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he couldn't give me a straight answer about how he became a fascist

In the search bar. Let him now that you’ve been moved forward

Awesome man I’ll see you then. Let’s plan to meet at the Starbucks in kimball Junction

He’ll yeah

can I hop in

Nigga is very gay


Can you send the link

@TylerMD we’ll call this the personal experience

my bad bro

two Tyler’s lol

Can do @TylerSD

This guy is awesome


This guy mentioned the holocoster lmao

This guy is great

Didn’t take this guy for a nerd. Seems like a chad

This guys a beast

@TylerSD we’ll discuss

Dude this guy is an aryan chad

let’s move him forward

He is not someone who is a loose canon etc.

You didn’t get booted

do you remember your login?

There was a technical error Thomas set up your account wrong

From the tech team

“Thomas set his account up wrong, just say it was a technical error. I will reset his password to 576300PF”

We still on for today?

Perfect I’ll see you soon

what are you wearing?

I’ll be there at 5

👍🏻 See you soon brother

Let Thomas know the interview went well! It was great meeting you brother

just look in the search bar for Thomas

I will have him message you

you're good brother. he said he'll reach out

I apologize for the delay, a lot of new people are being added to the server so it make take another day or two.

What's your schedule look like on Saturday?

Haha I’m game man. Since we are meeting at around 3 on Saturday I recommend we go a little bit earlier if that’s alright with you?

So my IP has been blocked after trying to login on my computer

I reset my Password and attempted to login and it won't let me.

are you on the tech team?

payday is the move.

I think they might have just opened up crescent and silverload so we'll see

we could do like 10-2PM. If you just wanna follow me to the valley we can do that?

did you ask if you could be Ash?

even though it wasn't on the list lol

yeah if he says no then go with jackson. reason is because we have guy that might be coming back soon and that is his alias

I don't care personally I am just curious if Tom will let you

I was planning on showing you and the other new guys how to do a banner drop and put up stencils

yeah that's fine then

61 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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