Message from GeorgeRockwell in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-04-07 03:24:43 UTC  

we further slip into dystopian ruin

2017-04-07 03:24:53 UTC  

That's good @GeorgeRockwell

2017-04-07 03:25:06 UTC  

It's the only way we will get our country back friend

2017-04-07 03:25:10 UTC  

my target is too close to the mexican town to shop there

2017-04-07 03:25:32 UTC  

damn targets are usually nice

2017-04-07 03:25:34 UTC  

These fuckers were never gonna just give up this country via an election.

2017-04-07 03:25:52 UTC  

My target is sweet. Tons of fit white wommenz

2017-04-07 03:26:03 UTC  

It's like brazzeers without the degeneracy

2017-04-07 03:26:11 UTC  

if your area was just a bit closer i'd shop there but i cant justify that drive

2017-04-07 03:26:24 UTC  

RT 23

2017-04-07 03:26:39 UTC  

yeah it's like 40 minutes when my store is 5 minutes

2017-04-07 03:27:09 UTC  

We will meet up one day, grab a coffe, some nice shirts, slap some Jews. Ya know...

2017-04-07 03:27:32 UTC  

hopefully before the race war

2017-04-07 03:27:52 UTC  

NOW HERES A CONSPIRACY: the deep state set up the gas attack as a way for trump to gain some "political capital" as dictated by the deep state, thus making trump "in debt" to the deep state so he does what they say

2017-04-07 03:28:08 UTC  

stop blackpilling me I want to die

2017-04-07 03:29:09 UTC  

RIP Slug

2017-04-07 03:29:19 UTC  

Mccain and Grahamnesty have both said this was a "good move" and makes Trump "look strong"

2017-04-07 03:29:39 UTC  

you guys

2017-04-07 03:29:41 UTC  

iran is doing shit

2017-04-07 03:29:47 UTC

2017-04-07 03:29:58 UTC  

link link

2017-04-07 03:30:20 UTC  

enochs in the trs discord if youre interested

2017-04-07 03:30:29 UTC  

oh he's in the wrong chat

2017-04-07 03:30:29 UTC  


2017-04-07 03:31:11 UTC  

it was on fox

2017-04-07 03:33:03 UTC  

@Campin' Carl help im not in that discrod

2017-04-07 03:33:04 UTC  

gimme invite

2017-04-07 03:33:30 UTC  

@here gimme trs discord invite

2017-04-07 03:33:48 UTC  


2017-04-07 03:34:17 UTC  

gibs pls

2017-04-07 03:35:37 UTC  

I'ml istening to Slug for the love of God please invite me to the TRS discord

2017-04-07 03:36:15 UTC  

Nao! They are fucking slugposting

2017-04-07 03:36:30 UTC  

Save us from this new hell

2017-04-07 03:40:03 UTC  

I'd ask but I was never invited so I won't lol

2017-04-07 03:41:16 UTC  

blackpill song time

2017-04-07 03:46:28 UTC  

America is acting like a big Nigger right now

2017-04-07 03:46:52 UTC

2017-04-07 03:48:23 UTC  

aww sheeit

2017-04-07 03:48:25 UTC  

Everything is prob fine maybe