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Angus Buchan is a prosperity teacher

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False teacher if you ask me

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@KoninginTanja Very interesting. Lots will be happening in SA in the next couple years. I have seen Farmlands by Lauren Southern and was very impressed. See you in General! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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great video! Just watched it! The double standard argument is so blatantly obvious. Say this about any other group or country, and you will be destroyed. For some reason, it's only European/Western countries that are required to submit to their own ethnic and cultural replacement!

2018-08-04 10:16:03 UTC  

Please this video is NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS. Cape Town Lavender Hill today.

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Note the lady taking her baby for a stroll

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@CarlSagan in what way?

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It's clearly staged, the shooter just happens to put a gun in his pants when the cameraman pans back to him, the "enemy" walks casually towards the victims and then all of a sudden some random other shooter comes into scene. Also, listen to what the cameraman is saying and how he is saying it and running towards the scene of the crime calmly. He also happens to be perfectly positioned between the 2 and everything kicks off the moment he starts recording. Ray Charles could see that this is staged.

2018-08-04 10:56:50 UTC  

I think the one filming is part of the gang "die Engele" note the shadow of the one he speaks to, same one who shouts something unclear to me and become the second shooter. If it is staged it was staged by die Engele gang to record the shooting of a rival gang, or something, it looks like the rivals were mocking the others or something, who knows. The one filming says something like "who are these 'Maiers'" I'm not sure what the word was he used, but it sounded like wie's hierdie meiers nou. Which could be a reference to the Cape Maleiers. The guy filming says, you know what guys we're shooting now, and his friend replies, 'Tikiline' let's go they're shooting now. And then that same guy becomes the second shooter, judging by the shadows.

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Wie onthou nie die cool advertensie? ๐Ÿ‘†

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where is the footage of inside the old peoples home?

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@Arm I posted a link for you in twitter

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2018-08-04 20:31:08 UTC @here Great Podcast going down on @Endeavour youtube channel. A must listen!

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More people are coming to same conclusion that the left are led by liars.

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Hello @Arm ! Hier is hy!

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Ditsem! @rupdog, you just advanced to level 4!

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@rupdog notice how they are shouting Khosa?