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November 27th Michigan Thanksgiving Event (Frontsgiving).

Lead Organizer - @Alan MI
Quartermaster - @Benjamin MI

Members present: @Alan MI @Benjamin MI @Johnny MI @Francis MI @Michael MI @Sam MI
Non-members present: Vernon (leader of non activist social group in MI) and an Indiana based AFA Folkbuilder.

Purpose: To celebrate an American holiday as brothers and to network and develop closer relations with the AFA.

3pm: Arrival time.

3pm-6pm: Food preparation and chit chat.

6pm- 7pm: Thanksgiving meal.

7pm- 7:30pm: Dessert.

7:30pm-1am: free time.

1am: Departure or lights out.

11am: Hard departure time.

Long form: The event was a success. There were zero logistical issues other than heavy snowfall leading to slight travel delays. There was never a dull moment as conversations ranged from silly to deep and philosophical. The AFA folkbuilder said that he had already tacitly recommended pf to young men he met within the AFA but that he would much more emphatically push them towards joining our brotherhood now knowing how mature and well organized we are. He specifically knew of at least 3 men he would recommend to join the next time he sees them including one who has already been considering applying for a few weeks now. He also plans to invite Michigan pf members to AFA events henceforth. The two non-affiliates are both family men in their mid thirties with children. They were able to provide a lot of wisdom and mature advice to the younger pf guys that was extremely beneficial. While the AFA is a nonpolitical organization, it has been suggested to me by multiple of their members that their leadership is very aware of PF and behind close doors strongly supports it and pushes younger guys with an interest in politics or activism towards it. I believe that pursuing this relationship further will be very beneficial organizationally.