lives in the NYC area that can meet up?

Fantastic. Have them message me.

Also props on the response time

Done. Ill message you in a few days with more details. Btw are you around 6' tall or over? I havent checked, are you in sheild teams?


Thank you for your service.

Ask your ND about that one. Do you have guys in your area?

Youre talking to him

Well youre not too far, the VA or NC guys should be able to help. Where appx in WV?

Understanding significance ie. right/wrong, apporpriate/inappropritate, "a time and a place for that" is a large part of what separates how humans thing from how animals think. Refusing to jerk it to pixels on a screen excersizes this willpower like a muscle, which will be needed to make the right decisions when emotions are high. Also, like a credential, knowing that you dont crack under that kind of pressure allows you to communicate your ideals more freely and easily, because you live them and therefore dont require mental gymnastics.

TL;DR Good to hear.

Good work

Are all the VA guys who qualify for sheild team in a slot? I still have an open one.


Hey are you already in sheild teams?

Yea it did. Its hosted here on rocketchat now

Fantastic. Ill message with more later. Are you over or under 6' tall?

@Vincent TX Updated chart?

I gotchu @NS - Joshua UT

Thank you sir you carry us all

Just buy one that looks thick at this point @Gabriel WV

Good news! Message @Vincent TX with your height, weight, and general skill level or previous experience and youll be put on qeue. Likely not for my section as its been filled, but possibly the side screen teams.

Good news! Message @Vincent TX with your height, weight, and general skill level or previous experience and youll be put on queue. Likely not for my section as its been filled, but more likely for the side screen teams.


Correct, but it is everybodies responsability to know this inside and out. the point of drilling the day prior/of is to get in synch, learning happens now.

Reargaurd should have a surplus of chinstraps, and have all appropriate shingaurds. Standby for confirmation on if theyre painted yet painted

Were leaving to the mariott. Three undercovers. Putting up promat you nigger

No promat

Were leaving to the mariott 20 minutes away

Im with Jon UT

Were going somewhere closeby, not the mariott

No way

I understand, I was saying we didnt do that

Grand MA is being a bitch and not telling us anything

were on our way back

Im with Jon UT

Eta 4 minutes

On our way back

Were pulling in

Jon UT says make sure noones following


Yea there were a number of obvious undercocer cops throughout the evening

in the neighborhood

Yes that one was mine

No worries. Bring it to next national!


Missing attachment: IMG_5699.PNG

unprofessional but I made it and thought youd like it

Yessir, please keep it safe and make sure it gets to the UT guys

Thank you very much


Missing attachment: IMG_5699.PNG
Missing attachment: IMG_5699.PNG

Hey yeah sorry about the 24 hour reply time, yes the UT boys are the ones for that

Wanna set up a jitsi meeting?

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All with @NQ - Floyd UT

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