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fucking niggers

what do you do if you have a gf that is pc and doesnt like "racism"

ill search it

nationalist patriot

im 29 now

unproductive but changing

they already have a wall to contain it

what a time it was

ps+ is a ripoff

Anyone into destiny 2 ? Its free right now

I need people to play with sometime

im a 30 yr old boomer so i still dont understand discord totallly

wheres it from?

"nazis" wasn't that a term jews used as a slur

This page actually sent me a pm on fb saying that because i don't agree with them i am not allowed to Post... https://m.facebook.com/factsandlogicaboutthemiddleeast/?refid=12

Wonder who's behind this page... Hmmm

Curious what our take in the tern racist agould be is it an actual thing or is it just a weaponized term to keep white people fron talking or thinking?

Lets make an alt right lager, put a swastika on it

Ooh shite

Really, where have i been

I like the black sun symbol to be honest

Needs bars and steel reinforced doors with gun peeps

Is this degenerate?


Haha i want more, cancled a date for this

I want some rum

My girl smokes weed and is pretty pc / sicilian

I agree ober

She don't know my actual views

That is true, porb running our minds real sex is best

United nationalst front?

Whata unf?

Yeah what happened to it

Stormfronts been around since i was 15 why dont they get fucked with

Der judgen

Good point

Tattoos yuck

Did he shoot back?

I was interrogated over my friend leaving a backpack at the mall once

Was a big production

Yea almost got charged

This was 2007 yo

They said they notified bush lol

I threatened to fuck random ppl when i get drunk on campus

Thoughts on being a polygimist nazi?

What if yoy cant find a female in modern society that agree with traditionalist marriage?

Thats more difficult on the lower incone side of things

In voluntey celebit?

Traps are gay and make your fingers smell like poop


Are italians white?


Mud cookies

Best thing from nigger culture

Extra flies might help with protien

My niece is ugandan knuckles

Jews stole my 4skin

It is a major piss off factor for me. In reality

I notice my cock retracts to protrct its self because of my missing foreskin

Jewa had us cucked at birth

Take her rights away tho

I dont think they should vote

Ass is best

I am really liking this girl im seeing but i haven't been productive in life so it feels somewhat undeserved that shes so into me

Makes me want to do more though

She said trump makes her angry though...

She doesn't know but ive told her i have some exteme views

The political spectram isnt really meaningful

Its someone elses perspective drawn on a graph

Are yoy cousins?

Du haust mich

Schlobbin mcknobbin ya?!

Is burger beer gernan if its made in Cincinnati?

1,003 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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