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Fuck now I'm level 0

That's the only sour point




If you're of european descent, you are a minority

Sooner or later you people have to realize this

You may not be in your own countries stastically, but you literally have less power than what you consider a "minority"

You're a power minority, and that's just as god damn bad as being an ethnic minority

Kill the state

Burn the fed and kill the state

tfw no longer lvl thirtysomething :^(

Druids and pagans aren't that different. Druids is more a politic entity

I agree

Tbh it's why paganism is really a silly term, it's like saying abrahamic faiths when you mean christianity only

I agree

Blood before faith, that's my philosophy on the matter

Blood before faith. Anything less is treason to blood, and puts you on the same level as miscegenators.
And this makes islam and certain sects of christianity enemies of any ethnonationalist because "blood before faith" is not possible there

I'm working on getting that number up

Delet and post in <#490740654390116362>

No it's a marker

Imagine if the Shire had a rugby team and participated in the Middle Earth cup

No, 'vikings' were very serious about their hygiene and grooming, braids were common, dreadlocks would probably get you deemed a fucking loser, just like today

I will kill you human

rip I used to be lvl 35 you know

How the mighty have fallen


You homosexuals are into weebshit

Can you translate if this is antikike or prokike

That flashing kikestar in the start confuse me

My uncle posted it lol

I did so you don't have to. It's kind of 70'ies cringe though that is also its strength, musically you will find that the jew howard shore plagiarized a great deal from it

My feet are cold, it's -3 c outside and my window has been opened all day, I'm too cheap to turn on the heat and too lazy to close the window

That's why I wear blankets

@Alpaca13 Taxes, let's go

If ever I become king, you will be my minister of health

Justin will be my minister of defense

Thomas the Jewburner will be the puppet people think is the king, bless his heart

It's almost Christmas, it's delightful

tfw there are thoughtbrothers of mine that will never know the joy of squirting water from your foreskin in the shower

Much the kike has taken, and this is no small thing

@Alpaca13 That's right, it will be mandatory for every household to have atleast 2 cloves of garlic at all times, aswell as an รฆbleskivepande.

hamner cursh cococut good


Yeah get a hold of yourselves. If you can't even strive for your ideals in your own life, you're a faggot for trying to push them on others. No race mixing.

I will spit on the knees of any who race mix and smear boogers in their eyes and tell them to no more of that no!

I don't agree with that. Some people have genuinely been brainwashed by the kikes and the ethnodestructive globohomo and might have a good head or heart. We can't abandon our own. Without a path to redemption/to change for the better/be accepted, why would anyone go from being an utter degenerate to wholesome?

But yes, mongrels must die

And racemixers be punished. But all generations alive today are more or less tainted, and we'll never be the "ideal" we can only work towards it, to make sure our children are better than us and doesn't feel the taint

If that makes sense

Basically the 14 words are and were never for us, but always for our posterity

@Issa Dornan If those that have racemixed have made mongrels as a result, yes they are guilty of treason to blood and that should carry a death penalty

Completely forgot to put the christmashat on my pfp

Where are your hats buttholes?

That's alright

The red hat has always been a nissehue (a nisse hat) - which is probably where the elves comes from, in modern santa-lore. Traditionally house-spirits that would fuck your harvest up or burn your roof down if you didn't appease them with some porridge in winter, and you'd have straw horses at the entrance of the house to guard against them

Or atleast for a couple of centuries it has been that way, it is more or less a bastardization of a pagan remnant

Just 31 more levels

I won 100 bux (split in three from a 300 dollar prize) with my music ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Got third place in the contest


>I want to miscegenate

Keep to your own you boob. It's an odd thing. I don't know how Rome works, but doesn't the kikepope hold a great deal of power? And if so why whould he allow such a thing?

Cataclysm DDA has a better system

Cashcards, atms and bartering in the style of FO1 and 2. Bottlecaps shesh, they have no value. Even melting them down isn't really that great and scrap metal could probably be salvaged in better ways, which is all they'd be good for

Food will be the currency

Prove me wrong

Water is abundant and can be boiled, so that makes it less of a problem or valuable

Well water and food will be the main currency or reward for work until something properly organized takes from

Which will take a good while

Since it will require several communities to agree and be in contact and so on

Food and barter

Makes it more valuable

Because you all need your god damn food

And not everyone can produce it

Vacuum sealing, canning, drying, smoking, salting?

There are plenty of ways to make it last long enough to get to the belly that needs it in exchange for whatever

Jerkybased currency ๐Ÿคค

It takes some real fucking intense starvation to resort to cannibalism

Phychologically it's not easy to do

Yeah but most people aren't really crazy

They may seem so, but they aren't really

I wouldn't eat what I hate

I'd cremate as an extra insult

Well maybe you wouldn't, but that is a lot more different than taking direct part in either killing or making the cuts and cooking it knowing what it is

Having eaten it and being told it was human flesh, well what can you do

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