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The americans and british were the bad guys for bombing cities and killing innocent people

Guten morgen

This meme is so toxic it belongs here

How long does it takes to fix the damage done to my body and mental hentai after 3 years of excessive masturbatio?

Mental health?

I read it somewhere

That my shit will go back to the normal after 1 month


When you try to commit suicide but youre too much of a pussy to make a deep cut @Alpaca13

British : bomb hamburg and kill 250000 innocent german citzens
Americans : send innocent japanese people to actual death camps with no human rights and kill innocent people with atom bombs
Russians : rape and kill innocent german women and girls
And there are people out there thinking they are good...

People say that the allied forces were the good guys for defeating the natsocs

Yep thats sad

Is racism allowed here?

Need europe rape statistics

Cant find them on google

Since its a jewish corporation

Actually just post all of your pictures that proves national socialism is the way to go

Number Six million : exists
Juden : i will have your entire stock

There was a newspaper page in ww1 that said that the germans were killing 6 quadrillion juden

We need someone to get inside the big 1% jewish group and destroy it like an inside job or some shit,

Requirements : long nose
Cut dick
Ugly hair

Final solution

How do i convert my friends into national socialism
If i bring up crime statistics they will bring up bullshit history stuff like : white ppl use niggers as slaves (because white people had better military technologies)

Just think alot about it

You cannot judge jews

Even tho most rich people are jews, and it is very rare to find a poor jewish person

However you can kill a white person

Even tho there are alot of white people in situation of poverty

@Deleted User ive also played too much with math

Judging jews : bad
Juding whites : good

How do i convert someone into NS?

When will the boog start, need and estimate so i can start preparing myself

Opinions on cocaine?

Some ppl say it turns you into a manly man and that lefties hate it

Back to the Future is just an alternate future where we didn't invest money to aid africa

Technology has gone the wrong way

We were supposed to have hover cars, Butler robots, hologram emails,

Weird curvy aerodynamic clothes

Imagine fighting against the Nazis just for your great great grandkids to be faggots

It has been declared illegal in some city to feed homeless people, so the people decided to feed them while armed

And the police did not do anything

So basically, armed people are free people

There fixedit

My phone keyboard is shit and so is the auto correct

If the 250000 women that were raped in Berlin were armed then the rape would not have happened at all

And an F for them btw

The BK rebel has 40mg of estrogen in it, is there any kind of food that has 40mg of testosterone in it so I can stop being a pussy?

Why so German soldiers look so chaddy

Like look at this

Total chad

Perfect woman

@Issa Dornan how else are you gonna learn how to do a surgery if there is no one to educate? That was very common centuries ago

If you do it on prisoners then it's ok

Rapists, pedophiles, murderers, etc

I think everything may change next decade

More and more people are getting redpilled

You don't even need a firearm if you're stealthy

However we will need drugs so people won't pussy out and desert

Drugs are used in wars to distract the soldiers from their fears

I have just made a fake FB account with an anime girl in it

And holy shit

I get at least 30 friend requests per second

Desperate virgin guys

Imagine working hard just to see a woman making more money a day than you make in a month by selling water in the internet

Holy shit 20

I expected you to be older

India is now a super power

Now we have flying cars

The cure for cancer


We can live in the moon

Robots that you can buy at a gas station

They weren't kidding

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