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Yes I believe he will be

I will ask though

Thomas @thomas

This is a scripted message. An important announcement has just been posted in the #announcements channel. Please review it in detail and follow the instructions given. If we have not conversed recently (or since the last scripted message), give me an update on your organizing and any questions or matters I can assist with. Thank you.

When you have an opportunity, I need new vetting accounts for 2 guys joining the interview team, and for them to be added to the #interviewers channel here as well as Records, Interviews, and Discussions on the other channel

The two guys are @Tyler SD and @Christopher VA

Both are rather new members, but have been vouched for as good men and I had a call with them today detailing the responsibilities of interviewing, asking their availability, etc. They both sound like good fits.

Thomas @thomas

Who has vouched for them?

Sam MN knows Tyler and Sam VA knows Christopher.

Both are accomplished typists, so I hear. Tyler types professionally. Christopher had a lot of good things to say during last night's deliberation.

Thomas @thomas

They know them, but have they vouched for them in the role? Lot of security involved in that. Carter MO could also be consulted for Tyler.

I'll ask around, but yes, Sam MS has been involved in vetting for a few months and knows what the job entails. Sam VA said this exactly: "In his time since joining he has worked very hard as an activist, been keenly interested in working toward the orgs benefit and he has experience in talking with people in sales so he's not a sperg / has good interaction abilities. I think he would make a great interviewer, and it will help me in the long run to train him to do irl interviews. I 100% endorse his application."

Will do.

In an interview rn

Will read after

Bought and tried out those new vinyl stickers, they're sturdy and adhere great but they're crinkly as sin, gotta mind the noise when around people on a sticker run.

It's almost like opening a lays bag

Thomas @thomas

What vinyl stickers are those?

The ones I just posted in activism, they were at the drill event last weekend

Wait, I did not get the ones held by the paperclip

If those were the real prototypes. But I did get the stickers bound in rubber bands

Seemed like they were different, sturdier material. Maybe just my imagination

Thomas @thomas

Not sure, some may have gotten mixed in.

Have an interviewee account that needs to be removed immediately


Thomas @thomas

Immediately is helped if I have the number.

Thomas @thomas


Current Intelligence Analyst with the DEA

Thomas @thomas

No drugs here, piggo.

Thomas @thomas


You need to turn off Mark SD's account.

Thomas @thomas

Thought I did from mobile, finicky. Should be done now.

Can you join an interview room rn?

We have a question

Some guy says he met you at AmRen and asked if active military can apply, he says you said we might be able to work with him

Thomas @thomas

Helicopter guy?

Dunno yet, he was open about it from the get go

We haven't asked specifics

Thomas @thomas

Ask him if he mentioned flying helicopters in our conversation. If so, then he can be UA.

As far as I knew active duty personnel could not be involved.


Go through normal interview, but for unaffiliate capacity?

Thomas @thomas

No active mil. They can maybe be UA.

Thomas @thomas

Do UA interview.


Thomas @thomas

If we could get those amendments done sooner rather than later, yes.

I gotcha. I'll make the call now,

Thomas please man

We need some interview server help

This mouthbreather needs to be banned immediately

Thomas pls

Thomas @thomas


You got him

Thomas @thomas


Interviewee-724541 is vetted and ready to be made a full member. That is Sampson OK.

Thomas @thomas

This is a scripted message. Please make sure to review the recent announcement. Thank you.

Thomas @thomas

We should do everything we can to have 3 rooms going every night until this wave subsides.

Thomas @thomas

Ask william for the new Meeting Intermediates guide.

Last night we had 5 I think. We're doing well so far. I'll make sure to stress it tonight.

Thomas @thomas

Be sure to be on the call.


William TX?

If you haven't seen already, I'm going to make the new script tonight. I don't have any of the fancy shmanshy pdf design tools so it'll be plaintext. At some point tonight you and I need to have a call to verify everything looks good.

Thomas @thomas

Just get me a list of amendments and I will handle all the formatting.

Thomas @thomas

Type out what you wish, but no need to try to remake the doc.

Thomas @thomas

I'm way too finicky about my fonts anyhow.

Hah, understood. Regardless, I will be going line by line to ensure that any changes that need to be suggested are.

Thomas @thomas


Interview Script Changes.pdf


Apologies for the clumsy formatting in .pdf, I did this originally in .rtf and RocketChat didn't let me send it.

Please review at your earliest opportunity. Any changes you have questions about, feel free to reach out and ask. I will keep an eye on my RC and Threema throughout the day tomorrow.

Thomas @thomas

Thank you.

Thomas @thomas

Going through it now.

Get with Jason, get a list of things we did wrong in the known infiltrator's interview, pin that in the channel for everyone to see.

Ok, will do.

There's a few things I wanted to bring up about the script, I was wondering if you had the chance to look it over with me sometime soon.

I think that it would be best if we pull the document up while we're on the phone and go over some things that I think need to be changed.

Thomas @thomas

List them.

The note-taking format I developed is meant to eliminate the need of separating the interview answers into distinct categories in the notes. For instance, after going through the Interviewee ID, Age/ST/City, Conductor, and Notetaker, the format is meant to continue with a simple format of
Q1: 25 years old
Q2: Colorado, permanent resident

I'm not a fan of the idea of having IFQ1, SEQ3, etc as a system for note records because I think there is value in concealing how we divide up our interview questions by section. A standard interview should have the format of
Interviewee ID


and I think the script itself, while divided into those categories for our purposes, should reflect the above format.

I cannot put the proper time into examining the document at this moment though, so when I can I'll prepare a full report. I would really enjoy the chance to talk this out with you though. It makes a dialogue much easier.

Thomas @thomas

The interviewer knows the question sections. The note taker just writes it as normal. 1, 2, 3. The note is internal.

Thomas @thomas

It also makes it easier for me to review and amend. The outward change is nil.

Low priority, but when you have a chance could you change my user name to IC? Also, I will need a copy of the profile pic

Thomas @thomas

Will get to it. Plenty of appointments on my list still.

What was the reason why the question order was changed around so much from what I submitted?

Like the first 2 Questions of the secondary evaluative section, I tried to combine them by asking it like so: 10. If you had to put a label on your political beliefs, what would it be, and why? What values do you have that influence your political beliefs? What changes would you like to see in American society? Who do you believe your opposition is?

It's a bit hard to fully direct the conversation on the ideological journey when we don't know what he titles himself as politically.

Interviewee 966349 needs to be removed.

Thomas @thomas

I think the minute differences in order are mostly irrelevant. I would not worry about it.

Already removed.

I think the distinction is important. It makes the conversation flow awkwardly.

Thomas @thomas

I appreciate your thoughts on the matter and will consider them.

Do you want everyone on the interview team to have the new Intermediate guide

Thomas @thomas

Not unless they need it.

So do you want me to send it to the vetting personnel who need it, or give it out to the interviewers who are sending records?

OK, below is a wall of text of further improvements I think could be made to the Interview script. I will be pasting them individually to let you quote specific lines if you have any comments or questions.

The format needs to be changed to the one below:
12/12/2021 (Date of Interview)
Age/State/City (To be entered after the interview for organization purposes.)
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Jesse AR

Test Question: (Enter the Test Question here)? Answer

Q1: 24 years old.
Q2: Lives in Alabama. Permanent resident.
Q3: Lives near Birmingham.
Q4: No past interviews.
Q5: Has access to a vehicle.
Q6: No drug history. No addictions.
Q7: No criminal background.
Q8: No government employ.
Q9: No ailments.
and so on.

Test Question 4 needs a phrasing change from "Patriot Front's activism" to "our organization's activism" because we do not say our organization name in an interview. This is to give us plausible deniability if an interview happens to be leaked or uploaded somewhere.

The numbering scheme for the questions in general may need to be changed for clarity related to the Records. I would prefer it if the script reflected the same Q number as the question would have in the Records for ease of organization. Perhaps we could split the difference and go with a system where the numbers follow throughout the sections, but we keep the section abbreviations, such as IFQ1, ..., IFQ9, SEQ10, ..., TEQ19, etc.

"Q14" needs to be corrected to reflect the new number scheme

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