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He had his camera on at the beginning. had an Italian flag hanging up behind him.

granted that would have been about 10 years ago

2x check how long he has been sober. I had 15 years at first, his fight story was 2 years ago.

  • I do really like him tho

"all religions are very interesting and good to have the diversity of it. except for... the one"


this guy is very libertarian

we gotta hit him with the civnat and enthic stuff to see how aware he is.

I don't think hes going to be able to do activism with his businesss

no from me as well

hes too libertairn, individualistic

Im an anti-tech and surveillance kinda guy so i can relate to him not allowing microphone permissions. i'll give him time to adjust settings

Hes nationalist, american patriot, race aware, and J-woke. he doens't need to have read Mein Kampf to pass my test. has read For my legionaries.

so far I think hes pretty good


i was not aware there was a no proselytizing rule. Ive broken that many times. sorry @TylerMD

well actually i'm not sorry. but i will observe that rule.

he isn't making a great impression but he says just enough of the right things to keep me listening.

yeah, he might actually be too overweight.

i actually really liked his interview. the weight was the only drawback to me. his mask story I interpreted as he is glad he did it because it helped make him who he is

i really appreciate that tyler. I have always enjoyed our conversations.

I change my mind. its a solid no from me.

maybe im just being paranoid but my first impression joining was he sounded like a leftist and the prior affiliations spoiled it for me.

fair enough

fair enough

are we able to reply to specific messages in this platform?

Would you want to do activism with him? Would you want to march with him?

tell him he has answered well, we appreciate his time, but we have fitness standards and at this time he does not meet them. we encourage him to work on that and reapply in 6 to 12 months

this guy is awesome


just saying... he needs to be, but we don't do that kind of thing.


^that too lol

it sounds like he is driven ideologically and it put him into our path. it seems like his in our camp.
can he be an activist?

he's pretty spergy but he could be alright.

Can I ask him about his art skills? even if he doesnt have digital skills, hands on skills are usefull for banner making and stencil making

squat 245 is pretty serous

he handled it

that was actually are really good answer.

the biggest threat to America?: "Probably the fact that I need to ask you to define America"

41 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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