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What do you think of Christopher VA? Is he reliable? Asking because he's interested in becoming an interviewer

Yes! In his time since joining he has worked very hard as an activist, been keenly interested in working toward the orgs benefit and he has experience in talking with people in sales so he's not a sperg / has good interaction abilities. I think he would make a great interviewer, and it will help me in the long run to train him to do irl interviews

I 100% endorse his application

Awesome. I'll have a call with him tonight and get him on board

Got another interviewee for you. This one you know, so I hear.

Conductor: Jesse AR
Notetaker: Sam MN

(On Hold for Further Questioning)

Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?
A few weeks ago.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Access to personal vehicle.

Permanent Resident: Permanent resident with no plans to move.

Political Ideology: Sees what’s going on institutionally. Doesn’t want to see policy driven by government to have other ethnic groups pushed into America. He’s just a white male in America, feels like you can’t defend yourself in any way. We’re being replaced. Four year olds are being given hormone blockers.

Drug Abuse: History of alcohol abuse. Tries his hardest to not drink, going on two weeks sober.

Religion: Doesn’t have one right now. No issues with working with activists of other organizations.

Why Join: He is a former member.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: This is not his first time rejoining. First time was 2019, was in for a while. He was removed for inactivity. He reapplied and got in around January 2021, was in for a while. He was arrested for placing promat on poles (shopping mall area) in March 28th of 2021. Had to do community service. One of the guys (Samuel Virginia) told him to take a break and stay out for a while.

Q2: His username was Ethan Maryland.

Q3: There were some issues going on when he was in the org. Went to one demonstration, outside of DC, when he was first a member.

Q4: Remembers that Rocketchat was the chat server.

Q5: Could remember phrases like “Stolen, Not Conquered” and “Reclaim America” from his membership.

Q6: Victor Maryland might vouch for his return and good conduct. Samuel Virginia might say that he shouldn’t be in. Because he had a problem and wants to prove himself. There was a time when he didn’t show up to something and feels terrible about it.

Q7: The first time he left was due to inactivity, the second time he left was due to legal issues.

Q8: Other than communication issues, he had no other problems with members. The instance with Samuel VA was about a month or two after he got in trouble. Sam set up a meeting for him. There was a lot of personal trauma relating to his girlfriend and he wasn’t able to follow through with the meeting. He didn’t communicate ahead of time that he couldn’t be there. After that instance there were a lot of arguments and talks about it. Samuel offered him another time to meet up, but he couldn’t go.

Q9: His circumstances have changed since his departure: His legal issues are over. Personal issues with girlfriend are over. He has figured out who he is and what he is going to dedicate his time to. Going through these legal issues has matured him a lot.

Q10: There can be no more going back on his word. If he says he’ll be somewhere he’ll be there. He knows what his problems are and he will fix them. He knows if he could talk to someone they would know how seriously dedicated he is - to live his life as a regular person is just not enough.

Q11: Without question he will be able to commit himself more readily if given a second chance at membership.

So this guy sounded pretty nervous during his interview, and wasn't showing a lot of confidence. Seems like he has a lot of shame for what happened. But from what I could tell, he does sound like he is ready to get back in the game and make up for his past failures. He really,
wants a second (third) chance at membership.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you whether or not you want to let him back in. If it were me and my Network, I'd give him another chance. But you know him better than I do, so it's your call.

Do you think that he is deserving of another attempt at membership?

Also, Christopher sat in on the call and had a lot to say in deliberation, he did very well for his first call.

Ethan isn't just an ex member. He's been a friend of mine for 5 years. I was the one who originally told him he should join and each time he flaked I repeatedly stoked up the shame on him. Right now the shame is burning very hot and he's feeling it.

I'm trying to manipulate him enough to stamp out the flake in him which is his most despicable character flaw.....promising to be to shit then ghosting for 2 weeks when the time comes

Well, that sounds like a noble goal to me. I guess Ethan is also good at making understatements, he didn't express to us anything about a long term friendship. And "trying", does that mean you've been in touch with him off and on the whole time?

The whole time

Jeez. Well, let me know how things go for us to update the record.

Will give you an answer by Sunday if I forget message to remind me pls

25/VA/Washington DC
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Jesse AR


Test Question: How long ago did you apply? A few days ago.
Political Ideology: No particular camp. Right wing, concerned about the future of our People. The American Communist Party infiltrated American institutions and most of them are Jews. Our People are White Europeans.
Transportation: Yes
Permanent Resident or Moving: Perm
Drug Abuse: Past use of marijuana
Religion: Deist, unique religious views. Developed his beliefs in college.
Why Join: Wants to meet likeminded people, designing flyers that he would like to distribute. Flyers list stats on race, crime, and the police. Disproportions, etc. Links to Alt Hypothesis and AmRen.
Skills: Works IT.
Read Manifesto: Yes. Mostly agrees. Doesn't agree with the State being powerful going forward, thinks that the States worldwide will fall apart because the internet will allow the people to subvert the state and live outside the system. Doesn't see a strong Nation-State as possible. Sees activism as the way forward.

Q1: No past interviews.
Q2: No crimes. Interned at a laboratory when he was 19. No other government employ.
Q3: No ailments.
Q4: Started off Libertarian, became AnCap, and in 2014 he learned about Trayvon Martin, which broke his trust in the media. Over the years, he realized that the media lies about race, and in 2017 he learned about race and IQ. Then learned about the Jewish influence of Communism, and the Jewish influence over the Civil Rights Movement. Learned about race and IQ from Stefan Molyneaux. Went to the AmRen website after that. Also learned from Alt-Hypothesis. Read White Power by GLR about a year ago. It filled in the "missing pieces" for his understanding of history. Found the 20th century boring until he really learned about the events that occured during that time. (Has a lot of good things to say about the Civil Rights movement.)
Q5: First found us through someone's Telegram channel, with an urge to get involved in our org (likely Western Chauvinist).
Q6: Has heard of Civic Nationalism. It isn't realistic, there's so much racial animosity in America and every other group is already racial nationalists. Doesn't see America uniting under the flag. Doesn't think foreigners can become American, they probably don't even want to. To be an American, you must be descended from Americans. His roots are in the Scotch who came to Kentucky and the Applachians.
Q7: Doesn't know much about his family history, heard that he has a grandmother who can trace her ancestry back to the Mayflower. Scotch-Irish heritage. Describes himself ethnically as a White American.
Q8: No past activism. No likeminded friends.
Q9: Violence is justified in self defense or the defense of the family. It is also justified when used to create a tangible, positive result for our People. If he believed that violent revolution would result in the betterment of White people in America, he would subscribe to it, but doesn't see that path as a possible method of change right now. Agrees and Understands the Violence Statement.
Q10: Never been in a fight.
Q11: Not much free time on the weekdays, but weekends are free.
Q12: Biggest threat to America is the American government, specifically the FBI. There is also the threats of the media and the education system brainwashing our People.
Q13: Gets his news from Telegram or AmRen. Top 5 Telegram channels are Warren Balogh, Emily Youcis, Lauren Witzke, Michelle Malkin, and William Luther Pierce Archive. Doesn't know much about Malkin, but thinks she is generally pushing in the right direction.
Q14: Labels his beliefs as Anti-Bolshevism. The school system drove him to these beliefs. Had to watch a lot of propaganda about Leo Frank and internment camps, etc.
Q15: No conflict between religion and politics.
Q16: Has read White Power by GLR, Myth of the Rational Voter by Kaplan. Rockwell shows the connection between Communism and Jews, and highlights the ways the Jews took over American institutions in the postwar era. Myth of the Rational Voter convinced him that democracy is an unworkable system.
Q17: Fitness is poor. Started seeing a personal trainer a few times a week. Can probably run a mile in about 10 minutes. No martial arts experience.
Q18: Nuclear family is ideal. There are a lot of single parents, and even with married couples, oftentimes the women form groups that undermine society. His parents are still married, and his dad is okay, could have been more of a leader. Trans is abhorrent, and porn and homosexuality is undesireable, but doesn't think he would totally eradicate it either. Transsexuality is the denial of reason.
Q19: Admires Theodore Roosevelt. He was anti-establishment figure that rejuvinated the American political system. He was a strong leader that pushed back against excessive politeness and beaurocracy.

Q20: Despises Woodrow Wilson. He initiated a lot of the bad trends we see today, such as the excessive influence of universities, and he saw the People as the property of the government, rather than vice versa.
Q21: Nationalist movement in America is energized, but we dont all know exactly what we want to do. We will have to collectively figure it out together. Activism is a great way to expand. One suggestion he would make is to put more focus into building communities to live outside the system.
Q22: Wants to be married and have a homestead. Also wants to get in better shape.

Bit of an odd guy, sounds spergy but his story checks out.

When you say his story checks out you mean there are no internal contradictions?

I mean that despite his responses sounding "programmed" or scripted, his political journey makes a lot of sense to me and has too much detail for it to be a loaded response, in my opinion. I think he just doesn't have very much in the social skills department

Gotcha I'll handle it

Still debating about my friend


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