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do we need to deliberate?

i zoned out for a sec

@Interviewee-681985 You will receive a DM shortly.
@Interviewee-761492 You are next in line.

Open this link in a web browser to connect to the interview room:

Seems legit to me

glad we added you, sam, christopher and tyler when we did

found him

You'd have to ask Thomas about this one. We have a Leo LA but he might be too new to vet somebody.

He can come back when he is more sure of who he is.

Have him start naming books about fascism that he read

How did he feel about the passage where Adolf Hitler described his first encounter with a Jewish person in Vienna, in Chapter 4?

he's a denial obviously

what is chat cloud

@all Congratulations for taking the first step towards networking with the organized Nationalist movement on the American continent. Interview staff are on stand-by to offer personalized assistance so that you can reach your goal to find action, fraternity and purpose within our revolutionary space. If you have any questions related to the interview process, please tag me or one of my colleagues and we will be happy to help.

Missing attachment: photo_2021-12-14_16-37-02.jpg

While you wait for interview time to begin, here are some resources so that you can become more familiar with our organization:

Sons of the Founders | Patriot Front documentary: https://odysee.com/@Media2Rise:4/M2R-SHORTEN:8

Patriot Front September-October Activism: https://odysee.com/@PatriotFront:7/PatriotFrontSeptOct21Activism:9

Patriot Front Manifesto [Audio]: https://odysee.com/@PatriotFront:7/PatriotFrontManifesto:f

Interviews will start tonight at 8:00PM CST. Wait for the message announcing the start of interviews, then reply "Ready" to join the line.


has someone gotten in touch w you yet?

22 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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