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Jason NY with you @TylerSD

I'll hop on it

oh fuck

"Someone who is not my neighbor tried to open my car door and then my neighbor's car"



YES randy

well, height and weight


do we need to deliberate?


80 push-ups, wild man

We'll take 171243

does it make him sound less sincere

my thoughts too

half this

half german

i zoned out for a sec

It was just Mein Kampf

We're moving to 749409

Reminds me of Jason TX



how many are left


he couldn't give me a straight answer about how he became a fascist

He could be an inflitrator



Yo, that looked like a jewish physiogamy

So I want to take him on monday

You're telling me

culture comes from ideals, location and religion?

You know it

had some hope but hes not far enough along

How about any other states

I didn't hear a city


Smells of desperation

I wasn't


I'm not going to lie, I summarized heavily with this guy

Can you ask about the powers that be behind immigration, the motivation for it?

i will

Are any ethnic groups overrepresented in the elites?

I am the best questioner

2 and kick

Seems legit to me

glad we added you, sam, christopher and tyler when we did

what was the Donovan book

Do you want me to re-write those notes from memory?

FDR was a closet racist! :astonished:

Thinking that he misconfiged his mic settings

Where yall at


Where am I needed

found him



You'd have to ask Thomas about this one. We have a Leo LA but he might be too new to vet somebody.

He had his camera on at the beginning. had an Italian flag hanging up behind him.

He can come back when he is more sure of who he is.

Have him start naming books about fascism that he read

How did he feel about the passage where Adolf Hitler described his first encounter with a Jewish person in Vienna, in Chapter 4?


he's a denial obviously

granted that would have been about 10 years ago

its a hot take for sure


No? Where's the "no sir" coming from?

So his wife lied

could he repeat that name

was that a member

Will Planner. He is a member now maybe.

He was at national

ah, based

Just got home. Yall need another guy?

wignat lol

Seems like it haha

@all Current Line:

I like him

Me too

Seems genuine

@all Remember to update your Cryptdrive entries before leaving for the night

We need some tougher men involved

Will do Jesse

Warms my heart @SamMN


2x check how long he has been sober. I had 15 years at first, his fight story was 2 years ago.

  • I do really like him tho

15 years for drugs

1 year for alcohol

Is this Carter? lol



674 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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