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2020-02-02 16:11:39 UTC

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Andy speaks the truth.

2020-02-03 01:37:30 UTC  

Ok, im going to say some philosophical bullshit now from my ass

2020-02-03 01:37:52 UTC  

Life is a game and the objective is to change the future of humanity

2020-02-03 01:38:28 UTC  

You can have hundreads of loyal friends, millions of dollars, but you have no meaning if you dont change the world

2020-02-03 01:38:53 UTC  

You dont even need money, take diogenes as an example

2020-02-03 01:39:21 UTC  

All he did was not care and he created an entire ideology

2020-02-04 04:44:41 UTC  


2020-02-04 05:34:12 UTC  

anyone have any idea what's going in Iowa?

2020-02-04 06:36:04 UTC  

@farrah To the americans that's underage ass, but in my realm this is old ass. Shame on my country's laws, but atleast I can say nice ass and not be in trouble, like the rest of these fools

2020-02-04 06:44:10 UTC  

In my state legal age is 16.

2020-02-04 06:44:31 UTC  

But thirst and simping is not happening on my watch.

2020-02-04 07:49:54 UTC  

That's the spirit

2020-02-04 09:00:25 UTC  

looks like a nigger to me

2020-02-04 09:00:37 UTC  

Nigger ass will give you aids

2020-02-04 14:57:11 UTC

2020-02-04 14:57:15 UTC  

Come visit me with that AR

2020-02-04 14:58:03 UTC  

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) if Farrah is 16, Iā€™m 16. I age-identify.

2020-02-04 14:58:09 UTC  

Yes bot, that is cash money.

2020-02-04 18:26:19 UTC

2020-02-05 16:21:31 UTC  

The amount of potholes in the road pictured hurts me

2020-02-05 18:02:47 UTC  

Because its cheaper

2020-02-05 18:23:59 UTC  

does coffee make your stomach sometimes?

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2020-02-05 18:57:24 UTC  

I don't drink coffee šŸ˜¦

2020-02-06 04:33:31 UTC  

Processed ass chocolate milk fucks up my intestinal organs

2020-02-06 04:34:19 UTC  

@dr.Chaos2017 depends, could be the milk tho, unless youre a chad that drinks pure black coffee

2020-02-06 15:48:24 UTC

2020-02-06 15:48:47 UTC  

Buttigieg won in Iowa, the first state to vote, because they didnt know he was gay.

2020-02-06 15:48:54 UTC  

Iowa is a red state.

2020-02-06 15:49:03 UTC  

This is why people are so fucking stupid and gullible.

2020-02-06 15:49:12 UTC  

They don't know basic things about candidates.

2020-02-06 15:49:27 UTC  

Yet they still choose to vote.

2020-02-07 03:59:19 UTC  

i need a gf berfore the boogaloo

2020-02-07 03:59:22 UTC  

or imma kms

2020-02-07 03:59:23 UTC