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Greetings and salutations

I found an invite for this channel from a justin Lamar on fb

Fucking jews have infiltrated this server too

I unfortunately am all out of shekels

But I have memes

Idk if anyone here has had a thicc white gurl but they are truthfully the most addictive

Women; can't live with them and can't live without them

White Hispanics or mystizo

I fucked a south Korean milf once

Those were degenerate days however

I'd never have kids with someone outside my sub anthropological racial group

She had big tits

Bigg titty Korean milf

Her name was Kay

Hey I don't blame you I did it cause I have a personality disorder and therefore reside a tendency within to basically commit actions that're not neccesarily the best decisions

I like to do everything at least once

Just for experience points

I like having the ability to say through first hand experience what's worth effort and what isnt

I use to be pretty degenerate tho ngl I've been around the block too many times

Although I've now found my red pill goyim family through the internet

Trying to network and find like minded people in California

Shit is getting nasty here and in order to prepare for the boogaloo I'm in search of kinfolk

Been here all my life

Traveled out of state before and all over the north of cascadia


My mistake

what county

i need a gf berfore the boogaloo

or imma kms

i blame the jews

gas the bikes

race car now

anyone in the bay area

who likes bushcraft

and nature

i need more friends

that arent degenerate

anyone here from the bay area and who wants to go hang up its okay to be white posters at UC Berkeley ?

could someone tell me while less than 15 % of the population commits over 50 % of the total crime in the US

serious question tho

anybody in the bay area on this server?

i have eco fash skull masks i wanna share with some new people so we can go do some activism

@clogged sink you should come to Berkeley to watch my friends debate between a descendant of the holohoax and a descendant of the waffen SS discuss the holocausts

im going to film it and upload it online

also gonna try getting patrick little to come out

What gore


Fair enough

Oh wtf my bad

Idk why i thought the mods removed it

Ill take it down rn

Too bad white people are the only race you can legally discriminate against

Rules? Im a sigma, I make my own rules

Rules are meant to be broken


Im just trolling



72 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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