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Feels good to be back among brothers.

Do we even know who fucked us over, or did Discord mods find us?

He sided with Colton, Colton was literally betraying brothers by showing private messages, think one of Coltons followers did it?

Yeah, released private convo's from others in TWP talking about personal things, the fucking rat.

Has anyone heard anything from Heimcock?

He got bailed out by someone and is living somewhere.

I wonder who, where.

Also @JohanC my Facebook is currently banned, but yes, i know some graphic designers,/ IT guys, one of them was in TWP, only member in Oregon, he left a bit ago.

Any casualties reported?

Does it smell fishy like Sandy Hook, or is it a legit sperg?

Florida just passed really strict gun laws, making modification of pretty much any aspect of your gun illegal, and raising the age.

Uhhh, how do you evacuate a whole school in 10 mins with an active shooter inside....

You know, its not like one religion has a monopoly on Explosive attacks.

Maybe a Rice-Eater?

Trip wires have always been an Asian thing lol

Korea, Vietnam, Japan.

Last bombing by a white i can remember was Oklahoma.

I know you can buy Frag grenades, but they cost an Arm and are regulated and monitored to hell.

You cant buy a frag without half of the ATF sitting in a van in your front yard.

Yeah, the guy who shot up Parkland was jewish, in released texts, he said his biological mother was jewish

Ibn4 they show a screenshot of a fevs fan fic.

AWD is fucking gay.

They are not brothers or Natsoc.

They deserve their own Waco, the satanists.

>complain about optics >own the stormer which literally calls for full ethnocide, white sharia and rape

>complain about optics >one of the writers for the stormer owns a group known as the Nigger-Faggot association

I don't get these guys hypocrisy.

I actually wanted to be a Geneticist for a while, and i still have interest in it, but i couldn't bare college.

Geneticism taught me race-realism.

I am probably going to trade school for metal working.

Not welding, as i predict with so many people doing it, the trade will become over-saturated.

But broad metal work seems fine.

Almost EVERYONE who plans on going to college in high school wants to do something with computers, i predict IT or graphic jobs will become so over-saturated it will cause a massive unemployment rise in like 10 years.

When everyone in college has a tech degree, it becomes useless, as EVERYONE has one.

The guy who discovered what DNA looks like/ Its structure is a big race-realist, he got shamed and shunned, and had to give his Nobel Prize in science back, and had a bunch of his titles revoked for being racist.

A Russian millionaire bought it for 4.8 million, then gave it back to him, what a kind guy.

Usmanov, whose steel, mining and other assets are worth $15bn according to Forbes, said he wanted the medal to remain with its rightful owner and for the money he spent on the item to be donated to scientific research.

β€œIn my opinion, a situation in which an outstanding scientist has to sell a medal recognising his achievements is unacceptable,” Usmanov said in a statement.

β€œJames Watson is one of the greatest biologists in the history of mankind and his award for the discovery of DNA structure must belong to him,” he added.

What a nice Russian Oligarch

Soooo did leadership ever decide a name?

I am a state major, but not part of the top leadership.

Senior leadership is like Region commander and up, I guess you could say I am part of Junior leadership

If that's how it's organized.




Read this womans profile.

This is our enemy lmfao

She says that White people have overpopulated the world.

>Be less than 8% of the world population


There are 800 million whites in the entire world, there are 2.3 billion Chinese in just a single country.

Same in India.

We are the smallest population out of all the main races.

Blacks, Asians, Hispanic, Indians, Arabs, everyone out does us heavily.

Africa has the highest growing birthrate

Half of the entire world population will be African in a couple decades.

Tfw you have re-production rates so low, that no civilization in Human history has recovered from such a rate >tfw you have created EVERY SINGLE environmental law ever created >Tfw your race makes up about 90% of over-population and environmental advocates and believers

We still get blamed.

I keep her added because reading her posts is fun.

Its fun to see the small mind of an ignorant, controlled person.


🀜 🀰


So neggars, have we decided on a name?


Went to pay my phone bill, was a literal Le 56% face Toddler, had a white mother and a white father, i guess the mother had a previous relationship, then decided to settle down when she decided she needed actual financial stability and a father.

Whores man, once a whore, always a whore.

Its weird how almost every single coal burner on dating sites talk about how their relationship was abusive.

Stats are funny, the highest abuse relationships are White women and black men, while lowest abuse are white men with black women, i hate interracial relationships, but its weird how polar it is.

Sorry, you have a mixed kid, all of my respect and expectations for you vanish in that moment.

Its weird seeing customers walk in where i work and they have mixed kids, it just makes me wanna be rude, but i cant.

My county is only 14% white.

I talked about how bad my county is with Hadrian.

I live in outer atlanta, my county is in the top 10 worst in America.

We had a literal serial murderer here 5 months back, no one cared, the waffle house down the street was robbed along with everyone in it a bit back, 2 different gang gun fights have happened at nearby trailer parks and one of the trailer parks had 38 illegals in it when ICE searched it.

My county use to be an absolute jewel, in just 10 years it has collapsed.

I live in the future now.

My county has a 12:00 curfew for all non-adults due to assaults and abductions.

Our mall closes early because people would gang up on people in the parking lot at night and beat them.

I am probably moving to St Augustine Florida, 70% white, and about 25% hispanic.

Only like 5% black.

In the next year.

Yeah, i will be living downtown with another guy who's father was in ANP

We will be roommates.

Technically Alaska is far from the whitest state, lots of Natives and eskimo's

But they dont cause any trouble.

Natives keep to themselves.

Alaska is technically the poorest state total income wise, the only thing that they have that makes money is Oil.

Alaska's entire economy is based on oil and oil alone.

Even Montana isnt super white due to Natives, but like i said, Natives dont cause any trouble.

Natives are very inwards people.

Technically, Native's have a lower repopulation rate than us, they will cease to exist in the next century or so.

Mainland ones.

Not the ones in places like Alaska.

Yeah, had a native friend, he was cool, would hunt ALL the time.

Would bring back whole trays of squirrels or other things.

Wild Venison jerky is great.

My natives friend's only weird aspect was him being highly suicidal.

Not in a emo sense.

But a weird sense.

>Remembering and longing for a nation that fell before you were even born


White Africa seemed great.

Africa is a magnificient continent, the nature, and animals are superb and has such variation

But blacks ruin it.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is /ourgame/


Tbh i will live the same distance from you basically lol

This chat is bretty dead my dudes.

Get more goys in here.

Austin bomber blew himself up in a last stand with SWAT.

Yeah, he was delivering another bomb, cops caught a wiff of what he looked like, and SWAT closed in, there is camera footage of him blowing himself up, but its currently in police holding.

Due to his targets, alot of people think its a SEEJ fag gone too far.

His self detonation only injured white people though.

Maybe he has military creds? his traps were top of the line, along with his explosive builds.

He was fully covered up, the only feature he exposed was his long hair, it was past his shoulders in length.

Dirty blonde

He may have been

I have seen the footage of him walking in, thats how i know his hair color.

You can find the footage of him carrying the packages and everything.

It was long.

Below his shoulders.

Dont you live in Texas too?

Johnson confirmed Austin bomber.

πŸ€” i could see them actually doing that

You a pagan or something?

I am French, my Pagan ancestors got BTFO by Romans, sooooo

Lol, yeah, i know.

You think he was a Unabomber copycat?

Ted Kaczynski was an anarchist who said the industrial revolution was the worst mistake in the history of mankind.

His first 2 victims were black, thats why some people jumped on the white terrorist train at first.

So 2 blacks died, but several whites received packages, but they didnt go off.

How weird.

I am probably looking at old news reports.

Yeah, Ted Kaczynski targeted people involved in industrial development.

The first victim, who was black, was a construction worker and money manager.

White Latino or dark Latino?

That term is too broad.

I wanna order food, any of you Faqqots got a good place that delivers? (ironic since we are talking about shipped bombs)

A white police officer and a white postal office worker were both injured

During his self detonation.

Yeah, probably just a serial killer.

Many shooters are jews.

One of the Columbine shooters was jewish.


The only jewish person i have ever met in real life who was openly jewish was this cute blonde girl in high school whose grandparents were Russian Jews.

If your forehead isnt big enough to be hilarious, you are a crypto-kike

They said they would decide on a name last night, so expect us to receive one today.

Tbh, what day isn't white pride day?

Alt-Right in the streets, 1.0 in the sheets.

@Commander Johnson if you are free today, wanna play some Vietnam sometime?

Been waiting to try that new Map mod, Charlie Dont Surf, its modeled after the beach part in Apocalypse Now

Too bad Sheen is a cuck in real life.

Mel Gibson?

Mel "Jews are responsible for all the wars on earth" Gibson

Also his movies are the most Anti-PC things.

His movies are almost entirely white.

He once told his daughter "If you get raped by a pack of niggers, its your fault" when she had black friends

I think he is on our side, but has to hide it for his career

Great movies aswell.

He was the original Mad Max, he was the main character in the Patriot, etc

He was also BraveHeart

He was William Wallace in Braveheart

Vince Vaughn is best friends with Gibson, wonder if he thinks the same way.

It calls them out on what they did, Mel did not move back from putting all the blame on jews in the movie.

The original Mad Max series, Braveheart, The Patriot.

Several others.

Mad Max* lol

Its about him being a father during the revolution and fighting the British etc.

Him and his sons become independence fighters, harrassing British supply lines.

Yeah, i sent out links to TWP goys.

Guys ,start inviting everyone back.

Playing servers on Rust, i have discovered that Russian's and Frenchies are dicks, and Germans are some of the nicest people you can meet.

Too bad.

Well, i wonder what sapped his spirit?

I know.

Maybe it turned out different than be envisioned, maybe we can bring him on this new group.

So, i guess us in the discord are the last of the group.

The last that have stuck around.

Most of the guys dont even know there is a new group being made.

So they have moved on.

A couple i know have given up WN activism all together, they see this as the last year of the "Alt-Right"

I wont leave until the group all together ends.

Me and my goys in Georgia are keeping our branch up and we can hopefully recruit more.

Maybe you should be region leader.

You seem like a great guy.

Yeah, the people in Georgia didn't even know who our leader was.

I was eventually promoted.

I understand OPSEC, but worrying so hard that your group is so disconnected people dont even know local officers is terrible.

Might aswell not even have a group.

Our region was so concerned with OPSEC that we did nothing.

We had 2 paranoid military guys

Rallies is all good and nice, but not when you have NO infrastructure

Yeah, Heimbach SAID he was planning a party camping trip in Appalachia, all members could attend, and it would last a couple days, but he never said anything more about it and it fell through

Heimbachs eyes were bigger than his ability

I think rallies can be good, but we need organization first.

Mosley etc, everyone had good party structure, everyone knew who they were and who everyone was.

We had states with a commander and no men, officers and no commander, or men with neither.

Men need to be organized by rank, not a moving blob.

We need hate houses, they are literal points of organization.

Who here is lack toes and taller ants

lack toes and taller ants

Lactose Intolerant

I am making a joke.

>obsess over OPSEC >Tell everyone where you are and will be

When me and you are in Augustine, me, you and the ANP guy can do some flyering and stuff together.

Leader of GA, but dont know what will happen to my rank when i move.

I was never added either.

They have i believe, Hovater and such are dealing with Lawyer stuff.

The case against us still stands, and Heimbach NEVER paid the lawyer.

He owes like 6 payments.

The money in our dues and income just evaporated.

It never even went to the lawyer fighting for us in court.

Heimshit was hoarding the money and not telling people i guess.

That lawyer is the only thing that stands between our guys at Cville and jail time for them all.

Not sure.

He may have left.

I know the head of NC fucked off and went over to spencers Operation Homeland.

Slavmanlet is with Spencer now i believe.

Dont they have like 16 people?

Vanguard has been on its death bed for months.

They had a splinter like 2 weeks ago.

The leadership has delayed farrrr too long, we are at like 2 weeks without a name or flag, or even a public announcement that we are reorganizing.

They are losing people.

Activist orgs do good things, but they offer no future plans beyond converting people to your way of thinking.

They are focused on the present, not the future.

I could see a group like us and a activist group merging, they would be the recruitment wing, and we the political

IE is the largest, but they are on the border of being just AMNAT's, hardly even committed WN's

Funny story about my friend whos father was in ANP, his father was arrested for robbery after the groups collapse, so he grew up not knowing his father much.

They said they would probably have a name decided last night, but no word.

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