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I need a link to a bump cap and chin strap that I can get before the event

I'm seeing mid December my man

I'll just swing by home depot after work tomorrow

@ND - Jon UT I have Thanksgiving plans that day

Some people work on Thanksgiving so I haven't always celebrated holidays on the day that most do growing up.

Thank you brother! Count your blessings

How are you feeling about the upcoming event Sam?

A little nervous given the wider circumstances tbh. Yet I am totally morally committed. I'll be honest I am afraid of more violence but I guess that shift was going to happen sooner or later. Whatever happens, happens and at least I will have men like you at my back.

Missing attachment: Fear_is_the_mindkiller.jpg

Can someone give me a ride to the airport Thursday?

@ND - Samuel VA I think about this so much. Setting an example for other young men. Being a courageous example.

My flight takes off at 8 am so I should be there by 6 am?

What te do you need to be at the airport Max?

Roger that

I love it bro

Sticker that this weekend bro!

Yeah it's the same story for me with my bump cap.

You and James should do something!

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you.

I am so happy to hear that!

Thank you again for having us in your home Ryan!

Me, Max and Ant are on our final plane home in fact.

Our rental van had spray paint and slashed tires so no big deal. It has probably been towed by now

Me too. I'm pretty confident the tires would be covered. Maybe the will have to take it to a self service car wash as well.

We had better fortune then some of the others

I am so proud of all of you!


You are looking so good Andy keep up the great work!

I can't make this meeting as I will need to be asleep a good while before this.

You and me both. I love the attitude

I love that idea!

@Thomas how did that cadence go again?

Where would we have this Christmas get together?

Evanston, WY



Evanston, WY

Missing attachment: 20211211_143544.jpg

Evanston, WY

Missing attachment: 20211211_143254.jpg

Evanston, WY

Missing attachment: 20211211_142848.jpg

With @ND - Jon UT @NQ - Floyd UT and interviewee

Welcome @Nicholas UT and @Ryan WY it is a pleasure to have you

@ND - Jon UT I can make it

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