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is this correct?


let's go brandon

actually it's 11/12 +1


Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 14, 2021 8:32 PM

Thats older data, I'm saying I have confirmations from everyone at this point, although some wrangling is still going on./

12 confirmed out of the 12 total PF memebres plus the one unaffil?

As far as I know now, yes.


Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 14, 2021 8:55 PM


that Trumpenmacht line was pretty funny ngl

Hello Oberstgroypenfuhrer Jesse, I am DMing you for an updated headcount for December. Considering those who aren't attending, please provide their name along with their reason for not attending, and report back to me. Also, provide names of those who haven't responded/left you on read concerning the event.

As far as things go now, we are 100% for Network 4 attendance. No issues to report.


any unaffils?

So far just Sid OK, although we might be able to get Sampson in on it too

I will see


Sampson is coming too



Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Jesse, we are in danger of not meeting our total attendance goal for the upcoming event. Please see if you can get anymore pool party guys to attend.

Will do.

what flaws

server back up yet?









Oakland CA is high alert area


how did he stumble across them on bitchute


He searched for us without knowing of us


What's your take on this guy? I'm not excited

height and weight tho

not spectacular but his that a mark against him?

He seems ignorant of our movement

lot of finkel paradigm thinking with the rep and dem shit

biggest threat is what?

immigration, banking, political subversion

told him to be open and honest remind him

found him too sus?

Interviewee - 867027
Conductor: JesseAR
Notetaker: JasonTX

Test Question: have you seen the Org's activism in person? no, never in person

1. 28

2. CA, permres. Oakland.

3. Never interviewed in this process b4

4. Has a vehicle

5. No substance abuse

6. No crimes

7. No govt employ

8. No ailments

9. Is "pretty conservative". Not overtly political in the past. Has gotten so as of recent. Is a registered republican. Doesn't agree with the what the repubs are doing but the dems are worse.

10. His job is as a carpenter and has seen multiple immigrants taking jobs from Americans that shouldn't be working. Immigrants given jobs instead of Americans so they can pay less in wages. Immigrants are taking over, not just in the building trades but also in other trades. Knows people that can't get jobs because of the immigrants. The system is rigged. Lots of hot air and nothing being done. Our laws are lax, both parties want more votes and nothing else. Immigrants don't plan on staying here, they plan on getting money and sending it back to their country of origin. Was mainstream moderate, a bit left of center in earlier years. Has steadily moved further right in recent years. What is considered right these days isn't conservative.

11. Saw a couple of our videos on Bitchute but going through different videos. Liked them but didn't know much about us. Saw our DC march and it looked impressive. Was reading about Vanguard America out of general interest of what occured in Cville, then saw VA became PF. Impression was that we're organized and genuine. There is ore to this country than just making a paycheck. Was impressed by the 4th of July demo of going back to our roots as the 4th being a day of independance and rebellion.

12. feels like he can do something to save this country from where it's going right now. loves this country. doesn't want to see it go to the wayside and become a shadow of itself. to save it. likes the symbolism we use. we don't look like a bunch of thugs on the street.

13. would be willing to engage in activism.

14. hasn't heard of civic nationalism. migratory foreigners cannot become American with the proper cultural or social conditioning. Sees lots of Indian immigrants in his area and they kept their culture. What makes up an American is common heritage, history, morals. People from the South or the Far East cannot fully be American. There is an ethnic component to being an American, people who came from Europe and settled this country with common religion, values, etc. They brought their values here and created this governemnt. It's more than signing a piece of paper, but nothing more than that.

15. mom's side settled in colonial VA 1600s, dad's side came from Ontario, CA in the late 1800s. mom's side scottish, english, french. dad's side scottish, english, welsh, prussian. Is ethnically American, decendant from Euro stock.

16. raised christian in the methodist church. keeps religion separate from everything else. no issies working with activist of other faiths.

17. is a carpenter, good with hands. done some casual hiking, some camping with family. is an avid fisherman and hunter. no medical. has rudementary photo and video editing on a personal level.

18. is in good shape. gym 3x a week. no mma experience. can run a mile under 10min. 5'11" 185lbs.

19. belonged to the republican party. bring change to this country through education and activism.

20. biggest threat to America is immigration, banking, political subversion. the banking industry is owned by various outside groups that have interest in controlling the federal reserve. It might have ties to Israel. The Rothcild family cornered the banking industry and became the largest banking industry in the world back in the early 1900s. did a report on the Rothschilds back in High School. Through literature, websites, newspapers, etc. The Rothchilds are influential in the international banking system. Politics runs on money, and it is needed in politics. You gain more influence the more money you have. These groups had an influnece into the 2020 election, possibly changed the result. They had an interest in Trump not getting a second term. Trump was more nationalistic compared to Biden who is a traditional politician and internationalist who caters to the financial interests. 2016 shocked the bankers to hell.

21. violence is justified to protect yourself. you have to protect yourself from getting attacked, our forefathers had a violent revolutionary war. sometimes violence is necessary. is ambivolent towards violence. it is necessary but doesn't want people to be killed. is an even tempered person. understands and agrees to the violence statement. doesn't get into physical confrontations.

22. gets his news from the govt issued websites like CNN and Fox. Also uses Bitchute and Gab. Sometimes watches Nick Fuentes, The Salty Cracker. Owns a telegram: follows PF.

the thing on the website doesn't even go down to 16 bruh how

REJECTED - Too Young
Interviewee - 468212
Conductor: JesseAR
Notetaker: JasonTX

Test Question: what do you expect will be asked in this interview? anything to do with the ideology with patriot front.

1. 16 y/o

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